The Secret Beyond Matter

RAMADAN 2010 - The 1st Day



Allah has promised those of you who have iman and do right actions that He will make them successors in the land as He made those before them successors, and will firmly establish for them their deen with which He is pleased and give them, in place of their fear, security. ‘They worship Me, not associating anything with Me.’ Any who are kafir after that, such people are deviators. (Surat an-Nur, 55)

There is nothing heavier in the scales than good character. (Ahmad ibn Hanbal)



Allah is the Creator of all

Our Lord is the One Who has put billions of pieces of information in a place so small that our eyes cannot even see it.

Allah is the One Who has created us, our eyes, our hair, and our feet.

He is also the Creator of our families, parents, brothers and sisters, friends and teachers.

Allah is the One Who has created the food that we love for us, chocolates, cakes and candies, the fruits and vegetables that make us healthy and strong. If Allah had not created it, we would not have known what chocolate tasted like.

Allah has also given us the sense of taste and smell. If He had not given us these faculties, we would not have been able to taste the things that we eat. It would have been the same whether we ate a potato or a cake. Allah hasn't just created delicious and beautifully scented foods, He has also given us the faculties that will allow us to enjoy them.

You like some things, and you enjoy them and think of them as fun. It could be a dessert that you enjoy eating, a game that you enjoy playing, or an outing with people you love. You must never forget that Allah is the One Who makes it possible for you to enjoy such things.

Since Allah has great mercy for you, He always gives you pleasant and beautiful things.

To begin with, you did not exist. Just think, you were nowhere before you were conceived. You were nothing. Allah created you. He made you out of nothing.

Then we must be grateful to Allah for each moment of our lives. In everything that we enjoy and love, we must remember Allah, and say, "O Allah I am forever grateful to you for all your offerings." If we come across a situation that we do not like, we should again pray to Allah, because He is the only One Who can put things right.

Allah always hears our prayers and responds to them, because He always knows what is in our thoughts. While reading this section, for instance, you are thinking of some things, but if you do not say them aloud, no one at home will know what you are thinking. Allah, however, knows your every thought and sees you all the time. Even when you think you are alone, Allah sees you and knows everything that you do.

For this reason, good people, even when they are by themselves, do not think, "Well no one can see me now" and then do wrong things. They know that Allah still sees and hears them even when no one else is around.



Honey Bees and the Architectural Wonders of Honeycombs

Bees produce more honey than they actually need and store it in honeycombs. The hexagonal structure of the honeycomb is well-known to everyone. Have you ever wondered why bees construct hexagonal honeycombs rather than octagonal, or pentagonal?

Mathematicians looking for answer to this question reached an interesting conclusion: "A hexagon is the most appropriate geometric form for the maximum use of a given area."

A hexagonal cell requires the minimum amount of wax for construction while it stores the maximum amount of honey. So the bee uses the most appropriate form possible.

The method used in the construction of the honeycomb is also very amazing: bees start the construction of the hive from two-three different places and weave the honeycomb simultaneously in two-three strings. Though they start from different places, the bees, great in number, construct identical hexagons and then weave the honeycomb by combining these together and meeting in the middle. The junction points of the hexagons are assembled so deftly that there is no sign of their being subsequently combined.

In the face of this extraordinary performance, we, for sure, have to admit the existence of a superior will that ordains these creatures. Evolutionists want to explain away this achievement with the concept of "instinct" and try to present it as a simple attribute of the bee. However, if there is an instinct at work, if this rules over all bees and provides that all bees work in harmony though uninformed of one another, then it means that there is an exalted Wisdom that rules over all these tiny creatures.

To put it more explicitly, God, the creator of these tiny creatures, "inspires" them with what they have to do. This fact was declared in the Qur'an fourteen centuries ago:

And your Sustainer has inspired the honey bee: "Prepare for yourself dwellings in mountains and in trees, and in what (men) build; and then eat of all manner of fruit, and find with skill the spacious paths of your Sustainer". There issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for men: verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought. (Surat an-Nahl: 68-69)



 The Qur'an opens people's hearts, brings with it ease and heals hearts and bodies



The Trustworthy, He Who Gives Tranquillity

He is Allah—there is no deity but Him. He is the King, the Most Pure, the Perfect Peace, the Trustworthy , the Safeguarder, the Almighty, the Compeller, the Supremely Great. Glory be to Allah above all that they associate with Him. ( Surat al-Hashr, 59:23)

