The Secret Beyond Matter

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This book is the second volume of Global Impact of the Works of Harun Yahya. Since the first volume was published, the number of his works, the languages into which they have been translated, the magazines and newspapers in which his articles have appeared, and the television channels and Internet pages on which his documentaries have been aired have increased considerably.

Global Impact

global impact

One of the main reasons for this continuing interest in Harun Yahya’s publications is that his more than 250 books on scientific, religious, and political subjects alter the reader’s perspective on the world. Through his scientific books revealing the proofs of creation in the universe, works describing Islamic moral values in the light of Qur’anic verses, and political works revealing the hidden aspects of global political developments and historical events, he speaks to millions of people from all nations, faiths, and languages. As a result, his works have engendered a broad response from all over the world.

Harun Yahya’s books can be found in booksellers in most countries of the world, including the United States of America, Great Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Nigeria, Canada and Lebanon, and articles (in translation) appear in countless newspapers and magazines, and the documentaries and educational tapes inspired by his works are the subject of great interest on radio and television channels broadcasting across the world.

His works have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Serbo-Croat, Albanian, Indonesian, Malay, Urdu, Estonian, Swahili, Hausa, Bulgarian, Serbian, Uyghur, Bengali, and other languages. This translation project continues so that everyone can be made aware of Allah’s (God’s) existence, the beauty of Qur’anic moral values, the reality of the Hereafter, and the falsehood that is Darwinism.

Harun Yahya seeks to make his works, which are intended to communicate the message of the Qur’an across the world and thus encourage people to reflect on Allah’s existence and oneness and similar matters, easily accessible to all readers. Websites set up for that purpose serve thousands of people every day by offering—for free—the full texts of his more than 250 books along with all of their accompanying illustrations, audio presentations, and documentary films. Such a service is found nowhere else on the Internet. Other sites that introduce books merely offer brief extracts or just list the main chapter headings and, apart from exceptional circumstances, do not provide the full texts free of charge. Yet all the author’s works can easily be found on the Harun Yahya websites, and there is no intention to make any financial profit out of them.

This book seeks to inform readers of the Harun Yahya collection’s worldwide effect, with its wide range from books to documentary films. Contained within its pages are listed only a limited number of Internet pages belonging to Islamic organizations, scientific institutions, and universities that carry his works, readers’ letters from all over the world, and the reactions to the author’s considerable influence at fairs and conferences where they are displayed. That influence is, in fact, far greater than one could estimate.

People Who Have Converted Or Have Had Their Faith Deepened Through The Works Of Harun Yahya

One of the most significant elements that reveal the global effect of Harun Yahya’s work is the large number of people who have converted or have had their faith deepened. Many readers send letters and messages on this subject. The small sample quoted here represents just a few examples of this great influence.

I read all your books in Russian. I live in Siberia. My wife is Russian. With the help of your books and of the Qur’an she selected Islam as her faith. I am very happy at the existence of such a worthy person, who explains our faith in the light of verses from the Qur’an and shows us the true path. May Allah multiply your endeavors and further enhance your impact on mankind.

Mohammad Arif – Riyadh

As a Muslim, my faith in the religion has been greatly strengthened by your books. May Allah reward you. What I learnt, I want to share with my million moslem brothers who cannot read English. I therefore ask for your permission to translate some of your work into Hausa language, my mother tongue and one of the most populous language in  Africa. As a lawyer, I know that I need your permission. Ma'assalam...

Nuraddeen Ayagi - Nigeria

Selam. Ben Kosova'dan bir Müslümanım. Greetings. I am a Muslim from Kosovo. What my life was like before is unimportant. But thanks to Harun Yahya’s books I feel “even more” of a Muslim. In this way I have begun to regularly perform the prayer. I did not perform it on a regular basis previously. From heading towards the darkness I see myself heading more towards the truth. Thanks to Harun Yahya’s books I see the world very differently. With Allah’s help I am translating a book from English into Albanian. I will send it to you, and readers from Albania can thus benefit from it. I wish you the best of everything. 

Ali Avdiu - Kosovo

After personally completing the translation of some of Harun Yahya’s books I felt that my faith had grown stronger and I vowed, like Harun Yahya, to dedicate my life to Allah. Allah willing, the works of Harun Yahya will create a change in Thailand in the same way that changes have taken place in Turkish society in recent years.

Zaki - Thailand

Hello, I have recently converted to Islam. Thanks be to Allah. Mr. Yahya’s work played a major role in this. That is why I wish to send him my thanks… I am astonished by the clarity I have acquired by means of the subjects articulated by Harun Yahya, and millions of other people are still confused by these matters… Thank you for your time.

