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Deceptions regarding prion proteins will not save despairing Darwinists

A report that recently appeared on various web sites such as the BBC, Science, Scientific American, Discover and CBS claimed that “inanimate prions evolved.”  This utterly illogical claim was portrayed as a major scientific discovery in the reports in question, and statements liberally adorned with scientific terminology were laid out one after the other just as they were established fact. As always, the aim was to deceive the majority of people with no knowledge of what prions actually are, using confusing language and accounts.

The subject of the origin of life is a declaration of the most comprehensive and fundamental Darwinist collapse. At the same time, since the subject represents the greatest evidence of the Darwinist defeat, it is one that Darwinists are quite helpless in the face of. They have long been looking for a way of overcoming this hopeless situation, at least in their own eyes. Those Darwinists who have for years claimed that viruses evolved, something that has repeatedly been disproved, are now trying to use “prions,” inanimate structures far smaller than viruses, as evidence for their false theories. The invalidity of this claim can be summarized as follows:

Prions, in brief, are very small structures containing protein. They are entirely inanimate so long as they are not present in the human cell. When prions enter a cell, they may either be harmless or else cause various diseases. Mad Cow Disease is one of those that develops in this way. Although prions are generally compared to viruses, they are actually quite different. Unlike viruses, prions possess no DNA, which determines the structure of proteins and enzymes and this regulates form and development. They are at least 100 times smaller than even the smallest virus.

In the same way that viruses do not evolve, neither do prions. Darwinists have for years heralded the changes they have brought about in the structures of viruses as evidence for evolution and have sought to use them as proof of the origin of life. The fact is, however, that as all Darwinist scientists know perfectly well, viruses are not negatively affected by mutations since they do not have a living structure. In the same way, mutations in viruses do not improve them, either. No virus has ever turned into another structure as the result of mutations, and has never come into possession of organelles. Viruses damage and kill the cells they enter, but they never bestow on those cells any new or improving genetic information. Viruses have been viruses for millions of years, and have never changed over those millions of years, despite all the countless mutations they have been subjected to.

Having suffered a huge defeat when it came to viruses, Darwinists are now trying to use prions, which contain no genetic data, as evidence for their false claims. But this claim contains even greater impossibilities. Prion proteins are synthesized according to the genetic data present in the chromosomes in the cells they enter. It is therefore impossible for prions to survive in the absence of a cell. It is obviously totally illogical to make any claims about evolution regarding a totally inanimate entity with no DNA. Prions are synthesized and folded up inside a cell in the same way that proteins are. They have now power to survive or change on their own.

The Spread Of Disease Is Not Evolution

Sometimes, when sickly prion proteins encounter healthy ones, a number of reactions take place. As a result, the disease infects the healthy prions, and newly manufactured prions become carriers of the disease. This is the spread of the disease. If diseased prion proteins in the brain are taken and transferred into another tissue, they will affect the healthy prion proteins in that tissue and make them diseased, as well. Because of their despair, Darwinists try to depict this spread of disease as evidence for their claims. But there is no question of any mutation or evolution here; all there is, is the spread of prion disease.

The claim that prion proteins resemble viruses in this regard is similarly a deception. Viruses replicate by directly interfering with the genetic data in the cell nucleus. Disease-bearing prion proteins, on the other hand, do not replicate by directly acting on genetic data. They merely damage the structures of healthy prion proteins and make them diseased, as well. This is not evolution; all it is, is a healthy prion protein becoming a diseased one. (As we have already made clear, such activities on the part of viruses are not evolution.)

The way a prion protein will be synthesized is encoded in the genes in the 20th chromosome in the human cell. In other words, Almighty Allah has created the cell together with the information by which the protein in it will be synthesized. Darwinists are unable to account for even the smallest part of this information encoded in the cell. Darwinists are unable to explain how a single protein within the cell emerged. Darwinists make the most shameless claims about prion proteins, BUT HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO EXPLAIN HOW THE PRION PROTEIN CAME INTO BEING.

Therefore, the Darwinist idea that “we have proved evolution without DNA” is nonsense and an expression of total despair, a huge deception. In order to be able to make such a claim, Darwinists first have to be able to show how protein and DNA came into being. SINCE THEY CAN NEVER DO THAT, AND SINCE A SINGLE PROTEIN LEAVES THEM UTTERLY ROUTED, they rely on deception instead. This is another example of the two-faced technique Darwinists have been employing for the last 150 years.

The elimination of Darwinism by science has left the adherents of Darwinism in a wretched state. Darwinist publications’ despairing wriggling documents the end of this superstitious religion. Darwinists’ attempts to prove anything through prions, proteins and DNA merely makes them a laughing stock. The glorious and artistic existence of life will always defeat the followers of this heretical religion. OUR LORD ALLAH IS MIGHTY AND MAGNIFICENT ENOUGH SO THAT A SINGLE DETAIL IN HIS SUBLIME CREATION DEMOLISHES EVERYTHING MAINTAINED BY SUPERSTITION.

We did not create heaven and Earth and everything between them to no purpose. That is the opinion of those who do not believe. (Surah Sad, 27)

2010-01-11 13:45:40

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