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Mr. Adnan Oktar: “Stop Violence Perpetrated on Turkmen”

Yesterday, with the Hashtags #TürkmenlereZulümDursun #StopViolenceToTurkmens he started on Twitter, Mr. Adnan Oktar drew attention to the attacks carried out by the armed forces of the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State organization against Turkmen living in the Çobanbey region of Aleppo.

Turkmen have been in a struggle against the Al-Assad regime along with the Free Syrian Army for the last two and a half years. In this struggle they gave hand in hand with the Syrian people, Turkmen gave 28,000 martyrs. However, over the last few days Turkmen have been left alone facing the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State group. Today, 214 Turkmen villages near the Turkish border are under attack from this group because of the lack of means the Turkmen are suffering from. Yesterday, Çobanbey town was  besieged by the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State. Seven Turkmen villages have been evacuated.

Çobanbey is located just across from Kilis and is about one and a half kilometers  from the Turkish border. The residents of Çobanbey are fleeing towards the Turkish border which is the only way out for them. The Turkmen women are being killed by snipers and the Syrian Turkmen families who are subjected to the attacks of the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State say that the life in their country is getting even worse each day.

In order to attract attention to this horror that Turkmen living in the region are suffering through and to stop this persecution, Mr. Adnan Oktar made a call to the whole world. Mr. Adnan Oktar's call has been supported by thousands of people over social media and the hashtags #TürkmenlereZulümDursun #StopViolenceToTurkmens have taken their places in the trending topics lists of Twitter, both in Turkey and worldwide.

Here is a part of what was talked about in Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV:

"Yesterday, the armed forces of the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State organization - which is affiliated to Al-Qaida and which is supported by Al-Assad - have besieged the Çobanbey district of Aleppo, in which Turkmen reside, with a troop of two hundred vehicles and attacked Turkmen with mortars. Mr. Destici, the President of Great Unity Party, reminded that more than thirty thousand Turkmen, Arab and Turkish brothers and sisters are residing in this region and said; "If necessary, Turkey should even consider carrying out a limited intervention in order to prevent the possible massacre that might take place tonight." He also said; "Unless this siege is lifted today or somehow broken, if thirty thousand of our brothers and sisters are subject to being massacred on our border, no one can ever be able to carry their blood on their heads."


ADNAN OKTAR: "Let us start a hashtag on Twitter about our brothers and sisters being persecuted there. Let us say #TürkmenlereZulümDursun (#StopViolenceToTurkmens). I mean if there is an attack aiming specifically at our Turkmen brothers and sisters -and it appears to be that way- let us say #TürkmenlereZulümDursun. Let us say it in English as well; #StopViolenceToTurkmens.

If these people claim that they are Muslims, what can the logic behind such an attack be? What kind of reasoning is that? Right? If you are Muslim, you should behave like one; it is religiously forbidden for a Muslim to attack another Muslim." (A9 TV: January 29th, 2014)

2014-01-31 01:17:40

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