Tom Malies

I have just read The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution, and it is marvelous. Every question I have ever thought of (regarding subjects I studied in biology classes at high school) and which I could never find an answer to have now been answered. The most evident of these was bacteria building immunity to antibiotics. Thank you for making your book so clear and free of charge. Thanks to this, my faith in God has grown even stronger.


Masha Allah, this is a beautiful website.Your work has been very beneficial to me. In particular, the book "The Truth of the Life of this World" really inspired me to connect with Allah. I think it is very noble that you are making videos, audios and full text available to people free of charge. Many are interested in getting to know Allah but not all can afford to pay to access this information. Jazakhallu khair, may Allah reward you abundantly for all your efforts and continue to give you the strength and the ability to spread Islam to all corners of the earth.

Sr. Rahmah - Nigeria

I have read and witnessed a lot of your work... I have been searching for truth for ages but couldn't find it anywhere... people said things but it didn't make any sense. ...your books and articles make a lot of sense ... Thanks a lot for all you are doing for my Religion... May Allah Bless You with all His blessings and keep you and all of us steadfast... May we all bath in the sunshine of the Holy Qu'ran and may Islam rule the World.

Sardar Umair Ali Khan Saddozai - Pakistan

I have the pleasure of writing you and wish to inform you that it is more than a moral duty for me to be of help to you. I, personally, benefited tremendously from those works of Harun Yahya. Presently I downloaded more than thirty of those books from which I am much interested, and I am enjoying reading them always.  These write-ups made a great impact in my belief in Allah because there was a time when, despite the fact that I have a good knowledge of Kitab Was-Sunnah, and thought in many Islamic Schools and engaged in a lot of Islamic public lectures, I was just saying my five daily prayers not because I believed in what I was doing, but just in the hope that there will be a time when Allah Ta’ala will reveal the truth to me. This is because I was put into great confusion by those Darwinist assertions, which made me in dilemma in contrasting them with religious proclamations.  But now, by Allah’s mercy, through the works of Harun Yahya I am able to regain my full and sound belief in Allah Subhanahu Wata’alah and thrown those futile, absurd and incongruous claims behind my back.  Hence, it is my moral duty to ensure that others too benefited from it and establish cordial relationship with their Creator. I will like to tell you that I will make my first attempt by contacting the Ameer of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Kaduna Polytechnic Chapter and see how he can assist me in announcing these works and making them known to all the students in the high schools nationwide through the National Body. I think this will make a good start. Further, I wish to tell you that I have a lot of friends who can make translations into so many languages available in Nigeria. So, there is no problem in that.

Musa Dayyib Harun - Nigeria

Salam, your website has helped me establish a relationship with the Creator of the universe, confirm my faith, and realize the true reality of life. Praise be to Allah and may Allah shower His blessing upon you for your noble efforts.

Adam Elder - USA

Until 2 months ago my friends and I were terrible sinners. We were always defeated by our lower selves. But one day I came across with the Harun Yahya web siteand looked into it. I ordered his VCD films and watched them together with my friends. We all realized we had been in the wrong. As a result, the light of Almighty Allah entered our hearts. We repented and decided to thenceforth live solely to be able to serve Allah.


I really appreciate your works and studies and I love seeing the movies which you offer for free download! May Allah give you much reward for all efforts and grant you Paradise. I pray that not only for you, but for all the people that help you publishing your works. As you may have noticed I am already a Muslim. Anyway, your works have much influence over me, they strengthened my Iman in Allah’s Almightiness and faultless Creation of the World. Your works are full of compact and highly understandable information, mashaAllah.

Bilal Chbib - Germany

May the mercy of Allah be upon you. I live in Albania. I came across with your works thanks to the internet. These works change my world. They are most interesting and realistic. What most affected me is your attitude towards different aspects of life inspired in you by the light of the Qur’an. You have taught us a lot that we did not know before and enabled us to acquire a better understanding of true faith. You have helped us implement the Qur’an. Your work is most splendid and I wish to encourage you in that field. May Allah bestow all His blessings on you and guide you to His true path. Your works are the greatest reference sources of all those I have so far encountered and of the greatest assistance in helping me and everyone in Albania come to know Allah and comprehend His greatness. You may know that the media and the television provide the most corrupt education in Albania, and this mostly affects children. I think your materials are the most appropriate solution in this area. I am going to read your works for children which I downloaded from the internet the other day. I want to translate them.

