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The Errors of Darwin the Barrel-Mixer

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God has created human beings, plants, animals and everything else in the world. He is the Lord of the worlds, Who has created you, your mother and father, your brothers, sisters, relatives and friends, cats, dogs, sweet-smelling flowers, huge trees, colorful butterflies, birds and fish, and trees bearing delicious fruits.

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Charles Darwin

But some do not tell the truth about these good things that God created. These people believe in the so-called theory of evolution, the false idea that all living beings came into being by themselves, through chance. Those who want to deceive others with this idea are known as "evolutionists."

This false theory was proposed about 150 years ago by a man named Charles Darwin, who believed that all living things came into being by chance. Throughout his life, Darwin wrote books to make people believe this; and evolutionists are still trying to deceive others even today. But today's science has proven that God has created all living things. In spite of this, evolutionists still defend what has been shown to be a lie.

So, have you ever thought about how God created living things?

kız çocuğu, sevimli canlılar

The body of every creature, including human beings, consist of cells. Cells are too small to be seen by the naked eye. One million of them would only cover the head of a pin. If you wanted to view them more closely, you'd need to use a high-power microscope. Yet these tiny cells have an amazing structure, which is more amazing than any technological marvel you have ever seen, including school busses, televisions, even computers.

In fact, every cell works just like a factory that never stops. In every single one of your cells is a central power station like you find in the huge factories you see along the road. There are also production centers, communication and computer systems, transport vehicles, laboratories, control units and many other such systems.

çocuk, canlılar

Can anyone possibly say that a factory came into being by itself, as the result of chance? Certainly not! And anyone who says that living things came to be as a result of chance or natural conditions is also speaking nonsense. But Darwin's followers maintain just such illogical ideas.

Since evolutionists still claim that such a thing can happen, let's have them perform an experiment. Let them put in a barrel whatever materials they think it takes to create a living cell. For example, let them pour in the amino acids, proteins, carbons, phosphorus, calcium, and carotene and everything else that makes up a living creature. Then let them apply to the mixture any external factors they want. For example, let them apply heat to the barrel, or cool it down, have lightning strike it or send electric current through it.

kuş, canlılık

Let them mix the barrel's ingredients with whatever advanced devices they have. And let succeeding generations watch over this mixture for thousands, millions, even billions of years. And, to leave nothing to coincidence, let them monitor the mixture the whole time, keeping one another informed and consulting the most noted biologists, geneticists, physiologists and experts in evolution. And let them be free to form whatever conditions they believe are needed to produce a living cell.

Despite all their conscientious effort, nothing remotely resembling any living creature will ever come out of that barrel. No matter what they do never will they get peacocks, sparrows, rabbits, parakeets, horses, hippopotamuses, melons, tangerines, roses, hyacinths, lime trees, cherries, strawberries, bananas, coconuts, chestnuts, corn, dates, figs, olives, lemons, grapes, apricots, squirrels, owls, ants or whales out of that barrel.

atomlar, varlık

No matter what procedure they apply to that barrel, the atoms and molecules in there will never produce an Einstein or a Newton capable of solving complex equations; a Picasso or a Michelangelo to create artistic masterpieces; a Beethoven or a Mozart to give joy to the human spirit with the melodies they compose; scientists who observe through a microscope the molecules of which they themselves are composed; great scientists like Thomas Edison and Marie Curie; talented actors like Humphrey Bogart and Charlton Heston; or artists like Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and Michael Jackson. These atoms will never produce a human intelligence that can dance and sing; take pleasure in symmetry, esthetics and color coordination; design automobiles; write books and read them; remember what they learned; think and calculate; feel excitement, pleasure and love, mercy and compassion and longing; have their appetites whetted by the aroma of a cake baking in the oven; enjoy a meal; laugh over a funny statement; have fun with their friends and defend a deeply-held idea.

Combine insentient atoms and molecules any way you choose, but never will you be able to make one of these creatures or beings—not even a single cell of one of them.

So, how can anyone claim that a living thing—which cannot be produced by human efforts employing the whole of human knowledge—can come into being from unconscious atoms through the agency of blind chance? Any aware and intelligent person will immediately realize that obviously, human beings and other living creatures cannot be the work of chance. Anyone with an unbiased mind will realize that it is God, with His supreme intelligence, infinite knowledge and incomparable power, Who certainly created all these living beings.

In the following pages, we'll explain the thoughts that passed through the mind of Darwin the barrel-mixer. In this way, we can demonstrate how those who adhere to the theory of evolution have deceived people.

We have another important reason for explaining the deceptiveness of this theory:

If someone tries to get you to believe in the theory of evolution, remember the facts that you have read in this book, and you will understand that this person is trying to deceive you. And then, you will be able to tell him that God created everything with His infinite knowledge.

Now, let's have a look at the life of Darwin.

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