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How judicious will it be to use terrorists to fight terrorists?

As Isis continues in its disturbing progress and gruesome acts, the world is trying to decide the next course of action. Among the solutions suggested one that surprisingly got a lot of attention albeit its absurdity merits some explanation. 

According to this irrational suggestion, the PKK, which is a Leninist-Marxist terrorist guerrilla group, should be armed and used against Isis. 

The question here is: Is it plausible to use the PKK against Isis?

The PKK has been fighting the Turkish army for the past 30 years claiming the lives of 60,000 people in the process. They operate based on Leninist-Marxist ideals for the goal of building a Communist state in the region. 

After that, they have plans to further expand and take over the entire region to spread their Communist regime and build a so-called "dictatorship of the proletariat". To this end, they have ambushed, killed, blown up buildings, torched villages, kidnapped people and engaged in drug trafficking. 

Since they have a Leninist-Marxist ideology, they have paid great importance to the education of their recruits with Leninist ideals and as a result, have been engaged in a constant effort to promote their ideology to the Kurdish population. 

They believe that each and every one of their members must be purged of all their former loyalties, like loyalty to their families, countries, beliefs and values and must turn into machines ready to kill and be killed for a Communist goal which they are not sure achieving ever. 

They are so severely brainwashed that they have renounced their normal lives and have taken to living in caves in the mountains for the rest of their lives hoping that one day the ideals of Lenin can be achieved and become heroes someday. 

In an unexpected turn of events, US officials have hinted at using the Communist PKK against Isis. 

However, it would be far better for the United States to draw lessons from its past mistakes and see that Communist terrorism should be eliminated rather than being fed, and that can be possible only with an ideological confrontation.

Furthermore, it's impossible for the PKK to be successful against Isis. The truth is, if it ever comes to that, Isis will easily destroy the PKK in a matter of days. 

However, if heavily armed, some undoubtedly believe PKK will only use its weapons and training only to harm Turkey and will divide Turkey. 

The US decision will only compound problems of Turkey. 

The first thing that should be understood that is Turkey will not be divided no matter how heavily armed the terrorists are. So this new plan of reinforcing the PKK with more arms in the hopes of dividing Turkey will fail again. 

However, if PKK gets closer to building a Communist Kurdistan in the region, it will turn its guns immediately at the Western powers as it sees them as a natural ideological enemy. 

With weapons supplied to them by China and Russia, it will rise as a new North Korea in the Middle East, adding further to the woes of the world.

The question, therefore, is how to stop Isis? Isis and its fanatical followers are delusional and dangerous because of their grotesquely distorted interpretation of Islam. 

However trying to eliminate them by force will only produce more terrorists and fuel their vengeful spirit even more. 

The only thing that can effectively stop Isis is to teach them the real values of Islam — love, compassion and peace to all the people of the world. 

Isis is undoubtedly unaware of the teachings of Islam and thus has a twisted understanding of the faith. 
For this very reason, a wide-scale and effective intellectual campaign intended to teach the true Islam will not only stop the spawning of terrorism but will also effectively bring it to a decisive halt.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Times of Oman:

2014-09-21 23:35:30

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