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Darwinism is the reason for the Egyptian government's attitude toward Gaza

A humanitarian campaign to help the Palestinians living under difficult conditions in Gaza for a long time, in which Turkey also participated, was recently carried out. The 500-member Gaza Freedom March set out from the British capital, London, and passed through France, Italy and Greece before arriving in Turkey. The convoy was then intended to join together, leave Turkey and enter Gaza from Egypt. However, obstacles by the Egyptian government imposed great difficulties on the convoy. The Egyptian government only gave the 500-member team permission to travel by a single route and with the Turkish flags, but then rescinded that decision at the border, and the convoy was kept waiting for days at Port al-Arish. Following that, by order of the government, the Egyptian police who had constantly caused difficulties for the convoy and seized all their passports, then thawed a little bit after an intervention from the Turkish Foreign Ministry. A few days later, however, some 40 people in the convoy were injured when it was attacked with stones by 100 plain-clothed Egyptian police and also assaulted by police using pepper spray. In addition, the Egyptian government refused to allow the injured to go to hospital. The injured were only assisted using the means available to hand. The convoy was obstructed for some 10 days by the Egyptian government, only being allowed to cross to Gaza for a very brief period after intervention from members of Parliament, politicians and civil servants who arrived from Turkey.

All this again reveals a most thought-provoking reality. This striking and surprising behavior on the part of Egypt, which a few months ago became the first Muslim country to host an international conference on evolution, in trying to block aid for Gaza is certainly and very closely linked to the activities of Darwinist forces in the country.

The Darwinist Dictatorship That Has Persisted for So Long in Egypt

Arab socialism,” which deeply affected the Arab world in the 1950s and 1960s, is a movement that combines extreme nationalism with a fanatical third world leftism, and was fundamentally supported by the then communist Soviet Union. Arab socialism combined with strong Arab nationalism first came to power in Egypt. Gamal Abdel Nasser, one of the officers who overthrew the Egyptian monarchy and then assumed power, soon revealed a conception of government that oppressed the Muslim public. Syria and Iraq followed on the heels of Egypt. Socialist regimes seized power through bloody coups in all these countries.

There is no room for concepts such as peace or moderation in Arab socialists’ programs. On the contrary, the concept of “conflict” that lies at the heart of Marxist and Darwinist ideology is much more important to them. In that climate, tensions in the Arab world grew rapidly in those years.

General Gamal Abdel Nasser carried out a coup in 1952 in Egypt with 9 other officers under the name of the “Free Officers Committee,” overthrowing King Farouk and ruling the country for 20 years with a communist dictatorship based on violence. He was one of the revolutionary members of the Arab socialist movement. He developed a nationalist, Darwinist-Stalinist ideology known as Nasserism. The Free Officers Committee, of which he was a member, was a communist organization and enjoyed very close relations with the Communist Party, both before and after the revolution. 1 

The Nasser period was one of dictatorship and oppression. Through the intelligence organization he established, he eliminated the entire opposition, soon becoming a repressive tyrant. He applied all the perversion of the Darwinist system to affairs of state. In Nasser’s time, communist and Darwinist views came to dominate the curriculum. A huge move in the direction of communism and communist statements issued by Nasser began from 1962 in particular. The name of the National Union was changed to the Arab Socialist Union. After a request from the then communist Soviets, Nasser pardoned all the communist insurgents in prison and put the Egyptian press under these people’s control.

Having passed under the control of communists, the Egyptian press for years waged a major campaign of aggression and slander against Islam, Islamic scholars and Islamic groups. Nasser was awarded the USSR’s highest medal of honor, the Hero of the Soviet Union medal, also given to communist leader Stalin, who savagely condemned millions to death.

Nasser stood as the sole candidate in election in 1965, and stepped up his pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood even further after receiving 99% of the vote following a corrupt election held in an atmosphere of pressure and violence. Many Islamic scholars were arrested and executed, including Hassan al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Muhammad Qutb and Abdul Qadir Udah. Thousands of Muslims were tortured and martyred. The Muslims detained during that time were only released from prison after Nasser’s death. Under Nasser’s communist tyranny, some fifty thousand members of the Muslim Brotherhood were tortured in the dungeons of the regime. His rule is compared to Mussolini’s Italy by many Muslim historians.

