The Secret Beyond Matter

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Without their knowing, a superstitious religion has brought the great majority of people under its sway. This hidden religion never openly reveals itself. It has no written commandments, but it controls people's behavior, attitudes and thoughts. People unconsciously implement this religion's rules throughout their lives, and live by its structures and prohibitions. This superstitious religion is not Islam, Christianity or Judaism. When asked, many people who abide by this false religion may well describe themselves as Muslims or Christians or Jews. They may even be atheists. But nevertheless, all are actually members of this secret belief system.

This false religion never presents itself to people as a unified whole. People adopt it as the result of the steady propaganda they are subjected to from birth. Therefore, they're unaware that their behavior, thoughts, and even body language derive from this religion.

To its adherents, this superstitious religion portrays its goal as becoming a respected person. To do so means adopting the value judgments of this religion, implementing its laws, prohibitions and forms of behavior, and assuming its character traits. To be respected is essential to achieve a specific accepted station in society, and not regarded as an eccentric, not out of the ordinary.

This religion is therefore an ignorant one, which is how we'll refer to it for short. Ignorant religion propels people towards insincerity, toward artificial and affected behavior. Adherents of this false religion do not generally behave naturally and spontaneously. They employ modes of behavior, speech and facial expressions in a way they think will be appropriate, and engage in constant role-playing. Yet they imagine that they are living exceedingly natural and normal lives.

This false system produces insincere, artificial human models with false identities. Why does such an evil religion, bringing with it all kinds of trouble and suffering, hold large sections of society under its sway? The most important reason is, as already mentioned, that it lacks any formal name. Adherents of this wicked religion never even think to question, abandon or change it, because they are unaware that the system they live under is actually a religion, and regard it as "the facts, "or" the immutable laws of life."

As long as people fail to remedy this situation and turn away from the religion of the ignorant, they cannot properly comprehend and live by Islam, because sincerity and naturalness are among the fundamental tenets of Islam. A person can live by Islam, and thus achieve true happiness and salvation, only by being uncompromisingly sincere towards Allah, himself and others. Faith can only be built on a foundation of sincerity. In order to free yourself of the effect of the Religion of the Ignorant, that satanic religion must first be identified and defined. That is the aim of this book. The following chapters shall examine the characteristics of Ignorantism in some detail.

The reader's task is to personally weigh and review the characteristics of this false religion. One may be reluctant to admit it, but the Religion of the Ignorant can exert a definite effect on anyone. Ridding yourself of this dark religion that impacts on every moment of people's lives calls, first and foremost, for close attention and sincerity.


1 / total 16
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