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Fight PKK and its likes intellectually

A country’s flag is a mark of honor and nobody is allowed to violate it in any case. The situation gets even worse if that violation comes from terror organizations bent on tearing a country apart.

A few days ago, a PKK demonstrator pulled down a Turkish flag waving over the 2nd Air Force Command in the district of Lice in the province of Diyarbakır in Southeast Turkey. That incident, which set off alarm bells in Turkey, was perhaps the last straw in the tensions that has been rising for some time.

Turkey has been engaged in a peace process with the PKK terror organization for more than a year — for the first time in 30 years — no blood has been spilled on Turkish land and part of the country is optimistic over this peace process. Of course it is a good thing for there to be no bloodshed in a peace process; but “peace with a terror organization,” as we have been saying for a very long time, is not possible under the current conditions. There is an important reason for this; the PKK has not yet achieved its true aim i.e. establishment of a Leninist state on Turkish territory.

The PKK is a terror organization based on Leninist ideology. It seeks to establish a miniature Soviet model in the southeast of Turkey and to include the neighboring Kurds in its body by using Kurdish nationalism. The PYD, which has set up an autonomous Kurdish region in Syria and is a scourge on the Kurds living there, as well as the ineffective PJAK in Iran, are both extensions of the PKK. The PKK has used Kurdish nationalism for years, though its true aim is to crush our Kurdish brothers.

The PKK recently saw that its long guerrilla war was not producing results and decided to capture the citadel from the inside instead. After the local elections of March 30, the southeast of Turkey was handed over to a party supported by the PKK, and since then both the violence and the talk of autonomy have reached a crescendo.

The capture of the citadel from the inside is continuing with systematic propaganda. The PKK gives its supporters intensive training in communism and Leninism, politicizing them as elements in a false cause. Therefore, people produced by the PKK turn out to be Marxists with no belief in the concepts of the state, religion, morality or the family, and regard the terror that Marxism imposes as an essential condition.

Therefore, the PKK appears as an organization of ideas based on terror. It makes propaganda on the basis of a false idea and those people who cannot see what the ultimate goal is are taken in by it because there is nobody around to show and teach them the true idea. That is where the Turkish state should give much more importance in its struggle against the PKK. The state should consider that the struggle against the PKK is more of ideas than an armed conflict. It, therefore, should teach its young people the scientific facts that will help demolish communism and to prepare them for that intellectual struggle. Communism is a theory that has collapsed in the face of scientific evidence. Good scientific propaganda can therefore easily put an end to the PKK.

A second important matter is foreign backing that has long planned for a Greater Kurdistan. The US and Europe’s past aim of establishing an “allied Kurdistan” may be regarded as a defense reflex given the conditions of the time yet some think tanks are still known to be giving the idea material and psychological backing. The PKK is heralded as an alleged fighter for freedom by these organizations, and efforts are under way to have it removed from the UN terrorist list.

What the US and Europe are overlooking here is that the movement in question is not a Kurdish one, but an entirely communist one that oppresses the Kurdish people in particular. A shield against communism ever since the beginnings of the Cold War, the US and Europe must see that a communist state of Kurdistan will spell disaster for themselves and for the Middle East. The objective for bringing such an entity into being is the fragmentation of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. This has already happened in Iraq and Syria, the terrifying plight of which is clear for all to see. A fragmented ally for the establishment of a communist state in the Middle East means opening the door to terrible disasters for the US and Europe.

As for Turkey, a youth without an overarching ideal and unable to respond intellectually to the young people of the PKK, who do have a cause and an ideal — albeit an erroneous one — is a major problem. It is essential for this to be resolved, for young people to be produced who are capable of scientifically neutralizing the PKK’s indoctrination of young people with communism, and for that education to be given to the people of the region. It is also a fact that the idea that the PKK is always inculcating in the southeast, that of the “cold face of the state,” is an excellent means of winning over the people of the region. The cold face of the state shown to the Kurdish regions in the past was a huge mistake. In order to ensure that this past error is forgotten and to win over the hearts of our people in the best manner, it is essential for a policy of love to prevail more. A policy of respect and love toward the people of the region on the part of the Turkish government will neutralize the mendacious methods of the PKK.

People of love wish to live together with people of different faiths, ethnic origins and ideas. It is totalitarians who seek to divide and fragment nations and who fall prey to national ego. Since they do not live by the love created by Allah, they imagine that their own false ideals will strengthen them; this is a grave error, however. We must always support union, rather than division. Division always leads to tragedy. 

Adnan Oktar's piece on Arab News:

2014-06-22 01:34:46

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