Allah presents a pleasing life to believers both in this world and the next. This life, which is perfect in all respects, makes them spiritually strong. Indeed, Allah gives spiritual peace and security to sincere believers. When they face any difficulty, He supports them, confirms His signs on their hearts, and, through the trust they put in Him, allows them to lead a peaceful life. The Qur'an informs us about this spiritual support after the Companions suffered a defeat during the time of our Prophet (saas):

Allah has helped you on many occasions, including the Day of Hunayn, when your great numbers delighted you but did not help you in any way, and the land seemed narrow to you for all its great breadth, and you turned your backs. Then Allah sent down His serenity on His Messenger and on the believers, and sent down troops you could not see, and punished those who were unbelievers. That is how the unbelievers are repaid. Then after that, Allah will turn to anyone He wills. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat at-Tawba, 9:25-27)

There have always been people who, insisting upon denying Allah, work to turn sincere believers away from the straight path and to their own man-made religion. When believers reject this call, unbelievers threaten and oppress them. But during such times, Allah provides all forms of support and undermines the unbelievers' efforts, as the Qur'an reveals:

Those who are disbelievers filled their hearts with fanatical rage—the fanatical rage of the Time of Ignorance—and Allah sent down serenity to His Messenger and to the believers, and bound them to the expression of heedfulness, to which they had most right and were most entitled. Allah has knowledge of all things. (Surat al-Fath, 48:26)

Many other verses inform us about this spiritual support, especially that given to the Messengers. When unbelievers forced our Prophet (saas) to emigrate, Allah promised to support him, hindered the unbelievers' attacks, and sent down serenity upon his heart. This support is related in the following verses:

If you do not help him, Allah did help him when the unbelievers drove him out and there were two of them in the cave. He said to his companion: “Do not be despondent, Allah is with us.” Then Allah sent down His serenity upon him and reinforced him with troops you could not see. He made the word of the unbelievers the lowest of the low. It is the word of Allah that is uppermost. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise. (Surat at-Tawba, 9:40)

While Allah gives His sincere servants feelings of security and serenity, the peace and security of the Hereafter are far beyond our comprehension. For one thing, they will last for all eternity, if Allah so wills. Allah describes this unique state of material and spiritual contentment, as follows:

Those who guard against evil will be amid gardens and springs: “Enter them in peace, in complete security!” We will strip away any rancor in their hearts—brothers [and sisters], resting on couches face-to-face. They will not be affected by any tiredness there and will never be made to leave. (Surat al-Hijr, 15:45-48)


Mahdi is one of the sayyids (masters) of the dwellers of paradise

Khakim, Ibn Majah and Abu Naim reported from Anas ibn Malik that: “I have heard from the Messenger of Allah (saas), he said, “WE ARE -- THE SEVEN CHILDREN OF ABD AL MUTTALIB -- THE MASTERS OF THE DWELLERS OF PARADISE. Myself, Hamza, Ali, Jaffar, Al Hassan, Al Hussain and AL MAHDI.

(Jalaladdin as-Suyuti, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman,
Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, p. 19)

Genome Research Is Demolishing the ''First Cell That Formed by Chance'' Deception
The theory of evolution maintains, on the basis of no scientific foundation whatsoever, that at a time when there was still no life on Earth, inanimate substances came together to give rise to the first living organism. According to this evolutionist claim, the first living organism must have had a sufficiently simple structure to have been able to form by chance.


The fact that a single protein cannot form spontaneously is one that in any case totally demolishes the theory of evolution. But even if we assume for a moment that this impossibility did actually come about, we still see that the “primitive cell” claimed by Darwinists eliminates with absolutely certain proofs the possibility of life coming into being spontaneously. Data provided by science in the 21st century shows that even the life form with the very simplest structure is in fact highly complex, and that it is practically impossible for it to emerge spontaneously and by chance.

Genome research supplies this information. Based on the idea that living things with the smallest genome (extremophiles and eubacteria) have the least complexity, scientists have calculated the probabilities of these organisms appearing by chance and spontaneously. Another point needing clarification here is this: scientists also regard these organisms as the oldest life forms on Earth.

Genome research revealed that the lowest number of proteins required for life was between 250 and 450.[1]In other words, the minimum number of different proteins that would have to combine together at the same time in order to give rise to the structural features of the cell and performs its basic functions is between 250 and 450.

It also needs to be made clear that this minimum number of 250-450 protein is the number of proteins obtained from microbes living parasitically. The minimum number of proteins needed in order for an organism to live independently of another is around 1500. In other words, Darwinists have to account for the separate existence of 1500 different proteins needed to give rise to a single functioning cell. But, to reiterate, Darwinists are unable to account for the emergence of even a single protein.

