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Adnan Oktar: They shall govern Egypt with representatives from every fraction

As it is known, the conflicts in Egypt have not abated for some time now. Adnan Oktar is making some suggestions to provide solutions to this in his programs.  The highest point of these suggestions is no doubt to establish a coalition government in Egypt and rule with the method of consultation.

Adnan Oktar stated that the representatives of every fraction could consult with one another on a Daily basis to govern Egypt and that this is a very applicable.

ADNAN OKTAR: We need to establish a council in Egypt as soon as possible. This will be council under the presidency of Morsi. And they must release Morsi and other prisoners right away.

The only thing to do is consultation. They can rule Egypt by coming together and talking in a sincere way as a council via daily deliberations.

All of Egypt’s notables must come together. They can all come together in a large place. The leader of the Salafis, the leader of the Muslim Brothers and the leaders of other sides as well as the members of the military... However they need to gather reasonable people who know how to address people. They need to shake hands and apologize to one another. They can govern the country in a rational way saying, “What do we do today? What will we do tomorrow?”

They can rule Egypt through daily consultations with the representatives of every fraction. They can deal with every incident through consultation. It is very easy.

They can find what is best by talking and implement it. Both the Muslim Brothers and the others would not object to this. No one would be against something that is in favor of Egypt and the people of Egypt.

If they want Europeans can also come to take part in these consultations. Any people who can provide good ideas they can also come and the government can take their ideas into account as well.

Let’s hold a meeting in Istanbul. There are many rational, reasonable people in Turkey. They must release Morsi and Morsi can also come to Turkey. Sisi and other opposition leaders can also come here. Let’s sit down and talk together as soon as possible. Let’s evaluate the situation together. So they can decide what’s best together here. America can also come if she wants and listen to this.

A coalition government must be established. Morsi is not big on being the government. Don’t allow that and don’t allow this. Then it’s impossible to do anything. They want to be in power but they don’t want them. They also don’t want a coalition. There is no such thing. They can find the best alternative through consultation.

But both Morsi and Muslim Brothers must be open to suggestions. They must take decisions in a mild and gentle manner about things that help soothe people without any bigotry and fundamentalism. So we can have a nice, European wind in the air. No one could prevent their prayer. No one could prevent them living Islam. They must approach everyone with compassion. (July 6th,  2013, Adnan Oktar, A9 TV)

2013-07-06 19:57:27

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