Today, many historians openly state that Nasser betrayed Muslims in the Six-Day War, which happened in Nasser’s time and in which Sinai was surrendered to Israel.

Has Egypt Changed After Nasser?

Although there has been a huge rise in Islamic awareness in Egypt after the 1970s, the Darwinist rule over the state administration did not come to an end. Anwar Sadat, who assumed power after Nasser, initially seemed to be quite moderate, but just like Nasser was not slow in resorting to the use of oppression and violence against Muslims.

It is difficult to maintain even now that the Darwinist dictatorship in Egypt has finally ended. Some Egyptian people, for years governed under the rule of Darwinist, Marxist and communist ideologies and forced to raise their children under a Darwinist education system, are still under the pressure of the Darwinist dictatorship. One of the recent and clearest manifestations of the Darwinist, communist ideology that influences part of the Egyptian administration is the totally groundless attempt to hinder the urgent aid intended for our wronged, innocent and devout Palestinian brothers. This is a violent and terrible scourge brought with it by Darwinism, the basis for the idea of the elimination of the weak. This perverted logic is based on Darwinism, which led to the deaths and martyrdom of more than 350 million people in World Wars I and II and to millions suffering starvation, poverty, fear and terror. The efforts to hinder this humanitarian aid, when the Palestinian people are suffering hunger, poverty and unimaginable hardships, when women and children lack food and medicines, clearly shows the terrifying dimensions that the scourge of Darwinism can assume.

The Darwinist forces reluctant to lose the influence of Darwinist-communist dictatorship that previously so dominated Egypt, as we know, even arranged an international conference on evolution in the country. The aim behind the conference, the participants in which announced the global collapse of Darwinism to great weeping and mourning, being held in Egypt was without doubt, and in their own eyes, to make Darwinism “acceptable” once again in Muslim countries. As the participants explicitly stated, everyone now knows that the fraud of evolution has suffered a total collapse across the world, and particularly in Muslim countries, in the wake of the activities of Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya). It is this great and comprehensive rout that led the Darwinists in the direction of Egypt, one of the countries in which the Darwinist dictatorship had previously held sway.

However, it is of great importance to make clear the following: No matter how much the Egyptian administration may appear to be under the influence of the Darwinist dictatorship and therefore resort to various inhumane policies, a huge Islamic awakening is going on in Egypt, as in the rest of the world. Egyptian people have finally realized the scale of Darwinist corruption, the dimensions of the fraud of evolution, both from the scientific evidence made available to them and from the oppressive system they had lived under previously. Following this great awakening, the Egyptian people’s faith in our Almighty Lord was strengthened and their devotion to the moral values of the Qur’an increased. By Allah’s leave, and as in all countries of the world, Darwinist corruption will soon be totally eliminated from Egypt.

By Allah’s leave, with the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), not a trace will remain of the current oppressive world system. In this time, when plenty and abundance rule, the Palestinian people will be freed from all hardships and difficulties and both Palestine, Israel and Egypt will live in security, peace and prosperity. The time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), by Allah’s leave, will be when all the corruption of Darwinism disappears, and when wars, fear, oppression and injustice come to an end.

Some statements on the subject by Mr. Adnan Oktar read:


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on 7 Çay TV and Maraş Aksu TV, January 7th, 2009)

Mert Aslan from France has a question. The Gaza convoy has managed to enter Egypt through the initiatives of Turkey. How do you view this development?

Adnan Oktar: I am saying "Well done!" However why should there be such an issue at all? It is very odd. Our Palestinian brothers are already in difficult conditions. Those children and people there. For one thing, there are pregnant women there. Mothers who have given birth. Little children. They are already hungry, poor and wretched. First off, medicines should be easily accessible for them, food must reach them with ease. These are vital things. We are not talking about guns and bombs getting to them. Books should also be reachable, and clothing too. We do want that no problem would ever arise over that. Those things they call the tunnels, let them open them up and make them legal and let them bring in whatever they want.

