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There is democracy in Turkey and everything should be solved within the mainframe of democracy

Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments on Gezi Park Incidents

There is democracy in Turkey. People cannot claim power by attacking others physically. There is no such thing as who defeats the others physically will come to power. If it were like that, things would be completely different. [The laws] explain how the people should speak their mind. People go and vote for the people they want to see as leaders. So they call on the government to resign. Ok, the government will resign, but how? If they see that they don’t have enough votes in the election, they will resign. And people will say that, instead of this government we want these people and make them the new rule.

This cannot be done by breaking, attacking and if this is done as a new style, the attackers will regret it deeply. This is not going to happen. Our people are calm, honest, sincere people. They know who they will vote for.

The government will not resign because the communists commands so. Neither will a new government come at the communists’ command. The system is all laid out in democracy. Some people may be troubled by some actions. Cutting down trees, for example. I am very affectionate toward trees and animals myself. It might be all right on condition they were dug up and replanted elsewhere. Like taking a baby from one place to another. Trees are babies in my eyes. But shouting slogans for the government to resign is another matter entirely. The nation will decide on that. Not communist organizations. They regard the public as sheep, may Allah forbid. They imagine they are much smarter than anyone else, and that the person and power they choose must be in power. “If you do not agree, we will make trouble.” That is the logic they adopt. And this is very wrong.

They are uprooting the trees themselves. Humans are more sacred than the trees. I mean trees, what are trees for them? They are killing people. Look the man says; "I have love for trees," and then puts young policemen who have families and children of their own into comatose state and gives them grievous bodily harm. And they are doing this in the name of Leninism, in the name of communism and in the name of PKK. PKK militants are openly wandering around with them, at this moment, Marxist, communist organization members are in the streets with them. They say; "we are rehearsing". There are more than 70 million people in Turkey. How many people are you? Well, let us say that you are about 50 thousand people and that is the most you could reach. Where do you think you are bringing communism to, where? You can only establish communes for yourselves in some deserted districts or in basements and you can live by communism in those places. Idealist youth would not give you the time of the day, the youth of the Felicity Party would not give you the time of the day either. AK party youth wouldnt give you the time of the day, that makes three. Alperens would never give you the time of the day, that makes four. The real owners of this nation, this nation would never give you the time of the day and that makes five. You should forget about this.

And of course the government, I have said this previously as well, I have said it numerous times, when they do something the government should make detailed explanations and not leave things blurred. Explain, clarify your intentions. For instance trees, explain your point; "I will take these trees from here but I will do this with this method , I will take them and plant them here. And we have planted that many hectars of forests before and we will do that again. We will make this place ten times, hundred times greener. We will plant trees everywhere," and explain these to the people. That is not a difficult thing to do. They do not do this and they leave things blurred. That was the case in the time of Justice Party as well, they didn't make such explanations either. They have done things unaccounted for. Surprise. You used to understand it in two, three years. That is something very easy, just explain it for five minutes.. Why is there the need to leave things blurred and give these people the excuse to make a fuss?

(Today Mr. Bülent Arınç has apologized about this matter saying "We did not give detailed information, we have made a mistake about that.")

That is not something difficult. You are executing an important project and that is a very easy thing to do. You simply prepare a beautiful board  and write; "look we are turning this place into a forest. We will plant this many trees. There are that many trees here at this moment. We will uproot them and take them here." Explain what you are doing so that things are clarified in people's minds, why is there the need to leave things blurrded in people's minds? I have said this numerous times to them, I said; “ do not leave things blurred like this.” We have asked them not to do so, we have stated our request. I mean the related minister or the undersecretary whoever he is, should be doing these explanations. That would make the government very healthy. Explain everything.

Everywhere in Istanbul should be equipped with historic structures. It should be redolent of history. It would be great if Istanbul could be restored to its old state. It would be one of the loveliest cities in the world. Of course the artillery barracks will be fine. The idea is not to hand the area over to a few capitalists but to create natural beauty, and that needs to be well emphasized. If a museum is to be built there, the museum needs to be stressed. That would be great. There could be art galleries. The area would be buzzing if it had art galleries and a museum. It would be one of the loveliest places in Istanbul.

The PKK issue was the means to secure the spirit for national solidarity. When that PKK issue terminated for a transient period, its vacancy led some people towards a more unfettered attitude. Since, at times of war or such civil uprisings, this kind of a national solidarity is formed. There has been a loosening of that spirit for some people, and at those times these kinds of occurrences find ground.

And without the organization of communists, the general public would not be capable of organizing such an event. These are very intricate matters and require experience and knowledge for leading these kinds of mass movements. Professional murderers are employed, and ravenous people that have participated in similar movement are a necessity. It is not easy to move masses. Therefore the communists and particularly experienced ones are put on task in such actions. Public there assume that masses move on their own, however they know very well how to provoke people with what information from the internet and the radio. They are old hands in finding headlines on newspapers in the evenings. They know how to handle these very well and take special lessons on this.

A social engineering study is being done. For example, ‘What are the sensitive veins of Turkish people?’ They analyze this one by one. ‘What is the most effective statement?’ These are also analyzed, then the people is tested on how they will react according to which statement, then riot begins. The methods are the same in Syria, Libya and many other coutries.

Now, they are doing a trial in Turkey. These are trials now not the ultimate studies. Thus, a very wise,  counter project must be developed.

It is cruelty and brutality if you think you can sway people by using violence and horror. Communists say they will overthrow the government. They state this in all of their writings. First it was only orally, then it turned into action. Where is democracy? Where is humaneness? Where is beauty? Where is republic? Nothing like that happens even in the wildest communities of the world. This model is unacceptable.

Our nation is the watcher of republic and democracy. They are  sound-minded people and will not give credit to any madness.

We will defend the rights of all our brothers who display their democratic response; we are only against professional provocateurs. There is nothing wrong in their making sounds with pots and pans and singing songs, as long as they do not allow those ones who are after causing bloodshed. Everyone should embrace Tayyip Master with compassion, it would not be acceptable to annoy him and wear him away insistently.

I can see young boys and girls with very good intentions among the demonstrators and they express their ideas by virtue of democracy. However they should be precautious against provocations.

The State will never allow anyone to collapse itself; no one would ever give way to this. Therefore, my dear ones should not be played by this plot. They should free themselves of this trap. Since we have a religion based on love, it is an obligation to approach with compassion and mercy and you will also see that our Prime Minister is very compassionate.

2013-06-04 08:19:36

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