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Unable to Account for a Single Protein, Darwinists Now Place Their Hopes in Fossilized Footprints

There has been great excitement in the Darwinist media in recent days. Darwinists discovered a new tool for speculation and rushed to pontificate about it with a single voice. A tactic dating back 150 years was employed. Certain Darwinist publications were in unanimous agreement. The aim was to use the discovery of a footprint to defend the same false scenario as much as possible and to bring the evolution deceit that has gone on for so many years back to life in its final days. The subject of the speculation in question was footprints discovered in Poland belonging to a life form thought to date back 395 million years. In order to cover up their defeat, Darwinists claimed that these perfect prints belonged to “the first life form to move from water to dry land.” 

Darwinist propaganda is based on depicting something non-existent as actually existing, a fictitious history that never happened as if it were actually reality. Some people may therefore find it perfectly normal for Darwinists to make illogical claims, supported by no evidence, regarding the fossil. The fact is however, that Darwinists are DECEIVING people with these reports, as they have always done.

In particular, not a single transitional fossil exists to confirm such a fictitious event as the “passage from water to land.” (And not such on that subject; Darwinists have not a single transitional fossil to support any transition scenarios.) Darwinists’ attempts to use PERFECT FOOTPRINTS as evidence for this nonsensical claim, when there exists not one transitional fossil out of the millions that should exist according to their ideas, is totally illogical.

Darwinist scenarios of supposed evolution and once again been overturned

These footprints are exceedingly clear evidence that a perfect amphibian (a species of crocodile probably around 2.5 meters long) was living on Earth 395 million years ago. Darwinists’ amazement stems from the fact that these prints conflict with the false transition scenarios “from the primitive to the more developed.” In their view, no such perfect and complex terrestrial life form should have existed 395 million years ago. But the fossil records have always refuted Darwinists’ false evolutionary chronologies, and are still doing so today. Readers will recall that perfect and fully formed HORSES were living at a time (some 50 million years ago) when Darwinists claim that the only horses, fictitious ones, were about the size of a dog. Extraordinarily complex EYES were also in existence at a time when Darwinists claim that only worms and sponges should have been around. The footprints in question completely overturn all Darwinist fictitious evolutionary history scenarios. Unable to hide this perfect fossil, Darwinists have therefore looked for a solution in speculation. 


A 45-million-year-old wild horse skull 

Trilobites with perfect compound eyes that lived around 540 million years ago

Here it will be useful to reiterate that the only supposed evidence that Darwinists had for their claims regarding a transition from water to land, that they repeated for so many years, was the Coelacanth. Darwinists’ engaged in such wide-ranging speculation about the fossil remains of this creature that people only realized they had been deceived when a living Coelacanth was caught. The Coelacanth, a bottom dwelling fish, completely rebutted all the claims about its supposed “primitive” nature. Since then, more than 300 living Coelacanths have been caught, and faced by their perfection and complexity, Darwinists no longer raise the subject at all.

The prints in question totally eliminate the Darwinist claims about Tiktaalik, the second fossil they sheltered behind after the Coelacanth debacle. Because these prints are 18 million years older than Tiktaalik, which Darwinists claim is a transitional fossil. Nonetheless, however, the prints are perfectly regular and belong to perfect, fossilized feet. There is no evolution here. Just perfectly regular footprints from a living thing. These footprints are 18 million years older than Tiktaalik, which Darwinists seek to depict as moving from water to dry land and whose fins, in their view, were just supposedly turning into feet. This eliminates the latest false proof on which Darwinists were relying and totally overturns the deception of a transition from water to dry land.

No matter how much fanfare Darwinists may make, this fossil, just like the others, totally overthrows the false concept of evolution. The first prints found on land and perfect ones. Not a trace exists of the evolution that Darwinists maintain happens as a result of mutation. The toes are in a perfect sequence. The animal was created in a manner ideally suited to carry its own weight. The steps it took show it walked in the same way as crocodiles today, and no error can be seen in the prints’ symmetry. The animal is not a deformed one that came into being through chance, haphazard mutations, but a perfect species of crocodile created, with its perfect and flawless body, in a single moment.

This point is very important:

Darwinists are inevitably defeated on all their claims. But the point that needs to be made clear here, AND THAT TOTALLY DEMOLISHES DARWINISTS, is THE FACT THAT THEY ARE UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR A SINGLE PROTEIN in the claws of the animal that left these prints behind. Darwinism COMES TO A DEAD HALT HERE. Darwinists can produce as many claims as they like about fictitious evolutionary stages, footprints, fictitious fins and feet or dinosaurs trying to fly, BUT EVOLUTION ALREADY COLLAPSES AT THE VERY INITIAL STAGE OF LIFE. The pitiful Darwinist statements made, the pages of description and the scientific papers in the world’s best known Darwinist journals are all part of an intense mass deception. By making such statements, Darwinists are trying not to let on that they have been routed by a single protein. What really obliterates Darwinism, before fossils, paleontology, microbiology, genetics and the complexity in living things, IS A SINGLE PROTEIN.

By the will of Allah, this is the century in which A SINGLE PROTEIN, invisible to the naked eye, created by Allah as a work of His artistry, has totally demolished Darwinism and brought this terrible deception to an end. Despairing Darwinist wriggling will serve no purpose from now on.

Say: ‘Call on those you make claims for besides Allah. They have no power over even the smallest particle, either in the heavens or in the earth. They have no share in them. He has no need of their support.’ (Surah Saba’, 22)

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