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Adnan Oktar: The US Could Direct The Funds Reserved For Bombing Syria To Refugees

Nowadays, when military intervention in Syria is a subject of interest being discussed by many, Adnan Oktar made striking suggestions about the refugees whom everyone has put on the back burner. He noted that he is against a war in Syria; what needs to be done is a rescue operation and the funds reserved for war must be directed to supporting the refugees.


 “We don't want a war in Syria; a rescue operation could be done”

Let’s have a rescue operation in Syria instead of a war. What are wars good for? Nothing. They have no meaning. It is also forbidden by religion. But they need to hasten and support the evacuation.

The best thing to do is to evacuate Syria. If possible the evacuation must also be done by sea.

“Let’s establish a safety zone and evacuate the people in Syria to neighbor countries”

Now in the countries surrounding Syria, for example its border with Iraq is hundreds of kilometers long and its Turkish border is also hundreds of kilometers long so it is very long,  hundreds of kilometers. So is the Jordanian borderline. It also has a borderline with Israel. They can also move to Israel and Lebanon. Everywhere is available.

But we need to support them. Now Iraq is a poor country. It has a hundreds of kilometers long borderline. The people could pass there from every point.

But they should establish a safety zone in the border region, five or ten kilometers long. A safety zone: My dear Syrian people don't want anything else; a tent will be enough for them. They don't ask for anything else; they just want security of life.

“Millions of dollars of funds could be spent on refugees rather than spending on jetfighters and bombs.’’

A single rocket costs millions of dollars. One rocket costs four million dollars. If four million dollars worth of food is sent to Jordan, then many refugees would go to Jordan and it would be very comfortable. They could set up tents at every point and provide all the means.

When there is an easy way, there is no need to choose a path like that. They cannot gain anything with rockets and bombs because it seems impossible to carry out an operation like this without any loss of life. It is far too difficult. Since this could not be achieved, we need to abandon that idea.

If they give 300 billion dollars to these poor people to take care of their basic needs; then the problem is solved. Refugees are turning back since there is no food and care.

Turkey accepted 400,000 refugees. It was a big sacrifice. If more of them come, Turkey will accept them as well. Turkey is unconventional and protects the poor and the needy.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on jets and bombs, these funds could be used for the care of the people who have fled from Syria. The world could handle this very easily if they want. Muslim countries could handle this very easily as well. Saudi Arabia basically plays with money; it is like a mint. Saudi Arabia alone could cover all the costs if she wanted. There is only a handful of people. The people of Syria are very beautiful people. We must save all people in Syria without any exception. Sects or religions don't matter. Christians, Alawis, Sunnites, let’s save all of them.

“China and Russia must also support the refugees in Jordan and Lebanon”

The people who have fled from Syria go to Jordan and no one takes care of them. For example, China could help Jordan. She could send food, clothing and blankets. She could send tents. She could easily do this.

How could Jordan afford so many people? Hundreds of thousands of people take refuge  there. They could send  tents,  blankets, food, all sorts of cleaning and personal hygiene products per refugee. Russia could help out as well.

Now especially Jordan and Lebanon: We need to help them out too. They don't go to Iraq that much.

We can talk with the Iraqi government to provide convenience. They have a long borderline with Iraq. Transit to Iraq must be very easy and Iraq must encourage this. They should say, “Come to us. We will protect you.”

 “There are millions of people in Syria; it is not going to end with this. Assad should not be so stubborn and he resign from power.”

Of course it is not going to end with this. It is a huge country and there are millions of people. Millions of people will leave.

Assad should be ashamed. He is being coarse. He is being stubborn. He should leave so a new government could be established. It can be made up of his own men; we don't say anything against that. Go and leave them in peace. Now he has put himself in such a bad situation that his own family is under threat. Why would you put yourself in harm’s way for no reason?

He should adopt a democratic mentality. He should say, “Alright, since there is so much  opposition, then I quit.” There is  enormous opposition. Quit and leave: A new government can be set up and people from all the factions could join. A coalition government could be established. What is all the fuss about? He has ruined Syria completely. ( August 30th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-09-05 14:16:10

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