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Darwinists risking humiliation over their speculation on a single fossil pinky finger

Darwinist publications recently and again collectively carried headline pictures of a very interesting-looking life form. This odd creature in the imaginary picture below was heralded to the entire world as a “third species.” The newspapers produced striking captions to support Darwinist claims such as “An unknown hominin!” “A great discovery, neither Neanderthal nor Homo sapiens” and “A Development That Will Re-write the History of Humanity...” Then under these they placed the following picture:


The only source of this picture and the shock propaganda surrounding it WAS A SINGLE FOSSIL FINGER BONE.

Darwinists, who previously produced images of the imaginary Nebraska Man, based on a single pig tooth, together with his family and in a social environment, and who claimed that this shed great light on the supposed evolution of man, have now gone so far in 2010, when the collapse of Darwinism has now been openly declared, as to produce a whole life story on the basis of a young child’s pinky finger, and even to herald it as a third species.

Another example of Darwinists’ Helpless Scenario

Darwinists’ sole justification for resorting to this tale is the fact that this 40,000-year-old fossil was discovered in a cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, Asia. This fossil, which they claimed came from Africa to Asia, seems to have come from a different lineage according to the results of an analysis of mitochondrial DNA, the details of which are set out below, but this conflicts with the fictitious scenario on which Darwinists base their ideas of migration out of Africa. For years, Darwinists have been trying to provide some kind of logical framework, in their own eyes at least, for their tale of the human species they refer to as the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens migrating out of Africa into Asia, which tale keeps being refuted by excavated fossils, and the sudden appearance of a different human race has come as a huge shock to them. That is why they refer to this fossil as a “third human species”.

This scenario, the product of a single finger bone, is a weak one that not even a child would believe. But since the report in question was couched in such an astonishing seriousness in all Darwinist publications and dressed up with a variety of scientific terms that it will be advantageous to set out the true scientific evidence demonstrating the invalidity of this illogical claim.


The Irrational Pretext Depicted As Evidence for the Third Species: Mitochondrial DNA Analysis:

Darwinists have again resorted to scientific deception in order to depict a single pinky finger bone as the basis for this tale of a third species. Special terminology was employed in the publications concerned in order to deceive people into thinking the claim was backed up by genetic, and therefore scientific, evidence.

First and foremost, in order to attain an organism’s genetic information, we need to have the DNA in its cells. But we know nothing about the DNA of the life form in question. And without its DNA, it is impossible for us to obtain any information such as what it looked like or its anatomical structure. Indeed, the National Geographic web site, on which the report was published, explicitly stated that it was impossible to talk about the skeletal structure, musculature, brainpower, or appearance, in short about any characteristics of this life form.1

The sole source of all the fuss about the fossil in question is Darwinists’ baseless claims to have obtained this life form’s mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). In contrast to the main DNA in the cell, mitochondrial DNA is DNA in the mitochondria and that belongs to the mitochondria alone. Consequently, it is impossible to obtain an organism’s genetic information or physical characteristics through mtDNA analysis. Darwinists think that they can determine the forebears of a life form by means of mtDNA analysis. The Darwinist claim is that by this technique it is possible to determine that this living thing comes from a different lineage and is a new species that left Africa and came to Asia 40,000 years ago, and that mtDNA analysis can determine its forebears in a more comprehensive manner. Both content and technique are illusory, however.

For many years, Darwinists claimed that the mitochondrion, an organelle with its own DNA and responsible for producing energy in the cell, was transmitted by the mother alone, and that changes in mitochondrial DNA components could be followed from mother, to grandmother to great-grandmother and thus back to the very earliest forebear. They claimed that a single branch of a family line could be followed directly on the basis of mtDNA analysis and that the starting point of the first mythical hominid could thus be established.

But the Darwinists’ claims about mtDNA were totally refuted by two scientific studies, the first in 1999, the second in 2002.


Scientific Evidence That Denies Darwinists' mtDNA claims

Two reports in Proceedings of the Royal Society on 7, March 1999 has shown that this Darwinist assumptions about mtDNA is unwarranted. It was discovered that population of a tiny Melanesian island possessed mitochondria in their cells inherited from theirfathers. Nature, despite being a Darwinist magazine, confessed that these findings have overturned the mtDNA assumptions.“2

A similar report was published on New Scientist magazine website and it was revealed that ninety percent of the mitochondria of a Danish patient came from his father. In the same report, regarding the blow to the evolutionist biologists’ assumptions, it is stated that, “Even if paternal DNA is inherited rarely, it could invalidate many of their findings.”3

Most recently, an article in the journal Annals of Human Genetics reported that all the mitochondrial databases published to date and on which Darwinists relied had been inaccurately processed.4 (You can access the details of the information about mitochondrial DNA here.)

As we have seen, the general belief concerning mtDNA has been refuted by research conducted over the last 10 years in particular. But Darwinists insist on disregarding this report, which appeared in the best-known Darwinist scientific journals and still try to impose their claims about a supposed common forebear on the basis of mtDNA analysis.

