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Adnan Oktar: “It Is Total Villainy to Open Fire on People Performing Prayers”

In regard to the news that soldiers opened fire on people performing their prayers, Adnan Oktar stated, “It is total villainy, vileness.” 

The video shared via social media is showing that weapons fire is opened on the supporters of Mohammed Morsi who are performing their prayers in the center of Egypt and some people are wounded. While gunshots are heard in the background, it is seen on camera that the group - including women and children - are running away.

Adnan Oktar, speaking in his live broadcast on A9 TV in the morning hours, had this video shown where soldiers in Egypt are shooting  people and gave his opinion on the happenings.


“Right from the start of these occurrences, the real number of atrocities in Egypt is not given. The number of dead in the morgue is not known. This incident in Egypt is definitely an insanity, a savagery and a villainy. There is no justification for opening fire on people performing their prayers. If such intervention with arms and violence are retaliated against in the same way, then nobody could live in security in Egypt.

What needs to be done is to release the arrested ones in Egypt including Morsi, all the other politicians must be released. They should be aware that arms will not provide any solution. Mass shootings will only inflict a great scourge on [General] Sisi.

A way of dialogue and consultation should be embraced right away. Morsi and the proponents of Morsi must be released immediately and a Council of Consultation should be established in order to develop a language of peace without any resort to bigotry or fanaticism.”




2013-07-06 17:56:37

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