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Mr. Adnan Oktar: "A 60 kilometer "no-fly" zone should be established on the Syrian border"

"The Republic of Turkey opened its borders and accepted about 45,000  Syrian refugees fleeing from Syria because of  ISIS attacks in one night. According to some reports this number has reached 60,000."

ADNAN OKTAR: "Masha'Allah. May God increase their numbers. God sends them along with their blessings, insha'Allah. But the region is in need of a design, this is not the way. They should give those lands a form, a design. I have been saying this from the very beginning. I told them that they needed to establish a secure zone there. There is no need to behave in such a polite, such a kind manner [towards Syria]. The Syrian border should be crossed, sparing about 50 or 60 kilometer land and that piece of land should be declared a secure-zone. They should announce that land as a "no-fly" zone as well. That is what should be done. There is nothing complicated about this. This doesn't mean beseiging Syrian lands. We will simply be establishing a secure zone, that is all.

Even if Syria says, "I will not let you establish a secure zone, my friend," the UN should ignore this objection and establish this secure zone anyway. Such an objection would not be acceptable. We need to draw a line here. You will say, "This is a no-fly zone." I have been saying this from the beginning. If you say, "There will be no flights in between this latitude and that longitude and you are not allowed to fly over this zone," they would not fly over there. You will say, "Military forces are not allowed either," and you will circumvent those lands with barbed wires and temporarily give it a status of a foreign land. And that is it. You will then settle those innocent wronged people in those lands. And supply them with tents and what ever is need in those lands. It is as easy as that."

"The US seems to be open to Turkey's offer to establish a 30 km secure zone."

ADNAN OKTAR: 30 square kilometers  would not work, it would not do anything. The land should have at least 30 kilometer diameter. The diameter of the borders should at least be that. 60 kilometers is a good choice in my opinion. Moreover an additional 10 kilometer land should be declared a "no-pass" secure land. They would then have double borders 10 kilometers wide. And a 50 kilometer part will be open for use. That is because some might sometimes act psychopathic and cross that border but it would then be possible to catch those psychopaths in that 10 kilometer range. That land should be declared a no-fly zone. There is no need to prolong this discussion. It would not be possible to deal with this problem simply by placing those people into refugee camps. This should be done right away.  I have said this in the very beginning but they did not implement it back then. They have only newly come to what I've then said.”

In the first year of the incidents in Syria you've said that this turmoil would last very long. You said that it would not come to an end in a few months like they assumed. It really happened exactly as you said it would. Back then they could not foresee that it will last this long."

ADNAN OKTAR: “Well, that is true. The Prime Minister -actually Mr. Davutoğlu was the Minister of Foreign affairs back then- said that this will come to an end in a few months. I said it won't end. I said it will last years. And it happened exactly as I said it would.” (Adnan Oktar, September 20th, 2014: A9 TV)

2014-09-27 03:11:42

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