Therefore, the definition of a “third species” on the basis of mtDNA analysis applied to the finger is completely deceptive.

Why Are Darwinists So Alarmed by a Different Line?

There is only one answer to this question: Darwinists have produced myths on the basis of an utterly fictitious scenario. In their view, fictitious hominids descended from a fictitious common ancestor emerged over various periods of time, with only Homo sapiens coming down to today. Darwinists have been unable to prove a single one of their claims, and a new branch that would overturn all their accounts represents a new dead-end and a new difficulty for them.

The real facts about this discovery are as follows: The pinky finger fossil discovered belongs to a human being. That human being is the same as man living today. In the same way there are different human races in the world today – Eskimos, negroes, Anglo-Saxons, Caucasians etc. – so there were different races in those times. This life form represents one of the races alive at that time. The ornaments found beside the fossil in question, such as a bracelet, clearly show that these life forms had the same concept of decoration and beauty 40,000 years ago that we have today. Johannes Krause from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, who conducted research into the fossil, made the following statement about the findings to BBC News:

"We have ornaments, there is a bracelet, so there are several elements in the layers that are usually associated with modern human archaeology."5

The Neanderthals are in fact one of these human races. They are not primitive in the way that Darwinists maintain. They are no different to human races today. The sole basis for the speculation about them is that they are extinct. In the same way that extinct species of ape are constantly used as tools of Darwinist propaganda, so this race is also made the constant subject of Darwinist deception because of its being extinct.

You can read our replies concerning the invalidity of the Darwinist deceptions regarding the Neanderthals here and here.

Flores Man, also used as evidence for the idea of different human races in these reports, and which is still the subject of speculation despite having been refuted countless times by the scientific evidence, and despite this actually having been announced in Darwinist references, was also brought up. Today the scientific world knows that Flores Man is a human species suffering from disease. You can read our response to the claim in question here.


Darwinists, Who Are Unable to Account for Mitochondria, DNA Or a Single Protein in DNA, and Their Hopeless Speculation

It will here be beneficial to recall a most important fact about the Darwinists left helpless in the wake of all these scientific statements refuting their deceptions and who made such a furor about a single fossil pinky finger: Darwinists ARE UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR A SINGLE PROTEIN IN THE DNA IN the mitochondria inside that fossilized finger.

How is it that people who are left so helpless in the face of a single protein, and unable to back up their scenarios about the beginning of life, can still speculate about human species, produce a picture of a human being on the basis of a single fossil pinky finger and come up with stories that are so illogical they would make a child laugh? This analysis made on the basis of a single pinky finger fossil is so astonishing that it would normally be utterly humiliating to espouse such a claim. But the Darwinist indoctrination that has deceived the world for the last 150 years has now legitimized such illogicalities in their own eyes. Darwinists, who for years,

-       Have maintained that the first cell formed spontaneously in muddy water, even though they could not produce a single protein in the laboratory,

-       Claimed that all species turned into one another as a result of random mutations, despite knowing full well that it is impossible to add genetic information and that mutations are fatal,

-       Regarded apes (or, according to their latest claims, an odd creature representing the forerunner of the ape) as their ancestors

-       And who ascribe all the glorious diversity of life on earth and the astonishing complexity at the molecular level to CHANCE alone,

can still claim such illogicalities. This tale is related in a quite matter of fact manner in the world’s best-known magazines and on web sites and by very eminent scientists. These professors hold conferences on the subject and shamelessly look people in the eye as they relate this unbelievable nonsense. They have no qualms about showing them the shameful pictures of human beings they produce from a single finger fossil.


It is Sufficient to ask Darwinists to account for the formation of a single protein in order to eradicate Darwinist claims

When Darwinists stand up and use such illogical accounts as a propaganda tool it will be appropriate to ask them to account for the formation of a single protein. Since evolution is a lie, all Darwinist claims are of course refuted immediately in great detail by the scientific evidence, as we have seen above. But what really demolished everything to do with evolution, the thing that completely silences Darwinists, is their inability to account for a single protein.

Darwinists no longer have the field all to themselves. Scientific evidence will always be brought forward to confound every new tale they come up with. They will always be reminded how a single protein demolishes their theories. Some people, lacking sufficient knowledge on the subject, may mistakenly think that Darwinists will be able to account for proteins in the future. Every new discovery made regarding proteins shows that their structure is unimaginably complex and possesses an order and discipline that far exceeds human abilities. Therefore, every new finding deals a new lethal blow to Darwinism. Time and science constantly work against Darwinism.

Darwinist trickery can never prevail. Because this is the law of Almighty Allah. This false theory will be condemned to a huge disappointment and failure across the world. Our Lord shows us the evidence of this collapse in countless and magnificent forms. The destiny created by Almighty Allah will manifest itself in the finest manner.

Yes, everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Allah. Yes, Allah’s promise is true but most of them do not know it. (Surah Yunus, 55)


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DNA identifies new ancient human dubbed 'X-woman',

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