It is totally impossible for between 250 and 1500 different proteins required for an organism to be considered as living to form spontaneously and at the same time. Probability calculations on the subject are given in the following table:


Minimum Protein Number[2] Probability of Emerging Simultaneously
250 1018,750
350 1026,250
500 1037,500
1,500 10112,500
1,900 10142,500

As the above table shows, the probability of a living organism with the least protein forming by chance is 1 in 1018,750. (In order to grasp the vast size of this number, it will be useful to remember that the total number of atoms in the universe is 1078.) In other words, there is no chance at all. Despite all these calculations and scientific data, evolutionists still insist on believing in the impossible. The sole reason for that insistence is their determination to deny the existence of Almighty Allah, Who created all things out of nothing.

Morowitz’s probability calculation

The probability calculations cited above are in agreement with a calculation by the biophysicist Harold Morowitz. He assumed he had broken all the chemical bonds in the E. coli bacterium and released all the atoms comprising it, and then calculated the probability of these atoms spontaneously recombining to give rise to the E. coli once again. In this theoretical experiment, all the atoms required are present in all the appropriate quantities, and it is assumed that no other atom can become involved from the outside. Nonetheless, he calculated that the chances of all the atoms coming together spontaneously in a specific order, despite their being in the appropriate numbers and in an appropriate environment, in such a way as to produce an E. coli bacterium was 1 in 10100,000,000,000.[3]This goes far beyond being merely impossible. Such a number reveals the impossibility of even the least complex organism in the universe forming by chance, even if all the conditions and materials are brought together.
A sufficient number of proteins combining together is not sufficient for life to emerge

Let us imagine we have all the proteins necessary for life ready to hand. The existence of these proteins, which cannot come about in this way, IS NOT ENOUGH FOR EVEN A SINGLE CELL TO FORM. Microbiologists and biochemists explicitly say that the organization of these proteins within the cell is also highly important, otherwise the proteins will serve no purpose. Moreover, as Darwinist scientists know full well, the cell possesses organelles that manufacture proteins and a glorious DNA data bank far more complex than proteins. A living cell is made possible by all these structures possessing the same function and organization at the same time, and acting with the same consciousness. This is a fact that demolishes Darwinism.

The fact that bacteria possess an extraordinary internal organization was unknown until the 1990s. The fact is, however, that the complex cells (eukaryotic) comprising single-cell protozoans are known to be made up of a nucleus, organelles, membrane systems, a cytoskeleton, several internal sections and other contents organizing the content of the cell on the molecular level.[4]All these systems are extraordinarily complex. One cannot function independently of the others.


As the information provided here shows, microbiology, biochemistry and genome research, all the main scientific advances in the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century in short, have eradicated all the claims of the theory of evolution. These scientific conclusions have revealed that Darwinism is totally unscientific and consists of claims that are far removed from science. Science has refuted evolutionist claims regarding “a very simple fist living organism.” Aside from the minimum number of proteins and minimum complexity needed for it to be alive, an organism is too complex to be explained by evolutionist claims of chance and possesses a perfect organization. In addition to all this complexity, the existence of a single cell brings the theory of evolution to a complete halt.

It is an evident fact that life came into being from nothing with the infinite intelligence, knowledge and might of Allah. This fact, obvious to reason and good conscience, is also corroborated by countless scientific data today.

The following is revealed in the Qur’an about our Lord’s matchless Creation:

[Allah is] the Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it is. (Surat al-Baqara, 117)


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Until he reached the rising of the sun and found it rising on a people to whom We had not given any shelter from it. (Surat al-Kahf, 90)

The Arabic word “sitran” in verse 90 of Surat al-Kahf means “cover, shelter, curtain or screen.” The term "lam najAAal lahum min dooniha sitran" describes an environment devoid of any shelter or protection against the Sun. In the light of present-day knowledge, this is suggestive of the ozone layer that protects living things against harmful solar rays.

The area where the ozone layer around the Earth is thinnest, where it protects least against solar radiation, is the poles.1 Scientific research has established a severe thinning of the ozone layer at the North Pole at the moment the Sun rises 2 and this scientific discovery has been described as Sunrise Ozone Destruction (SOD) 3.

