The Secret Beyond Matter

Long-Standing Communists in Turkey

The communist danger lying in wait across the world has also been lying dormant in Turkey for many years. The talk of autonomy being heard in the context of the Southeast has been spread by the propaganda of the communists in question. What this propaganda means is this: "We have now established the capitalist system that is the precondition for communism. 

We have taken away people's moral and religious values and put the world into a grave predicament through the economic crisis. 

The time is now right for communism." The communist terrorist organization, the PKK, has now decided that this is the ideal time to take steps to establish an autonomous communist state, in other words for Turkey to be turned communist. It has come out from where it was lying in wait and has openly begun talking about its aim.
The only thing left is to put it into action.Öcalan's message on the thirteenth anniversary of the foundation of the PKK is highly significant:
"The best reply to those who say, 'Communism has collapsed' is that we say, 'On the contrary, the PKK has brought about the most powerful, the most accurate and the greatest form of communism'."
All the communists lying in wait are performing their tasks in secret. Some former communist writers have gradually assumed posts on the major newspapers and become highly respected. These former communists never actually renounced communism at all. They merely changed their spots until the time was right, making themselves unrecognizable. 
This is a camouflage movement. By adopting the guise of a different ideology they continued their struggle using covert methods. For years, they kept their communist identities under wraps and managed to occupy many important positions.
Such people underhandedly produce what they imagine to be very cunning writings about the establishment of a separate state in Southeast Turkey and make their voices heard in a number of ways. These people, who are all in fact nothing more than PKK sympathizers, are preparing the groundwork for the PKK to be able to take the region over by spreading the terror organization's propaganda. They do not express this openly or blatantly, and so they attract no attention to themselves. 
But they set out ideas that effectively encourage the establishment of an autonomous state. These are, in any case, people who are desperately keen for communism to rule the whole world. Therefore, when these people speak along the lines of, "The only solution is to give our Kurdish brothers in the Southeast a separate state" or call for "A referendum on an autonomous state there," we must not ignore the true and underlying objectives behind these statements.
The idea that the communists in question are trying to spread in people's minds is this: "The struggle in Southeast Turkey has produced no results. Let them set up a communist state there. 
Then we can relax, as well!" By saying these things, they are spreading propaganda for a communist state that will use Turkey as a springboard to the world. They do not openly use communist slogans, but that is nonetheless what they are spreading using underhanded techniques of indoctrination.
Communism is an idea that can maintain power with just 5% or 10% of the people. Therefore, just a little indoctrination and propaganda may be enough for communism to spread in the region. 
It is not, therefore, essential for all of a community to support the communist ideology. Once the climate is right, when the conditions reach the point they seek, then even a very small minority can bring about communist rule. 
This is something explicitly stated by Lenin, Stalin and Marx. When a communist minority wishes to establish control over a region, it will do everything by way of the most flagrant terror, persecution and violence, and will recognize no obstacles. It will not allow anyone to speak out against communism. It will ban the expression of anti-communist ideas and all kinds of democratic institutions. 
Nobody will be allowed to vote at the ballot box in free elections. The communist dictatorial regime will impose a system based entirely on fear, intimidation and terror.
Everyone needs to know this: Giving communists even the smallest patch of land in the Southeast will deprive the Turkish nation of two very important values:
1. The honor, good name, good character and pride of the Turkish nation
2. The independence and democratic structure of the Turkish nation
Giving up land to the PKK out of a desire to "live in peace" would be the worst possible mistake conceivable. Giving up land to a communist community would open the door to all the disasters described in detail above. The very words of Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the terrorist PKK separatist organization, would be confirmed, the most powerful form of communism would settle in the country and Turkey would be confronted by a terrible disaster, from top to bottom. 
Some people, who hold the reins of the global deep state and who generally hold communist views, will watch the tragedy that befalls Turkey with great excitement, and the communist dictatorship will have taken the first steps toward its ideal of a communist world state of which they have been dreaming since the 1960s.
The Turkish People must be Made Aware of The Communist Threat!
First of all, the Turkish state, and its politicians, writers, intellectuals and people must properly understand the kind of threat we are facing. The threat is a communist hegemony that targets the entire world.
Second, the Turkish state, and its politicians, writers, intellectuals and people must realize that the solution to this threat is not to criticize and condemn, nor to call on terrorists to be people of good conscience and return to the family hearth and home. For the communist mindset, such criticisms and sentiments are a laughing matter.
Third, the Turkish state, and its politicians, writers, intellectuals and people must understand that military measures are no solution at all to the scourge of communism. It is impossible to wear down with death a mind that regards martyring others, and even its own death, as a distinct service to society. 
No matter how many PKK militants are "neutralized" through military operations, replacements will always appear because they are in the swamps of materialism, and that swamp will continue to breed communist terrorists and militants.
Therefore, while those who say, "Let us give up some land and be done with it" are busily seeking their own comfort, communist militants will be mustering all their resources to brainwash young minds with communist ideology and materialist nonsense.
Adnan Oktar's piece on The Hans India:
2015-08-15 12:03:13

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