Actually, nothing is happening there and everything is going better more and more. Relations between Palestine and Israel will improve. Because one group are the sons of Ishmael (pbuh), the sons of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), and the others are the sons of Jacob (pbuh). In other words, both believe in Allah, Allah that is One. They therefore both believe in the same prophets, prophets who came before. Of course the Jews do not follow the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), but Jews also have such a good feature, that is; they are not like the Christians, some Christians regard Muslims as infidels (kafir). That is bad. They even regard them as the supporters of the antichrist (the dajjal). However Jews regard Muslims as members of a true faith, as the People of Noah. A great many of them accept the Qur'an as a Holy Scripture. They say it is a true Book, in other words. But they say "we are Jews". They say "Allah has given us the task of preserving the Torah, but the Qur'an is also true."… Therefore there is nothing to make them uneasy or anxious. Consequently it is essential to reconcile Palestinians, our Arab brothers and our other brothers living there, with the Jews, and to ensure their living in peace. Turkey has made a great initiative in that respect. Turkey is leading everywhere to peace, love, friendship, democracy and brotherhood. I congratulate Turkey on that, I do congratulate our people for that. Allah creates them as a vanguard and possessors of great beauty everywhere. We have once again seen Turkey is the natural leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union, haven't we? We did. Has any other country been able to do this? No. Who did it? Turkey did it. Why? Because it is a well loved country. A beloved nation.

Oktar Babuna: There are reports about what you are saying, new reports. Just like you have said. About Turkey being the natural leader, a very powerful country. Our Prime Minister gave a statement stating that unity in Palestine would be festive for us.

Adnan Oktar: Who? Palestine?

Oktar Babuna: He said we will rejoice if Palestine unites. Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Adnan Oktar: Masha'Allah. Palestine uniting in which sense?  
Oktar Babuna: He says if this separation in Palestine is solved, if Palestine is united, that will be festive for us.

Adnan Oktar: United in the which sense?

Oktar Babuna: He said that during a talk with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmut Abbas.

Adnan Oktar: Well there are different aspects of unity there.

Presenter: Yes, there is a question on this subject. About the unity of Palestine… Maybe I can ask that question to you before your excellent statements so we can pull it all together.

Adnan Oktar: All right. Alright.

Presenter: Hülya Ayyılmaz from Ankara asks; "I think that Palestinian Head of State Mahmut Abbas and Prime Minister Erdoğan coming together had led to the important matters you emphasize being discussed. Erdoğan said, 'When you Palestinians unite among yourselves, when you resolve your disagreements, we will rejoice here.' You have previously mentioned how Muslims must be united and how important it is for internal disputes to be halted. I think it is a good thing how this has again entered the agenda. What do you think?" she asks.

Adnan Oktar: Of course it is excellent. First off, there are land divisions in Palestine. Right? It is all divided into very small parcels of land. They must all come together. One. This is very important now. May Allah forbid, it is like Konya in Turkey being separated from us, and having something else in between. That would be unacceptable. We must bring them all together. Second, this spiritual division has to end. Between Hammas and PLO.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, the PLO. They must all be one body, because we have One Allah. We have one Book, one religion, we are all brothers. They are even one in racial terms; they are all the sons of Ishmael (pbuh). So, of course this division is to be ended. But unification is not the end of it. What needs to be done? There needs to be Turkish-Islamic Union. That is the heart of the matter. Turkish-Islamic Union. Without Turkish-Islamic Union, even if Palestine unites the corruption and conflict will not end or die down, and there will be no peace. Unification will not resolve everything. Other incidents may crop up and there will be no wealth with only that unity.

Adnan Oktar: The only solution is Turkish-Islamic Union. Founding the Turkish-Islamic Union, founding a giant institution in the region, under Turkey's leadership, and our joining the EU in that structure. And thus the EU will be also joining our Turkish-Islamic Union. It will be an excellent thing.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, the end of the world will be glorious, insha'Allah.



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