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“They must use a very affectionate language toward our PM Tayyip Erdoğan”

Our Prime Minister said he regretted being called irritable, that he did experience tensions regarding the problems of the country but that otherwise he was not a very tense person. He also complained about being called a ‘dictator.’ ‘Those close to me will know. I do not keep silent in the face of injustice, but I also have the right to be unhappy if I am regarded as irritable. And as for being called a dictator! Please! This kind of thing is distressing’ he said.” 

Nobody should call our PM Tayyip a dictator. That is a sin and a disgrace. Anyone can say what he likes. Anyone can shout and make a loud noise. What more can he do? And he keeps issuing laws that calm people down and strengthen  democracy. He also says, “You can bring me draft bills.” “My mind is open.” "If there is anything you want, let us do it,” he says.

To call him a dictator in the face of all that is completely unjust. In my view, Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan should not take offense, because we do not regard him like that. When we look rationally and honestly we see what the truth is. It is very ugly to stand up and call someone a dictator when he is not.

Turkey has the most moderate and rational state structure in the Middle East. It has a system where democracy works very smoothly. The MHP is rational, the CHP is rational and so is the AKP and so is the Felicity Party and the BBP and all of them; they are all quite reasonable. It is completely wrong to claim that there is a dictator in a climate where there are so many reasonable parties and people.

These people are using a ruthless kind of language against the prime minister. That is no good; he is a person, too. He was also born after nine months in the womb. Of course it will be very wearisome if he always faces defiant and ugly words.

We must treat the prime minister with respect and love and affection. At the end of the day, he is a person, not a machine. He is almost 60. It is a disgrace. He runs about all day, from here to there. Does he do that for money? No; he is well-intentioned, a Muslim. He is doing what he believes to be best under the prevailing circumstances. He is open to modernity and opposed to extremism. When he is told, he does what is needed. What more can he do? Bursts of anger are no good. The best thing is to treat him with affection. ( August 17th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-08-23 01:01:47

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