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The Salvation of the Kurds Lies in a Strong and Unitary Turkey

After ISIS started advancing towards Kobane last week, Kurds became headlines all over the world again. First of all, no matter who does it for what purpose, and targeting whatever faiths or ideologies, violence in all its forms, is evil and can never be acceptable. Violence can never be a way, and is always a menace for humanity.

However, the developments of the last couple of days reminded us of some facts. First, the whole world finally saw that the tales of ‘so-called heroic PKK’ in the Western media are far from the truth and the political analysts who suggested arming PKK, a Marxist-Leninist guerilla move against ISIS, were thinking very wrong and superficially.

PKK is a terrorist organization that has survived for decades only by hiding, ambushing and cowardly striking against the regular army of Turkey. However, as soon as it encountered ISIS, which also didn’t fight by the rules, the only thing it could do was flee. The cowardice of PKK which abandoned 100 villages in Kobane, leaving behind women, children, the elderly and the sick, must be sufficient to make the Western world revisit some old ideas.

The only safe refuge of the Syrian Kurds from ISIS attacks is Turkey. Only in the last 2 days, Turkey has accepted more people than all of the European countries combined in 2013. Already hosting some 2 million Syrian refugees, Turkey will no doubt see more refugee influx in the coming days. As Turkey was welcoming the innocent people that are in need of help, showing its compassion, mercy regardless of any differences in religion, language or ethnicity, PKK supporters were pelting Turkish soldiers with stones.

Instead of helping the people who were fleeing from the violence of ISIS and bombs, they were setting up ‘so-called resistance tents’ and preventing help getting to the civilians. In Siverek during the night, they continued their assault on military houses, the families of the soldiers with Molotov cocktails.

PKK and its supporters, by putting on fake bravery shows, claimed that they wanted to go to Kobane and that the Turkish soldiers didn’t allow it. For this reason, they are attacking the Turkish soldiers with stones and Molotov cocktails, who are helping Syrian refugees. PKK members, who have been illegally crossing the border for the past 30 years, could have done it easily again if they really wanted to fight against ISIS. However obviously this is not the true intention of PKK members which did nothing but run as soon as they caught the sight of ISIS. They are only putting on a show reminiscent of gang brawls, where gang members shout out ‘let me go and I’ll show them’.

Even though some names in the Western media champion PKK, PKK is not reliable in the eyes of local Kurds at all. Most of the Kurdish people are very religious and therefore cannot possibly harbor any sympathy towards the atheist, Marxist, Leninist organization. Yet this doesn’t stop PKK from trying to show itself as the sole representative of the Kurdish people, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Let’s not forget about the pains and suffering PYD caused to Kurdish people last year in Rojava. Indeed, majority of the Kurdish people went to North Iraq to get away from the pressure of PYD. And the baseless allegations of PYD on the social media about ‘so-called violence towards PYD’ were proven to be wrong after an independent team of experts was sent to the region to determine the accuracy of the allegations.

Given all these facts, it would be more fitting on the part of the Western analysts and opinion leaders to be very cautious against the misleading information offered by PKK.

Turkey, with its modern, democrat and secular structure, is a safe haven for the people of the region and a reliable ally for the Western world. Now, a new Turkey that is being built, is more democratic, freer and champions human rights more than ever. The ally of those who want the radicalism to end and terrorism to finish, is not a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization that has the blood of 40 thousand people in their hands, but this new Turkey.

A strong and stable Turkey will not only be a reliable ally to the Western world, but also the protector of the Kurds, Turkmens, Arabs and all other ethnicities/religious groups in the region.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Arabian Gazette & Riyadh Vision:

2014-09-28 22:56:30

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