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Adnan Oktar gives support to the Islamic World also via twitter

In many Islamic countries, violence is growing more severe every day and Muslims are in constant communication regarding recent incidents by means of social media. The intensifying oppression, violence and slaughter observed in Syria, Egypt and Kirkuk and other places is followed instantaneously on Twitter and in this way spread throughout the world.

As  is very well known , Adnan Oktar gives wide coverage to these happenings and intensifying developments in the Islamic world in his conversation programs broadcast live on A9 TV and he puts forward solutions to these matters almost every day. It is a fact that Adnan Oktar customarily addresses the entire world by initiating hashtags on Twitter and these calls make tremendous impact as they come to be ranked trending topics on Twitter.

In this regard, last week Adnan Oktar initiated new hashtags on Twitter almost every day with the recent  incidents in Syria, Egypt and Kirkuk and with reference to the ongoing persecution against Muslims by making his call heard by the entire world.

These notices Adnan Oktar made in his live broadcasts through the hashtags on Twitter were followed by thousands of followers in a very short time and in a few hours came to lead the top trend lists in both Turkey and throughout the world.

Some of the leading topics that Adnan Oktar started on A9 television and which trended on the top of the list in Twitter’s Turkey and Worldwide Trends as Top Trend or TT in the last week are as follows:

#MısırdaVahsetDursun #StopViolenceinEgypt

On July 22nd, the crime gangs known collectively as ‘thugs’ in Egypt attacked protestors against the military coup and in this turmoil 7 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. Following these attacks by these outrageous crime groups in Egypt, Adnan Oktar initiated two hashtags in Turkish and English, and these became TT in both Turkey and Worldwide Trends and made a great impact. 

#KerkükteZulmeSon #‎StopViolenceInKirkuk

On July 23rd, terrorists detonated explosives in two mosques very close to one another in the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. 10 people were killed and 32 wounded when the bombs were detonated by terrorists while the community were performing their Tarawih prayer.

Right after this incident, Adnan Oktar started  #KerkükteZulmeSon and #‎StopViolenceInKirkuk hashtags, which again ranked TT on Twitter in Turkey and globally. 


#TarıkElNahriTutuklansın #ArrestTarıkElNahri

One of the most appealing incidents witnessed following the coup in Egypt was when an Egyptian artist named Tarek Al-Nahri opened fire on  innocent members of the public protesting the military coup.

The photos and videos of Tarek Al-Nahri attacking supporters of Morsi with his gun and dragging a wounded youth violently on the ground found their place in the media. Upon this occurrence, Adnan Oktar announced in his live broadcast on July 25th that Tarek Al-Nahri’s opening  fire on the public is a crime and he is to be arrested.

Mr. Oktar's call via Twitter with the hashtags ‪#TarıkElNahriTutuklansın and ‪#ArrestTarıkElNahri became trending topics. 



Adnan Oktar made a call for initiating a hashtag on July 25th explaining that ‘Evolution Is Not Real’ in response to a hashtag started by supporters of evolution on Twitter. This call of Adnan Oktar was across the board once again when the topic appeared trending on Twitter’s TT list right after that. 

#MısırdaKatliamDursun #StopMassacareInEgypt

Upon the gunfire and consequent massacre perpetrated  against thousands of Muslims supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the early morning hours of July 27th, Adnan Oktar repeated the call for ‘Stop Massacre  In Egypt.’

These hashtags started on Adnan Oktar’s program on A9 TV were announced night and day on television in the form of a subtitle on the screen, and never went down on the Twitter TT lists showing Turkey and Worldwide trends.

#KızılayMısıra #RedCrosstoEgypt

In the early morning incidents of July 27th , security forces in Cairo, capital of Egypt, opened fire on the protesters against the military coup which again resulted in vicious atrocities leaving 200 dead and 4,500 wounded. It was reported that security forces blockaded the streets to prevent the wounded  from being transferred to hospitals and used tear gas on people to obstruct their exit. Thousands of injured people were at  risk of death with no access to medical equipment or treatment and they are still expecting help.

At the start of these happenings, Adnan Oktar initiated two hashtags by calling out to Turkish Red Crescent and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to help Egypt. In a few hours, these hashtags again were ranked TT in Turkey and Worldwide Trends lists. 


#HemenİslamBirliği #IslamicUnionNow 

In the wake of all his calls following the attacks in Egypt leaving 200 dead and 4,500 wounded, Adnan Oktar announced another important fact via Twitter hashtags which he has been emphasizing in all of his  works, books and conversation programs throughout the years. He reminded everyone that the only solution to end oppression in Egypt, Syria, East Turkestan, Kirkuk or any other place is establishing “Islamic Union Now” and in this way he made his call to the entire world in this regard. #IslamicUnionNow and #HemenİslamBirliği hashtags become Top Trend topics in a short period of time and went to the top of the agenda in Turkey.


#islambirliğifarzdır #islamicunionisobligatory

On the night of July 27 th, following the incidents in Egypt, Syria and Tunisia, Mr. Oktar reminded viewers once again that one country alone cannot help, no matter how much it desires to, stop the oppression and cruelty going on in another country, and that the only solution is an Islamic Union. Stating that establishing this union is an obligation that God commands in the Qur’an, Mr. Oktar started the Twitter hashtags #islambirliğifarzdır and #islamicunionisobligatory. These hashtags soon ranked among the top trending topics in Turkey and worldwide.


These efforts of Adnan Oktar to stop the violence in the Islamic world, together with his thousands of followers on social media, received support from various media people and television channels. In certain TV broadcasts, these hashtags were given as subtitles. There were opinions shared stating that these efforts on Twitter were important in order to emphasize how the union of Muslims brings out such blessed outcomes.

May God make all these efforts instrumental in bringing Muslims together in union and ending oppression throughout the world, insha'Allah. 






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