Altin - Albania

Salam Alaykum!  On reading some of Harun Yahya’s works and watching a few of his videos I realized I had found the truth I had been seeking for some time, and came to believe. Until then I had a number of prejudiced ideas about the Turks and believed them not to be the best representatives of Islam. That was until I knew Harun Yahya… Harun Yahya is a devout Turk. I hope Allah will guide many people onto your path. May Allah give strength to Harun Yahya and his assistants. May Allah protect believers. May the greetings of Allah be upon you.

Redouan - Germany

I am greatly inspired by your works. They have significantly increased my faith in Allah. I want to buy all your English-language works. Can you tell me how to do this?

Shamil Khan - United Kingdom

Greetings to all my Muslim brothers. This is an astonishing page that has changed my way of thinking and enabled me to see the truth. My thanks to the author for setting up such a web site and changing people’s lives. Insha’Allah, many more people will come to grasp the truth. There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad (saas) is His messenger.

Noor-nahar Hoque - United Kingdom

I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have made the acquaintance of brother Harun Yahya. I came from a Catholic family and, Alhamdulillah, converted to Islam 7 years ago. Harun Yahya’s articles were of great help in my finding the truth.

Jalil Al Biruani - Peru

My name is Amir Afridi and I am from Pakistan. I have seen your work and believe me I don’t believe my eyes to see this kind of work first time in my life. It was my luck that I come across your program playing on a channel Indus Vision by just surfing my TV. I can’t even imagine that this kind of work I have seen in my life for just Islam. Because what we are looking today we see some boring program on TV and some books that we don’t even read. I am 22 year old and I had two problems because of reading and having some knowledge I started to believe in that Jesus the Isa will not come to the earth again. And that every living being is made by the process of evolution and I have worked very hard to prove it as well. But what totally surprised me is this that I noted your web site from the channel and I surf it and I downloaded some books concerning my matters. But I don’t know how can I be thankful to Mr. Harun Yahya. I read his books about Jesus and about Darwinism. It made me but I would say just change me. His work is marvelous. First of all I thank you and the team working behind. Please tell me that what I can do for Islam. How you people will help me. And in the last inform Mr. Harun Yahya about me that you have made a person muslim by your work. And anyone cannot give you some thing for what you are doing but only one the God Allah. Your fan and slave.

Amir Afridi - Pakistan

Dear brothers in Islam, I send you my heartfelt greetings on behalf of our Muslim brothers living in Russia. After being freed from 70 years of communist oppression, the Russian Muslims rediscovered their own identity. They discovered what Islam and living as a Muslim mean. Yet since they lacked sufficient information and people of knowledge to strengthen their faith, Russian Muslims again experienced difficult times. Praise be to Allah; after your books had been translated into Russian, people’s faith began growing stronger in the light of the scientific evidence. Non-Muslims are adopting Islam after reading your books and (ethnic) Muslims with prejudiced ideas about Islam realize how false those preconceptions are… Allah (swt) has sent you as a guide to the true path for these people, and the translation of your books into Russian has enlightened people and been a means for right guidance. The sincerity and purity in your works illuminate people’s hearts, shed great light and cast away the dust that has collected over many years. The number of people in Russia adopting Islam as a way of life is growing by the day, though there are many who use Islam for their own interests and advantage. Our intention is not to complain but solely to enlighten the community of Islam. As Muslims living in Russia we perhaps have a greater need for Islamic literature than other countries. The Russian-language literature we have contains very little information, or else is full of translation errors. Colleagues of ours who have been educated in Arab countries are migrating to the big cities because of economic difficulties, and are teaching in mosques and madrassas there. Bashkortostan is a republic that is rich in terms of nature but economically poor. Muslim congregations are unable to provide Islamic education due to economic difficulties, or else are forced to close under the weight of heavy taxes. We try to enlighten people by using the literature we have. But we would ask for your help in making this service a more lively one and in spreading it to a larger audience. We would ask you, if possible, to send us your Russian-language books, videos and audio cassettes. There is an Azeri brother of ours here who was educated in Turkey, and thanks to him we are able to read and understand some Turkish works. We would be pleased to receive copies of your Turkish-language works that have not been translated into Russian. One last request is that you not misunderstand these requests, but treat them with understanding. Our deepest thanks and respects for all you are doing. May the mercy and abundance of Allah be upon you.

Biktashev Ilgiz (Abdulhakk) - Russia

I am sending you this message from Burnley, England. Harun Yahya’s works inspire me. A while ago I departed from the true path. Thanks to brother Harun’s web site I turned back towards the true path. I would like to meet and thank him in person. May Allah reward you.

Sami - United Kingdom

As a recent convert (revert) to Islam I was recommended this site. This is truly fantastic and is full of fantastic information. Harun Yahya has certainly helped make the transition to Islam a lot easier.

Joshua Wilson - United Kingdom


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