The Secret Beyond Matter

The Intellectual Struggle Against Darwinism


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Darwinism denies the existence and oneness of God and the responsibility of all people to our Lord. The foundation of materialism and the movements that it represents are incompatible with religious moral values. For that reason—out of their ideological concerns—, Darwinism's adherents are still making efforts made to preserve it, even though it has been refuted scientifically.

Darwinists and materialists alike maintain that man, the universe, and all it contains are all the products of blind chance. They claim that because they regard human beings as a species of animal, then relationships between humans should be animalistic in nature. This perverted view regards selfishness, ruthlessness, conflict and murder as perfectly justified according to the survival of the fittest. It regards such feelings as compassion, love, affection and respect as obstacles that retard the process of evolution. Under Darwinist indoctrination, people are brought up to scorn altruism and compassionate love for others, and to become cruel, aggressive and self-interested.

For some 150 years now, Darwinism has been indoctrinating societies with atheism, immorality, anarchy and conflict—and this has led to terrible social catastrophes. The 20th century, a period of wars, massacres, anarchy and terror, is proof of this. Some nations regarded other populations as species of animals that had not yet completed the so-called evolutionary process. They imagined that progress was only possible through conflict, believed that the savage laws of nature also applied to human beings, and turned the world into a massive lake of blood.

Darwinist propaganda is still being promulgated intensively today. Young people are encouraged to think they have no responsibility to anyone but themselves, and are thus directed towards immorality, to the oppression of others by being told that other people are of no worth. They are encouraged toward chaos, anarchy and terror, with the claim that these are all justified.

Given that many countries are struggling with the social problems stemming from Darwinism, it is vitally important to be warned against Darwinist indoctrination and deceptions, in order that such a grave peril be intellectually neutralized. Yet those who fail to understand Darwinism and the threats it poses are also unable to comprehend the importance of the intellectual struggle against it. 

Rather than joining in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism, these individuals resort to various means to ignore and avoid it. Some seek to trivialize this intellectual struggle by saying, "Darwinism is not actually all that important," and urge others to view it in that same light. Others seek a supposed "middle path" between the theory of evolution and Islam, thus seeking to reconcile Darwinism and Islam in their own private ways. Yet it should be totally out of the question for any Muslim to seek any intellectual "reconciliation" between Darwinism and Islam.  Moreover, neither the verses of the Qur'an nor the hadith of our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) contain any account that suggests evolution.

This book concentrates on the importance of the intellectual struggle against Darwinism, and also replies to the excuses advanced by those who seek to avoid participating. Eliminating these excuses, which stem from a lack of knowledge or of sufficient reflection, will— by God's leave—reinforce and increase the effect of the intellectual fight against atheism.

The fact that needs to be reiterated is that if people of faith regard as harmless a theory completely opposed to the fact of creation, assuming it poses no threat, and if they stand by and watch it thrive, they will be indirectly helping spread Darwinism throughout society and thus, to the inevitable strengthening of atheism. That's why they need to understand the philosophy underlying the theory of evolution, which expresses materialist philosophy under a supposedly scientific guise. And that materialist philosophy can be defined as the Religion of Atheism.

The Qur'an emphasizes the importance of the intellectual struggle against elements that disrupt peace and order in the verse, "Would that there had been people who forbade corruption in the earth!" (Surah Hud: 116)  Darwinism lies at the heart of those trends that currently damage the peace of mankind and prevent a climate of peace and security. True Muslims must strive to be aware of this and to mobilize all their resources in order to intellectually eradicate this dangerous idea rather than just ignoring the threat it poses.


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