The Secret Beyond Matter

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A family who returns from a long holiday only to find that their home has been furnished with new items in a most ordered and perfect manner and that every detail has been thought of and provided to meet their needs, will be most astonished and affected. They will wonder who arranged this surprise, for how could they not in the face of such an extraordinary event? Would they really say: "We don't really care how this happened, just as long as it happened"? Or would they suppose that everything happened by itself or by chance, and that the new furniture decided on its own to install itself there? Such ideas are laughable, for all events are the result of a certain intelligence, consciousness, and power that makes them happen. For that reason, the existence of someone who has thought of everything and consciously arranged it is clear.

This example also applies to the universe, our world, and all of its living and non-living entities. There are countless infinitely complex systems and delicate balances in the universe, in all of existence and all phenomena, from the human body to the sky, from animals to the depths of the oceans. Everyone who can think and reason sees that only God, with His superior power and intelligence, could have created these complex systems and delicate balances.

These people encounter countless proofs of God's existence, such as brightly colored, sweet-smelling flowers; delicious fruits and vegetables that spring from muddy soil; the sense organs, which enable us to enjoy each created item's unique properties (e.g., smell and taste); the human body with its many complex systems, all of which work in harmony; the Sun, which illuminates and warms, and its ideal size and distance from our Earth; the rain, which brings bone-dry soil to life; and countless other proofs.

Each of these is a "sign leading to faith." In other words, they are miracles of creation and truths that guide people to faith and then increase that faith. Every unbiased person who thinks deeply about these proofs will come to faith by clearly seeing these reflections of God's existence and greatness. Thanks to these signs, believers will come to know God better and increase their faith in, love for, and fear [and awareness] of Him.

However, due to the pervasive materialist worldview to which they are subjected from childhood onward, most people cannot see these signs or else find it hard to see them. This misguided materialistic system, which suggests that everything depends on chance, coincidence, and natural phenomena, prevents people from seeing the evident miracles of creation that pervade the universe. It literally draws a curtain over their eyes. Most people do not look at these signs and say, "How beautifully God has created these"; rather, they say, "How nice." In other words, they look at them with a disinterested eye.

This book seeks to lift this curtain of indifference by dealing with the importance of these signs leading to faith. At the same time, it contains the views of several Islamic scholars of these signs and gives examples of them. Moreover, it also considers how these signs are the most effective way of disproving the superstitious teachings of the theory of evolution, the greatest deception of our time, and one that continues to lead people to atheism in the End Times.


1 / total 7
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