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‘The Islamic Scholars who Obama called for should also tell him the solution’

Obama made a statement about Islam in which he said that one of the biggest religions of the world is now facing a deadly strain. He said that there is nothing new about wars within religions and that Christianity endured centuries of vicious sectarian conflict. He also said that it is time for the world – especially Muslim communities – to explicitly, forcefully, and consistently reject the ideology of al Qaeda and ISIL. And that it is time that political, civic and religious leaders reject sectarian strife.


Adnan Oktar: ‘Obama has now touched on a vital point; he is speaking about ‘...the political and religious leaders’. He has come closer to a very good line, but he has stopped on that line. I have sent him a very comprehensive letter. Now I am preparing a more detailed one. He is talking about religious leaders. Actually religious leaders, -the sincere ones are beyond what I'm about to say- some religious leaders sleep through such meetings. I mean, most of them are sleeping. Like it is not their concern. They turn to those who give them money. It is very hard to find a religious leader as Obama said. Some of them are cowards, they gather and say ‘ISIL is a terrorist organization’. If they were living on the side of ISIL, if you gathered the same people and asked them in the region what the position of ISIL is; they would say, ‘ISIL is a correct movement, and they are mujahideens, and the things they do are religiously lawful.’

Actually they simply take the color of the place you put them on, just like a chameleon. Not all of them, but some of them are like this.

So what Obama should do is not to find and gather the Islamic scholars because they are always gathering them yet nothing comes out of their gathering. America should find the person and the people that they must find essentially. The CIA and the FBI have the necessary means to do this. Actually there is no need for them anyway. They have their own foresight, perception, and reason. They have their own conscience, they can find by using their reason. God will let them know the one who is going to save the Islamic world.

If these scholars were the ones to save the Islamic world, then why would they wait for centuries? A century has passed and Muslims are living in misery for a century.

There are hundred thousands of scholars, but most of them are going after their own interests and their own pleasures. If they are comfortable, then everything is okay for them. They consider being a scholar as a profession anyway. If he can earn money to look after his wife and kids then it is enough for him; the rest is not important for him. They are like a weather vane; they move according to the wind. Obama and the American government and Putin also should see this misery there. They shouldn’t wait until this disaster stops.  


A notice with the signatures of 126 Islamic scholars from different countries was published addressing the leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi:   

'It is inappropriate in Islam to kill innocent people, to kill the delegates and the journalists, to name as heretics the ones who don’t show their profanity openly, to behave badly to the Christians or to the people of the Book, to force people to become Muslims, to revoke the rights of the women and the children, and it is also inappropriate in Islam to announce the Caliphate without the unity of Islamic societies'.


Adnan Oktar: ‘Now take these scholars and put them in the region where ISIL is located. Let them eat together, and sit together and after that ask for a fatwa from them, they will give the opposite fatwa. Oppositely they would say, ‘It is appropriate, it should be done’ and also they can explain it in detail from the false hadiths. They can give fatwas for all of them. They flip flop according to the environment they are in.

Now, I think the governments have forced them, this is probably not an idea that came to their minds. I think the politicians forced them. It was like this all through the history. For example, in some cases the Sultan called the Shaykh al-Islam and he got a fatwa just as he wanted. Among these scholars also, there is such a spirit of issuing fear-based fatwas.

Ok, ISIL is bad and is in the wrong and their leader is not the Caliph. Ok, but don’t the Muslims need a leader? No answer. Will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) come? No answer. Is the Islamic Union needed? No answer. Look, none of them gave answers to those questions. They are not saying; “Alright, this is not the way things should be, but this is how it should be.” They are simply saying, ‘This is not the way things should be!’ So how should things be? Then he says “I don’t know that”. In that case, God wouldn’t give salvation.

Well my brother why don’t you say: “You cannot pick a leader like that. This is not the way Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) would appear, but that is the way for his appearance.”

The militants of ISIL believe that al-Baghdadi is Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh). All of them believe that he is Hazrat Mahdi. These scholars do not say: ‘these are not the signs of Mahdi, but this is’. Yet people are calling them Islamic scholars. The Islamic scholars should tell the truth.

Look, there is ‘enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong’ in the Qur’an.  By making this call you are forbidding what is wrong and that is okay, that is nice.  How about ‘enjoining what is right’? Do that and say what is right. Where is the truth? They are not telling the truth. If a person says that something is wrong, then how doesn’t he say what is right? Wrong is pointed out to tell the truth. You are saying what is wrong, but not talking about what is right. That shows that you are misdirected.

They are saying that ISIL is bad, and the caliph who they chose is not valid, that’s all. You should say how to pick a leader who will be conducive to the salvation of the Muslims.

You should say that Hazrat Mahdi will come and you should speak of the portents of his coming. Yet you say nothing of the sort. If you are an Islamic scholar, you should also tell the truth.

In the Risale-i Nur, Bediüzzaman says that this is the biggest issue in the End Times. He says that the Islamic scholars will be intimidated in the End Times, and that they will be acting out of fear. He is saying this for some of the scholars.  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th: A9 TV)

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