The Secret Beyond Matter

“The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] should deal a blow against fanaticism and advocate a modern Islam by setting an example for the entire Muslim world”

If the opponents of Morsi were to endorse an understanding of modern Islam, there would follow great relief. In the year 2013, all the youth are accessing the Internet and their general culture is parallel with world standards. If you suggest a bigoted way of life to these people, they would become bored; society would be uncomfortable that way. A life prosperous for everyone should be presented to people.

Some people have this irritating viewpoint of Muslim countries: The reason behind this is their being distant from the arts and aesthetics and ignorance to beauty. Such ones keep women covered, in a wretched appearance with a life in misery and their cities have the face of death.


“Let us make everywhere well-cared for and aesthetic in Egypt and throughout the Islamic countries”

A prospering economy will not be enough; that should also be provided for but all cities in Egypt appear to be dead and rotten – I surely hold all religious localities and institutions beyond this. But in general we can see such battered darkness, and a grey-brownish dirt and plague all over the Middle East. There are some places with neat buildings but that is only a structure. There is no happiness, no affection. We cannot see a beauty based on love for people and the arts. In fact, no clue exists that people living there take pleasure from the arts and aesthetics. For instance, the outlook of Cairo is presenting the world an image of rottenness and death. It is in devastation just like Damascus, so battered, worn-out and out of order – I surely hold all religious localities and institutions beyond this. There is no aesthetics or artistry. There is an aesthetic understanding, neatness throughout cities in Europe and the US. But we can only see miserableness here.

Women are not happy. See that about 100% of women are insulted there. There is a state of wretchedness and desolation there. The reason for this is because the system of the Mahdi is not yet established and the morals of the Koran are not embraced. Would it be better if the US were to invade? It would be a thousand times worse, with more misery. Would it be better with a military coup? That would make things a thousand times worse again, and cause ruin and more affliction. Besides, they have always been led by such coups.

Therefore the understanding of quality and love in the Koran and how God describes this quality way of living in Paradise should prevail all around the world. When this is not done, then may God forbid, such military coups and conflicts will never end. They will also achieve no result. God shows that the only salvation is through the system of the Mahdi.

 “Leaders should develop a language based on love and compassion for all walks of life”

There is another aspect that the appearance, the way of speaking, annoyance and anger of some leaders may be repellent. They never speak words of love, and hold no modern vision of life, and they even have no interest for the arts or aesthetics.  They do not like music, paintings, or sculpture. These people are not even aware of beautiful and nice things. That is why they have this unlikable attitude. People are bored with them, as that represents dullness.

Place an emphasis on aesthetics, bring beautiful people to the front, let pleasing people speak and embellish the city with greenery, be kind to people and allow for music and paintings, let there be sculpture and aesthetics.

Open your doors to Europe also, and have relations with Israel; they are also the servants of God. Enmity against Christians would be a sin and improper behavior.  If they embrace a loving and compassionate approach for everyone, with an eloquent attitude, God will grant them this beauty.

In many parts of the world they regard Muslims to be “bigots or fanatics” when Islam is mentioned. They see a mentality that implements force on the public, by giving advice all the time for correcting others, inviting people to certain manners and telling them, “Be this way or that way, eat this or that, turn right or left.” This is arrogance, and a rampant model distant from the arts and aesthetics. Women and children are not happy in this system. A savage system and darkness becomes dominant in this setting. Why is there any need for it? Practice like the time of our Prophet (pbuh) and the time of the companions: How nice that would be. A spirit of friendship and brotherhood should encompass everywhere.

At that time even the idolaters were in comfort, and also the Christians and Jews. Everyone was living like brothers and sisters. Imposing a savage model on Muslims in the name of ‘Islam’ would be tyranny.

Submission of Muslims to morals of the Koran will end all afflictions

All Muslims should embrace a system advocating modernity, an extroverted personality, with a loving attitude and promoting the arts and aesthetics. By means of this dead and classical system, which they brought up in the last century, with that style, they will not accomplish anywhere. Actually, they are not pleased with this themselves, but they fall into this scourge nonetheless. There is a major, modern group within the Muslim Brotherhood and they also are not pleased with bigotry, this fanaticism but those individuals are suppressed. There is such a system here that is intellectually trapped in the past;. this is not acceptable. If this is not corrected, then the entire world may be led into this plague, may God forbid. There is no need for vain resistance. If they surrender to the true understanding of being Muslims as described in the morals of the Koran, all afflictions will end. (July 6th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

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