The Secret Beyond Matter

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s Charles Darwin was forced to admit, “I remember well the time when the thought of the [structure of the] eye made me cold all over.”

One of the main reasons why was that his theory was unable to account for the eyeball’s flawless structures and complexity. The illusory mechanisms of evolution could not have given rise to such a complex organ. To prove that the eye could have come into being through the imaginary phases of evolution, Darwin needed to reduce the eye’s components to very simple forms—but this he was unable to do.

How did such a complex organ emerge? The lack of any explanation is as great a dilemma for present-day adherents of the theory of evolution as it was for its original architects. Darwinists encounter this dilemma wherever they encounter complexity. How could such intricate variety have come into existence by way of a trial-and-error process that, they maintained, took place over the course of millions of years? Evolutionists cannot offer any logical scenario to answer that question.

Many of the facts revealed by science are by themselves sufficient to demolish the theory of evolution. However, one piece of evidence demolishes the very foundations of the theory and poses practically every question that Darwinists cannot explain—namely, the variety and complexity of life, exhibited with such magnificence all over the world, some 530 million years ago.

The eyeball, for which evolutionists attempt to account with developmental scenarios, existed in all its complexity at a time when, according to evolutionists themselves, no “eye-like” organs should have existed. In an environment in which only single-celled organisms had existed, a wealth of highly complex living species suddenly came into being, with no trace at all of any supposed forerunners, as if to provide living proof to refute the theory of evolution.

So persuasive is the fossil record, and so compelling is this phenomenon from evolutionists’ point of view, that scientists refer to this event as “the Cambrian Explosion” or “the Biological Big Bang.” They continue to search for undiscovered pre-Cambrian fossils that might prove to be the “ancestors” of these multitude of organisms. Yet all their efforts keep pointing to one single explanation: a sudden, flawless, widely differing and complex creation.

But evolutionists, constantly striving to account for this sudden variety, are unable to comprehend that there is a special reason behind this extraordinary phenomenon. It shows that all living things on Earth, just like those of the Cambrian, were created.

The utter lack of any “intermediate form” fossils is one of the best, most effective and unequivocal responses to Darwinists’ struggle against the fact of creation. Allah (God), the most auspicious Creator of order, reveals His own existence and supreme artistry by way of His living creations. Marvels of anatomy that existed some 530 million years ago are set out before our eyes, even for those unwilling to see the perfect and flawless proofs of creation that populate the world. Those who still wish to strive against Almighty Allah are only diverting themselves, seeking a grandeur for themselves that they can never achieve:

[He is] the Lord of the heavens and the Earth and everything in between them, if you are people with certainty. There is no deity but Him—He gives life and causes to die—your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers, the previous peoples. Yet they play around in doubt. (Surat ad-Dukhan, 7-9)

This book describes proofs of creation that can liberate individuals from the floundering described in the Qur’an and will enable them to see the infinite might of Allah. Here you will learn of the traits of Cambrian life forms that existed 530 million years ago, yet which still amaze scientists today. To all rational people of good conscience, it thus demonstrates that creation is the only valid explanation for the origin of the millions of species, both extinct and still living today—indeed, of life itself.

1 / total 8
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