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Path for a new foundation and a promising future for Libya

If we are to look at the Middle Eastern and North African countries, what we see mostly is artillery and rocket duels, using all their means to kill and destroy one’s own country, shedding the blood of their brothers, and tearing down their culture and society with fierce brutality, targeting innocent children and women, bombarding one’s own country from end to end, and in return, losing any possibility to establish a society of contentment and welfare. This is not the normal way of living for a healthy society.

As an example, incidents in Libya only in the last few days where more than 200 people have been killed since violence erupted two weeks ago, is adequate evidence for the deplorable course of events. What is more, this violent confrontation has caused extensive damage to the country's infrastructure and this is further harming the already harsh living conditions for the country’s downtrodden people. The widespread cuts in electricity, water, and fuel have made the country all but unlivable. Some are trying to make use of ill-gotten gains from illegal human, weapons and goods trafficking, and militias - as well as provocateurs - have infiltrated Libya’s various institutions and social fabric from the outside and destroyed the bonds of harmony and togetherness in the community.

However, Libya can put an end to this strife that has been keeping its people backward for so long. Gaddafi, an unpredictable dictator, ruled the country for forty-two years with an iron fist; with him no longer holding the reins of power, the nation is actually freed of the years of constraint and is ready to start building the foundations of a strong and promising future. This new social structure must respect all the citizens of the nation equally without any discrimination as to tribal relations, beliefs, ethnicities or past rivalries; otherwise, if the country does not leave behind these destructive patterns of political struggle and local power plays, that will be even more detrimental for Libya.

So, in the face of the current strife and turmoil, what is it that will bring the most benevolent outcome for the Libyans? It lies in overcoming the hatred and animosity which has been injected like a virus into the community by the former regime. By means of a solid foundation, the cornerstone of which will be love and solidarity, the partitioned fabric of Libyan society will be healed with bonds of unity and forgiveness, and in this way they will head towards the future. But to accomplish this, every individual has a very important role to play; disconnecting from tribal rivalries, putting aside their weapons, approaching close and distant neighbors and tribes with words of affection and love, competing for goodness day and night and working hard to introduce the much -needed efforts for developing agriculture, construction, investment, education, and dialogue in the nation.

There is no place for losing time, since the absence of social integration will simply sprout more gangs, extremists and other hostile elements that find grounds to operate in Libya and leave its people impaired. The ongoing crimes and the armed assaults as well as sporadic assassinations throw society into disarray. What is more, people of intellect and esteem such as lawyers, human rights defenders, activists, journalists, academics, representatives of different faiths and tribes that have the potential to motivate Libyans for more freedoms and democracy are being killed for politically motivated reasons. That is akin to a significant loss of blood to an already injured body.

When family, village and tribal leaders - and every other member of the Libyan community - strives for a promising future with love, unity and determination, this powerful foundation will establish the grounds for creating a breakthrough for the nation.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Gulf Daily News

2014-09-08 13:49:50

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