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“Before ISIS, they should wipe out the PKK"

Before ISIS, the state should wipe out the PKK. I mean, if we need to send our soldiers there, if there is a necessity for an international intervention, the PKK is a thousand times worse than ISIS, they are much fiercer. Let us start from there. Let us wipe out the PKK first, and then the job to be done about ISIS is very easy. 

But while we still have the PKK to deal with, concentrating on ISIS is not logical. I mean there is a great trouble such as the PKK to deal with. ISIS has never killed a Turkish soldier or a Turkish police officer until now. Yet we have thousands of martyrs [because of the PKK]. While there is such a fierce organization and while their massacres are still going on, if we completely ignore their existence and try to deal with an organization we have nothing to do with, that would not be acceptable. That is why if we say, “We will send troops, supply them from the air and we will conduct an airborne operation,” the whole world would be surprised about that. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th,  2014: A9 TV)


2014-11-23 02:36:34

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