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The Light of the Qur’an Has Destroyed Satanism

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Introduction: Recognizing the Danger of Satanism

Originating in the 1700’s, satanism has recently made itself known once again in acts of horror, violence and suicide. At first glance, the way in which satanists describe themselves, their outlook on life, their values, and their horrible culture of bloodshed may seem incredible to people. But current events show that this perversion is a growing danger.

Satanists often identify themselves by the frightening make-up and outfits they wear. The media reports their bloody rites, depicting disquieting scenes of the slaughter of animals, torture of humans, rape and suicide. When these kinds of news reports are brought together, a frightening picture appears.

It may come as a surprise that people accept that this perverse way of life and thinking can be called a religion. How is this possible? How can anyone think that performing evil acts, injuring animals and other human beings and creating a world of fear and darkness to live in can give any purpose to life—much less be called a religion?

Many people are interested in seeking an answer to this question, but they tend to look in the wrong places. In order to understand how satanism developed and came to influence such masses of people, we must examine every aspect of this dark religion and uncover its underlying philosophy. How can people accept its perversity? Contrary to what many think, satanism is not merely the creation of some psychologically unbalanced young people; they have been drawn into a philosophy that makes them unbalanced. And as detailed evidence in the following pages will show, this philosophy regards human beings as merely a species of animal. It regards nature as cruel, and teaches that human beings must be cruel as well. It is a message that aligns with the Social Darwinism. During our examination of satanism, this fact should not be forgotten.

This book will examine satanism in all its aspects. How can a philosophy that turns violence and horror into a religious ritual and bloodshed into an act of worship be so widespread? We will show that the starting point of satanism is opposition to religion: Those who support this perversity have been brought up outside the practice of religious morality and been influenced by materialism. In fact, satanism is widespread and has an influence on young people particularly. But it is quite wrong to think that nothing can be done about it. Indeed, it is quite simple to counter this perversity: The moral teachings of the Qur’an are the only way to rescue people from the grip of satanism. The light of the Qur’an can destroy satanism and, if Allah (God) wills, create a world of enlightenment, love and peace.


1 / total 5
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