The Secret Beyond Matter

Not a trouble, but a gift

Have you ever thought you have come to the end of your tether? Or that you have suffered a lot? That everyone is against you? That people do not understand you and that the course of events always works against you? 

You may be going through a difficult time, but the situation may not be as you imagine.

Allah deliberately creates all difficulties. They are like specially wrapped presents, tailor-made for each individual. Everyone has different flaws; some people are impatient, some are restless, some are distrusting, some are uneasy, some are prone to negativity and others are quick to anger. 

Troubles, sickness, losses and deficiencies are all blessings for one to overcome these flaws, beautify his soul, and improve his moral values. Our Lord knows what every person needs, and He knows best how much they can stand. If there is something troubling you, it will not exceed your capacity to cope with it; as a matter of fact — if you are believer — it will strengthen you. 

Some people who encounter times of trouble may think there is no way out, that everything has come to an end, that they have come to the end of the road and that their difficulties can never be overcome. Some people may even behave in a rebellious way, but these things are in fact apprehensions whispered to them by satan.

Allah creates different events for everyone on Earth. The observances commanded by Allah, the difficulties He creates to test us and the responsibilities He places on us are all proportional to our strength.

Our Lord knows best what people can cope with and how much. Allah is infinitely Just and Forbearing toward His servants. Our Lord will never impose a greater burden than one can bear, nor a responsibility one’s conscience cannot accept; no one would ever be wronged. That is Allah’s promise. It is a manifestation of His being the Most-Compassionate and the Most-Merciful. 

All sorts of tests, sicknesses, accidents, material and psychological difficulties and all the rest, are set out within the individual’s ability to cope with them and are events that Allah has ordained specially for them in their destiny.

We do not impose on any self any more than it can stand. With Us there is a Book which speaks the truth. They will not be wronged. (Surat Al-Muminun, 62)

Everything in the life of this world is realistic and takes places as the result of causes. For that reason, some people think that the time allotted to them in this world will never end. The fact that everything gradually decays and that people grow old, even the existence of death, do not make them admit to that irrefutable fact. They imagine that the life of this world is absolute and are reluctant to think about the Hereafter or even to consider a life after death. 

The troubles and difficulties visited on such people, who fall into the error of thinking that they should constantly strive for worldly things, never end. For that reason, in order to see the goodness and wisdom in events and realize that ‘everything happens for the best,’ one must first not forget that this world is only a transient place of trial.

A sincere believer must know the truth that no matter what befalls him, it will be something in the face of which he can exhibit moral virtue and fortitude. No matter what hardship befalls him, it will be something he has the strength to cope with and face with patience. 

Believers never lose their joy if there is a decrease in their blessings, if they are sick or in the face of some other affliction. On the contrary, they regard troubles as a gift. They have no need for special reasons to be happy. For them, faith itself is a source of joy and gratitude. 

They trust that all troubles in life are created to test them and that they will receive a fine reward in the Presence of Allah for their fortitude in the face of troubles; that idea is their source of happiness. Since they act in the light of their conscience they make comparisons and through comparison, better realize the value of blessings. That is the joy of faith.

The joy of faith and a reminder

The joy of faith is a heartfelt, sincere happiness that people who live without faith in their hearts cannot replicate. This is a fulfillment of the heart of the believer, who hopes for Allah’s approval, mercy and eternal Paradise, with joy from Him. 

This joy-filled life that believers enjoy in this world will, by the leave of Allah, continue increasingly without any interruptions in Paradise.

As for those who had faith and did right actions, they will be made joyful in a verdant meadow. (Surat Al-Rum,15)

No matter what befalls you, do not forget that you are strong enough to cope, and that you can face it with fortitude and pleasantness.

A final reminder: When you are troubled or made uneasy by something, have a look at the situation other people in the world are in and think about those who are starving to death in war, about those who are trying to survive by eating grass, about those waking up to the sound of bombs and finding their homes crashing down about them; think about those who cannot find water to drink.

Give thanks for what you have one by one. Think of the people who have never even dreamed of those shoes you may have worn for years and no longer like and are planning to throw in the trash. And always remember to give thanks for what you have. 

Give thanks to Allah for all the blessings He has bestowed on you. Make a resolution to see the goodness in everything by saying, “Alhamdulillah, thanks be to You, my Lord.”

Adnan Oktar's piece on Arab News & Hiba Magazine:

2014-11-29 15:29:24

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