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A Revealing Statement from Adnan Oktar about the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon


Adnan Oktar has issued a most important statement about the alleged terror organization known as the Ergenekon. Making it clear that he was excluding those individuals regarding whom criminal proceedings are still under way, Mr. Oktar said, "The alleged terror organization also caused the PKK to be set up.”

Speaking on the program Conversations with Adnan Oktar, he went on to say, “The really important members of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon are overseas.” 

The statement made by Adnan Oktar on A9 TV:

"There is not just one problem in Turkey, not just the PKK. There is also the scourge of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. This bunch of assassins also established the PKK, you know. These people are like a pack of dogs. When they talk to one another they speak only of blood and war. But there are perverts of all kinds among them, from homosexuals on.

Everyone hates these murderers. They have perpetrated the most unbelievable cruelty in the Southeast. They have committed such evil. Their aim was to make our Southeastern brothers the enemies of the state and thus cause them to break away. But our dear Southeastern people were not deceived. These killers also portrayed the followers of Bediüzzaman as enemies of the state. They depicted our Süleymanlı brothers as enemies of the state, they have tried to portray all religious communities as evil in the eyes of the people and the state.

The most important of these people are overseas, particularly in Russia and Kazakhstan. The state there has entirely fallen into the hands of these people. Members of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon go and seize control of the assets of a company. Nobody can object. These people are in total control of the state there. These killers are in Russia, and Iraq and Syria. The government should not allow these killers room to breathe.

Let me also state that I am not referring to those people currently on trial when I refer to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. They are on trial, and the judicial proceedings will reveal what is what.

The only way of putting an end to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon and the PKK is by establishing Islamic Unity. That is the only way of putting an end to these plots. Let me tell you that nobody will listen to Abdullah Öcalan and the like. Solutions such as getting them to lay down their arms are of no use. Let us open up the borders and unite Russia, Iran and all Islamic countries. Everyone must agree right away to this most rational solution."

2013-02-04 03:45:57

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