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The Kurds in the PKK-Ba'ath-Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Triangle

Kurds dispersed through Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran are one of the peoples who have suffered most from the atmosphere of conflict in the Middle East. Ba'athist regimes based on Arab nationalism and communism in Iraq and Syria for years disregarded the Kurds, and even implemented violence against extending as far as democide. The aim of the Ba'ath party with its slogan of "Unity, liberty and socialism" was to build a single Arab state in the Middle East; Ba'ath leaders always regarded non-Arab elements such as the Kurds as an obstacle to that aim. The Kurds in Syria were therefore disregarded, and the oppressive regime did not even give them identity documents. The massacre carried out using poison gas by the Ba'ath regime in Iraq against the Kurds at Halabja in 1988 is still fresh in people's memories.
The past sufferings of Kurdish citizens in Turkey are the product of a Ba'ath-like communist secret state mentality. At the end of the judicial process in Turkey, the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court ruled that this organization was an armed terrorist group. The Supreme Court of Appeals will give the final ruling in the case, and it is of course impossible to hold all those on trial responsible for what happened in Turkey's past. However, Turkey's recent history is full of sufferings inflicted upon the whole nation, and particularly the Kurds, by a sinister and communist covert deep group.
The most interesting thing is that the PKK is an ideological relative of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. The PKK is a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist organization, whose ultimate aim is to found a communist Kurdish state. The alleged Ergenekon organization is the basic element organizing all the radical leftist organizations in Turkey. Ever since the day it emerged, the PKK has always used Leninist terror methods: The PKK, which claims to defend the rights of the Kurds, has attacked building sites in Southeast Anatolia, largely inhabited by Kurds, kidnapped engineers and workers and put construction equipment on fire. It has attacked schools, martyred teachers and burned schools and private courses. Again, it has martyred military and police officers in the region.
In perpetrating these actions, the PKK based itself on Lenin's strategy of "What concerns us is the armed struggle ... this struggle aims to kill individuals, leaders and people serving in the army and the police." PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan declared how he regarded the killing of the innocent as a propaganda tool in these words: "... On this subject Ho Chi Minh said under pre-1944 conditions in Vietnam; '...We can start neither a guerrilla war nor a popular uprising. But we need armed propaganda to prepare the way for these'." The only reason why the Ba'athists, the alleged organization Ergenekon or the PKK and all other communist groups regard the armed struggle as legitimate is Darwinism. The Ba'athist, the alleged Ergenekon organization and the PKK all took great pains to teach Darwinism to their members. Communist leaders have issued many statements admiring of Darwin's ideas. Stalin, for instance, said, "We must teach young people just one thing to purge their minds of the idea of creation: the teachings of Darwin. In China, Mao said that socialism was based on Darwin and his theory of evolution.
In the same way, PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan also frequently expresses his admiration for Charles Darwin and the false theory of evolution he founded. One example is as follows: "What is in this principle of dialectics is that thesis and anti-thesis persist in an enriched formation in synthesis. Entire evolution confirms this principle."
The Darwinist viewpoint quickly enters the minds of members of communist organizations receiving Darwinist education in their camps and schools. Someone who has received Darwinist-materialist education will begin to regard life as struggle for survival and man as an animal. He will consider moral values, religious beliefs, and loft virtues such as affection, compassion, love and self-giving as weakness and sickness, may God forbid. According to this perverse belief, killing someone is a normal part of natural selection, the idea of the strong eliminating the weak in order to survive. He will begin to form a loyalty to the false ideological rules of Darwinism as a belief system. Once that infrastructure has been established, it is easy to put a gun in that person's hands and send him off to fight. Through that perverse belief instilled in his mind he will do what Leninism requires; he will either kill or die. He has signed up to this idea in ideological terms, regards it as easy, and acts on it very easily indeed. It is because of this way of thinking that it was so simple for the Ba'athists to kill Kurds in the Middle East and the PKK to kill Turks.
Since the AKP government came to power it has been making changes, bringing many further rights and freedoms to citizens of Kurdish origins. For example, until recently it was impossible even to use the word 'Kurd,' but now there is a state TV channel broadcasting in Kurdish. Yet the PKK is still there with its armed members in Anatolia and Northern Iraq and continues to utter threats that it will shed even more blood than in the past.
Both Turkey and other countries in the region need to be aware that it is impossible to fight the PKK with arms alone. Organizations like the Ba'ath, the alleged Ergenekon and the PKK cannot be defeated with guns, condemnations and a feeble policy. Ideologies can only be defeated by ideas and a counter-ideology. There is simply no other way. Anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist scientific activity is essential to that end. The teaching of the theory of evolution, the basis of communist ideology, is imposed in educational institutions almost everywhere in the world; thus, as long as Darwinism endures, the communist threat will continue to exist, as well. The one and only condition for freeing ourselves from this scourge is to collapse Darwinism in its entirety on an intellectual basis. Additonally, it must not be forgotten that anti-Darwinist scientific efforts will eliminate the threat of communism not just in Turkey, but across the world.
Adnan Oktar's article on Daily Mail:
2014-04-12 01:20:58

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