As a matter of fact, during their research, American scientists determined a rapid decrease in ozone concentration at the moment of sunrise – when there was no sign of any before.4 This phenomenon is particularly encountered in the North Pole (Arctic) region, and there is a serious loss of ozone for a few hours immediately after sunrise.5

The Arabic word “matlia” in this verse, meaning the “rising place” of the Sun, may well be a reference to this scientific discovery about the ozone layer. (Allah knows the truth.) The fact that this information, obtained with 20th century high technology, also appears in such a compatible form in the Qur’an, is yet more proof that the Qur’an is the revelation of our Lord, the One and Only Owner of science and technology.

Sunrise at the North Pole.

2 L. A. Barrie, J. W. Bottenheim, R. C. Schnell, P. J. Crutzen, R. A. Rasmussen, "Ozone destruction and photochemical reactions at polar sunrise in the lower Arctic atmosphere", Nature, 14 July 1988, Vol. 334, pp 138-141;
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5 I. Nagao, K. Matsumoto, H. Tanaka "Sunrise Ozone Destruction Found in the Sub-Tropical Marine Boundary Layer", Geophysical Research Letters, 1999, Vol. 26, No. 22, pp. 3377-3380;


Age: 80 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Gui Zhou Area, China

Evolutionist efforts to portray the supposed evolutionary ancestor of the tiger are pointless. Fossils have proven that tigers are not descended from any other life form, but have always existed as tigers. The fossil pictured shows that tigers living 80 million years ago were identical to those alive today, effectively silencing all evolutionist claims to the contrary.

Living things did not emerge as the result of mutation and chance. Almighty God, Lord of sublime creative power, has created all life forms.

The world shrinks but Turkey grows

What He Said

Azerbaycan Novoye Vremya, October 6,  2008

Interviewer: What would you say about the global crisis throughout the world?

Adnan Oktar: NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO TURKEY. Nothing will happen to Turkish Islamic countries. On the contrary, there will be prosperity and abundance in those places. Here comes the age of abundance and prosperity Insha’Allah. By the leave of Allah we enter the Golden Age. Turkish countries will be happy, joyful and live in comfort. These crises are temporary indeed. They do not actually affect us but we of course do not want America be affected because of the crisis. We do not want the Christians to be in dire straits. We do our utmost regarding that Insha’Allah.

Baskent TV, February 13, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Of course the crisis has hit Turkey in a delayed way. That is true and it will continue to hit. But our people have a good aspect. Morality of Islam and the spirit of mutual cooperation are so pleasant. That brings an economic mobility in goods and money and it definitely will continue to bring. Therefore THE REFLECTION OF THE CRISIS IS NOT AS SEVERE AS IN EUROPE. IT WILL DEFINITELY NOT.However our actual salvation is by Turkish – Islamic Union. In that case let alone the crisis, people will almost be uncomfortable due to prosperity.

What Happened
Bugun, July 01, 2010



Fossil - Museum


Darwinism, which maintains that life and the entire universe are the work of blind chance, is the main foundation for all the damaging trends that have inflicted terrible disasters on mankind in our age.

The purpose of this site is to reveal the scientific evidence that demolishes Darwinism, which is being attempted to be kept alive out of ideological concerns despite having been scientifically utterly invalidated, and to warn people against this theory’s sly indoctrination.



The Miracle In The Cell Membrane

The 100 trillion or so cells that make up the human body perform countless activities, without ever stopping, growing tired or needing a rest.  In the same way that every living thing needs energy—and therefore, food—to survive, so the cell also needs various nutrients in order to perform its countless functions. In the same way that raw materials to be used in production are carried inside a factory and stored until needed, and waste products are later sent out of the factory later, so a very complex production, storage and waste-disposal system operates within the cell.

In the same way that the qualities of the raw materials brought to the factory are specified by contract, so the cell observes special conditions for the substances it takes into itself. Substances do not enter the cell at random. As if they were already familiarized beforehand, these molecules are subjected to “identity checks” at the cell membrane. There are entryways held open solely for substances regarded as admissible. Other substances, whose entry is regarded as possibly undesirable, are eliminated with a care reminiscent of fingerprint checks. The way the nature of these materials is checked and confirmed before entering the cell is of vital importance. These strict security precautions avoid the risk of entrance of any virus, bacterium or poisonous substance into the cell. This huge responsibility is assumed by the thinnest of membranes.

Each one of the trillions of cells that make up your body acts with this awareness. Each cell membrane implements this sensitive selection mechanism in that part of the division of labor that falls to it. No human being can even be aware that such extraordinary functions are taking place, let alone be able to perform any such selection consciously. The appearance of an intelligence beyond human in the cell membrane shows that the source of that intelligence is not the cell itself but rather the inspiration of Allah, Who created it. By the command of Allah each and every cell carries out its duties for us flawlessly.


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