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Islamic creationism on the rise (Australia/ABC1 TV, 2 December 2009)

ABC1, Australia’s official television established in 1932 with worldwide broadcasting, has reported an interview with Adnan Oktar by Middle East reporter Ben Knight in the “Lateline” news programme dated 2 December 2009. (You can watch the interview from here and read the deciphered document from here.)

In the item titled “Islamic Creationism On the Rise”, the effectiveness of the works of Adnan Oktar, as the leader of Islamic Creationism, was pointed out and it was noted that “Turkey is becoming more religious”. Part of the news item cited as follows:

... lately, there have been new voices in the Islamic world denouncing Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection. That shouldn't be surprising, I suppose, as in many Middle Eastern countries, religious belief and observance are surging. Particularly in Turkey, where our Middle East correspondent Ben Knight met a leading campaigner for Islamic creationism... Adnan Oktar has carved himself out a niche as the leading Islamic voice against the theory of evolution.
ADNAN OKTAR, ISLAMIC CREATIONIST: Darwinism removed love from the face of the world. It caused the deaths of more than 350 million people. It led to the outbreak of more than two world wars as well as communism, fascism and satanism. It has legalised terror and anarchy.

And he rejects the idea that religion might have caused its own share of conflict and suffering. I asked him about the Crusades and September 11.

ADNAN OKTAR: All of the people who committed the 9/11 events in America had Marxist tendencies and had Darwinist, materialist training in America and England. They believed in Lenin's theory suggesting that terror is the solution. There has never been a war originating from religion -they merely used religion.


Adnan Oktar claims to have published more than 300 books but that he doesn't take any royalties. But what brought him to the attention of the West was this: his massive Atlas of Creation. It shows page after page of fossils and compares them with the same living things today, claiming there's been no change, and therefore, no evolution. And he claims to have single-handedly demolished Darwinism, beginning in his native Turkey:

ADNAN OKTAR: In Turkey it is now embarrassing to defend Darwinism. In order to defend such a deceit, one should have a really thick skin on his face. That is to say a person should really be something different in order to tell such an explicit obvious lie, looking directly into people's eyes.

Adnan Oktar says he doesn't want evolution teaching banned from schools.

ADNAN OKTAR: In schools Darwinism is being taught, but for the children, it's like a comedy show. It just makes them laugh.

Additionally, the interview was published on the channel’s web site as both text and video.

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