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There is a way to end the downward spiral of suffering in the Islamic geography: Islamic unity

Today it is obvious that the unity of the Islamic world is not a serious issue among Muslims, a phenomenon with detrimental consequences on the overall peace and harmony of the Islamic world.

The reason why problems such as wars, tumult, conflicts, economic crisis, poverty and starvation striking almost every corner of the Islamic world remain unsolved is the lack of solidarity among Muslims. Despite all the material and spiritual means possessed, it is unacceptable for the Islamic world, with its large population, not to have resolved these issues. Furthermore, these issues become even more severe with every passing year. 

In the face of their ordeals, many Muslims in some parts of the world have, very wrongly, despaired and lost all their hopes for any salvation. However despair only means abandoning those oppressed people to violence, which is entirely a violation of good conscience. 

Some members of the Islamic world simply do not heed the pain and suffering pervading the Islamic world, for these problems do not have a direct impact on their daily lives. However, we need to keep in mind that what befalls another person today may befall us tomorrow.

Indeed, these problems have reached such dimensions that they, in one way or another, have spread everywhere. In the absence of an immediate and definite solution, non-affected countries may also go into the downward spiral of these problems, not to mention that compared to previous years, the problems enveloping the Islamic world have grown exponentially, taking quite a toll on many countries. 

The notion of solutions entertained by another part of the Muslim population, on the other hand, is being expectant of the initiatives of the Western countries. In the face of persecution, their aid and guidance is looked for, to the extent of becoming almost totally dependent on the West when such circumstances are in question. This approach assumed by the Islamic world, which would otherwise have a great potential only if they were united, is surely a grave fault and a serious sign of weakness on its part. The Islamic world, which had been all powerful throughout the history, must in no way accept remaining a weak and desperate entity over which plots are hatched. 

Muslims’ lack of solidarity is the sole reason for this picture. Faithful people’s failure to act together in a spirit of brotherhood simply causes a disruption on their part.

Meanwhile, finding a way out, re-establishing the peace and welfare of the Islamic world once and for all is not difficult at all. Once the Islamic world unites its powers, by Allah’s leave, no one can dare to oppress them. It is obvious that the enormous power that would come about with the establishment of an Islamic Union today will deter all the powers attempting to destabilize that peace. If Islamic countries were to act together, they would also attain a great affluence. The most fertile lands of the world are in the Islamic realm; however, in the absence of unity, these resources can’t be used to the best advantage of Muslims. If this were the case, many Muslims wouldn’t be striken by starvation or poverty, or had to live under shelling. 

The urgent need to establish Islamic Unity is explicit. The question is: Is it difficult to establish it? According to some, it is easy and reasonable to establish the EU or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, while, for some reason, it is difficult to form the Islamic Unity. No, it is not difficult at all! It is indeed hard to imagine that people sharing the same faith, the same culture cannot establish a unity among themselves. It is in no way difficult for people believing in Allah, living by the same faith, the same morality and following the same Prophet to act together. 

When Muslims sincerely desire to end the persecutions in the world by means of such a unity, it will be so easy to establish it. We should be aware that the only way out for the Islamic world is their unity. In the verse, “Those who are unbelievers are the friends and protectors of one another. 

If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption.” (Quran, 8:73), Almighty Allah provides an exact account of the situation being experienced by the Islamic world in our day. Thus, the Islamic countries must heed this call of Allah and take swift action to establish this union before more wars, ordeals and disasters spread like wildfire throughout the Islamic world. 

Adnan Oktar's article on Islam Online & Al Quds:

2014-01-30 19:13:00

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