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None of the suffering in Kyrgzstan would occur if the Turkish Islamic Union were established

After two months the government was overthrown by an insurgency that happened in April conflicts started again in Kyrgyzstan. We ask for Allah’s mercy for those of our brothers who lost their lives and pray for immediate recovery of our wounded brothers. We also wish that tens of thousands of refugees taking shelter in Uzbekistan attain the most comfortable conditions as soon as possible. For the conflicts to come to an end and Kyrgyzstan to attain stability, we demand all countries—Turkey being the foremost—to intervene in compliance with the international law, to make the due intervention and urgently convey the needed humanitarian aid to the region.

This grave occurrence during which, according to official reports, approximately 170 people lost their lives, thousands were wounded and tens of thousands are urged to flee their homes once again reveal the urgency of the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union.

It is stated that these incidents which is one of the severest of the conflicts that have happened since the collapse of the Soviet Union started with the gunfire of masked people to both sides. Reports from Osh and the neighboring city of Jalalabad mainly populated by Uzbeks said that armed men—among whom there existed also professional snipers—fired on civilians, set Uzbeks’ houses and workplaces on fire, plundered many places. The actual number of people who lost their lives is far in excess of official figures released by the country’s interim government. Apart from those who lost their lives and were wounded, tens of thousands of people who left their homes and took refuge in Uzbekistan try to survive under very harsh conditions.

Many different comments are being made about the reasons lying beneath these savage conflicts occurring in Kyrgyzstan. Everyone makes different statements and evaluates the situation from a different viewpoint. No matter what the reason that started these incidents may be, the only solution to put a definite end to this irrational event that sets people against their brothers and stop similar conflicts in this region that harbors many communities from various ethnical roots is to establish a strong unity that will take the entire Turkish Islamic world under its umbrella. It is evident that no one would dare to get into conflict with another in an environment where the spiritual leadership of the Turkish Islamic Union exists.

When the Turkish Islamic Union is established, all disputes will be resolved by peaceful methods, every community will consent to the fairness of the decisions made. In the presence of the Turkish Islamic Union, it will be impossible for anyone to approach another with grudge and hatred and everyone’s rights will be protected in the best way. An order that will secure safety and peace in every inch of this extensive geography will be established.

Within the grand Turkish Islamic geography extending from Adriatic to China, Chad to Indonesia, there exist many communities from various languages, ethnic roots and culture. However all of these communities have faith in Allah, the One and Only, adhere to the path of our Prophet (saas), turn to the same qibla (direction to Mecca) and fulfill their prayers, and abide by the same Book. According to the commandment Allah relates in the Qur’an they are all brothers. Consequently the relation between them should be warm and candid, just as it should be among brothers. The Turkish Islamic Union will be instrumental in the fulfillment of this commandment of the Qur’an in its true sense, and ensure that all Muslims love, protect and support one another as brothers. In case the Turkish Islamic Union is established, even the thought of a conflict—let alone ethnical ones such as in Kyrgyzstan—would be impossible.

As long as the Turkish Islamic Union is not established and the Turkish Islamic world is not united as brothers around a spiritual leader, neither the internal conflicts and disputes nor external attacks made on Muslims will come to an end. For this end if Muslims do not want our brothers to murder their brothers, if they do not want to close their eyes to the oppression of our innocent Uyghur brothers in East Turkmenistan, if they want the bloodshed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine to come to an end, and wish the Islamic world to attain a very advanced civilization, they should, with all their might, struggle for a rapid establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union. The Muslim world which will unite like well-built walls will be instrumental in the attainment of peace and comfort for the entire world.

Nobody should wrongly think, “Will my efforts make any difference?”, but stress the importance of the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union wherever they are and express their sincere wish for this end. The most rational and conscientious way and the one that most complies with the morality of the Qur’an to say “Stop!” to cruelty is the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union. It is unbecoming for any Muslim to act as if there is not such an issue while Allah points at the importance of the establishment of this blessed unity by means of many incidents. While there is the opportunity to protect the rights of the oppressed, those who assume such an attitude clearly take part in committing cruelty. No doubt, it is impossible for them to give an account of such an attitude to Allah.


2010-06-18 10:22:27

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