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Kobani: Pinning hopes on PKK is dangerous

Both during the Gezi protests and after the Dec. 17 operations, some names in the international media offered an inaccurate description of the developments in Turkey. Things apparently seemed different to those in the US, different to those in the Middle East; leaving leftists and imperialists with all their varied opinions on the matters. Everyone was trying to figure out what was going on, but disinformation only resulted in hostility, aggression, anger and tumult. The same thing is happening once again due to the latest developments surrounding Turkey in the past week. And this has only added to the difficulties of Turkey, the Middle East and the Kurds.

For this very reason, it is important to shed some light on certain points that need clarification. 

After the militants of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria, which is a branch of the terrorist PKK, were heavily defeated by the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Kobani, Turkey became a sudden target. Everyone started acting as if Kobani was part of Turkey and it was the aggressor. PKK supporters started threatening the Turkish government. Interestingly, as if the PKK was not the nemesis of the Republic of Turkey, the PKK wanted “weapons” from Turkey. This was the real excuse behind the street protests that took place this week causing the death of more than 20 people. 

Now let’s look at what is unknown in all this:

The PKK is a Marxist/Leninist terrorist organization that is set on dividing Turkey and to this end, has ceaselessly and cowardly attacked Turkish soldiers for the past 30 years. They are known for their terror acts in the cities of Turkey and for their use of violence. They even used democratic protests as a means for unleashing more violence. One of the most prominent examples of this was the Gezi protest. Starting out as peaceful protests, they escalated into violent attacks where the PKK declared Taksim Square as a “liberated communal area.” Therefore it is clear that unrest is a method the PKK constantly uses in Turkey whenever it gets the opportunity.

Turkey has various options with regards to a solution for the IS. However, the real threat and danger for Turkey at the moment is the PKK. Since the military coup of 1980, it is the first time Turkey has had to declare a curfew and again for the first time in eight years, soldier was deployed on the streets of Diyarbakır. The PKK, enraged by the humiliation of the defeat they suffered in Kobani, is wreaking havoc on the streets of Turkey and killing people. They are trying to take the frustration of their failure in Kobani out on Turkey, which is a peaceful, democratic country.

The international media, and even some Turks, attribute these incidents to the fact that Turkey didn’t allow the Kurds that wanted to cross the border to take part in the fight. This idea is flawed due to two reasons:
The first mistake is seeing the PKK as Kurds. Kurds are the ornaments of Turkey known for their kindness, integrity and bravery. Turks have always been side by side with Kurds throughout their history and they are brothers and sisters. The PKK, on the other hand, is a Leninist terrorist organization. They have always used Kurdish nationalism as leverage, while in truth; they only hurt interests of Kurds with their ideology. Indeed, it is once again Kurds whose stores were burned down, looted and who were threatened by the PKK to join the street protests in the latest developments.

As Prime Minister Davutoglu puts it, the first Kurdish refugee group that fled Cizire two years ago to take shelter in Turkey ran away from the pressure of the PYD. This alone is enough to confirm the amount of pressure that Syrian Kurds suffer at the hands of PKK.

For this reason, it is apparent that it is not the Kurdish people that want to go to Kobani to fight, but it is the PKK’s supporters.

The second mistake is claiming that Turkey is preventing them from going over to Kobani. One fact is clear; those that had permission to go to Syria went to Kobani but fled back to Turkey after the heavy defeat they sustained. The said terrorist organization sustained heavy losses and therefore ran from Kobani. So their so-called enthusiasm to go there to fight is nothing but a mere show.

Another misconception is the allegation that Turkey doesn’t help the Kurds in Kobani. First of all, there are no civilians left in Kobani. Abdullah Ciftci, who is the district governor of the village of Suruc in Turkey, which hosts our Syrian Kurdish brothers and sisters, officially reported that there is not even a single civilian left in Kobani and all 187,000 of our Kurdish brothers are now in Turkey. Here are other important parts from Ciftci’s report:

“Around 800 trucks of humanitarian aid were sent through the Suruç Mürşitpınar border gate so far… which is worth 25 million Turkish Liras. We had also provided support for their electricity and water utility infrastructure.”

This clearly demonstrates how Turkey is doing everything to help the Kurdish people.

The world, however, expects this help for the PKK and that is the reason behind the disinformation. The way that the world is asking Turkey to support a terrorist organization which has been attacking our soldiers for years, which has been terrorizing Turkey’s streets and is committed to dividing Turkey, shows the extent of the misperceptions that exist out in the world. Furthermore, it begs for consideration as to why everyone expects Turkey to take action in Kobani, which is a part of Syria, not Turkey, when the UN is not doing anything about the situation. Taking care of civilians in a region outside our borders is a debt of honor for us. However, pressuring Turkey to arm a Leninist terrorist organization that points its gun at Turkey outside our borders, or to lend any support to them, is nothing but a grave error.

The coalition powers should understand that the PKK is more dangerous and should know that they cannot stop the PKK from being defeated in Syria by sending them more arms or using airstrikes. If they want a solution for the IS, this should be done through the safe-zone project that Turkey is committed to. As Prime Minister Davutoglu explained, the solution in Syria should involve toppling Assad’s regime and eradicating the PKK. It is clear that the western countries, which don’t agree with this proposition, will make the same mistake all over again in the Middle East, causing more bloodshed and yet again failing in epic fashion.

Adnan Oktar's piece on News Rescue & Arab News & The Frontier Post:

2014-10-11 13:31:59

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