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Darwinist ideology is based on the imposition of a preconception on uninformed people. It makes use of society’s general lack of knowledge on scientific matters. The method employed consists of abundant repetition, mass hypnosis and the literal casting of a magic spell.

darwinThe theory of evolution is unable to account for the emergence of the first living cell, or even a single protein. The more than 350 million fossils unearthed to date contain not one transitional form showing that life forms are descended from one another. If fairy tales are to be taught in schools, the facts revealed by science should be taught alongside them. Children and students need to be taught, not with pagan teachings left over from ancient Sumerian times, but with the scientific realities of the 21st century.

The effect of this Darwinist mass hypnosis, based on lies and deception, has swamped almost the entire world; so much so that in the 20th century the great majority of people were turned into enthusiastic proponents of “evolution,” about which they actually knew nothing at all. Most of them did not even know what they were supporting. They simply fell under the influence of pictures of series of mythical ape-men gradually beginning to walk upright or reports along the lines of “our forebearer was a worm” that appeared in the daily papers. Such indoctrination made this mass hypnosis successful. And because of that false success, almost nobody ever thought to enquire, “Is there any supporting scientific evidence?” And indeed there was no supporting scientific evidence for Darwinists to point to. For the people subjected to this indoctrination, evolution has become a false theory that they have encountered in almost every area of life and came across in the major dailies and magazine, a spurious theory that was officially taught in schools and protected and encouraged by state institutions in many countries and espoused by world-famous scientists. Despite being an obvious fraud, it was literally imposed as the truth through indoctrination, hypnotism and deception.

The hypnosis was disseminated through this Darwinist propaganda in which many groups were involved together, to the extent that some people became the unwitting proponents of an exceedingly dangerous theory that has inflicted terrible disasters on the world and that constituted the foundation of all the repressive systems that drowned the 20th century in blood. But that age has now come to an end, because a large number of works, and particularly the Atlas of Creation, which you are now holding, has revealed that science has totally demolished evolution.

In this fourth volume of the Atlas of Creation, in addition to fossil specimens dating back hundreds of millions of years that refute the theory of evolution and prove the fact of creation, you will also see scientific evidence showing how Darwinists misused science to carry out their mass hypnosis.

The book you are holding uses incontrovertible scientific evidence to prove that Darwinism is a fraud and it shows, again with incontrovertible evidence, that more than 350 million fossils completely refute evolution and declares to the entire world that not even a single protein can ever come into being by chance. This book exposes the mendacity and the audacity of the Darwinist dictatorship that has imposed the theory of evolution on the world using false evidence. It contains the scientific evidence that refutes Darwinism. Demagoguery will no longer gain the Darwinists anything.


The theory of evolution was developed under the outdated and exceedingly primitive scientific understanding of the 19th century..

Darwinism Is Not Science

With the distribution in Europe of the first three volumes of the Atlas of Creation, European societies subjected to Darwinist and materialist indoctrination for the previous century and a half for the first time had the opportunity to see the true facts. This work, which revealed that the theory of evolution is of no scientific value and is merely kept propped up for ideological reasons, has led to a major change of belief in Europe. Polls in different countries have revealed a major decline in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism, and that belief in creation has now begun to predominate in Europe.

Yet despite all the scientific evidence against it, Darwinism is still taught in schools, and particularly in universities, as if it were a scientific fact. It is espoused as an official ideology of state in many countries of the world and taught on a compulsory basis. This shows that the scientific struggle against Darwinism needs to be accelerated on a daily basis and that all societies need to be made aware of the Darwinist deception.

The way to enhance all believers’ enthusiasm and determination on this subject is to show that the theory of evolution is a fraud and that science utterly rejects evolution, to reveal the sufferings, scourges and tribulations inflicted by Darwinism on the whole world, and to demonstrate that Darwinist and materialist beliefs lie at the root of all wars, genocide, slaughter, terror, oppression, violence and unhappiness and of the factors that most trouble society, from rising crime rates to increased levels of suicide.




People who lack sufficient knowledge of Darwinism, or who have not studied the subject in detail, may not be aware of what a grave danger Darwinism is. They may not be able to see how the theory of evolution underlies the social problems and moral degeneration that oppresses and distresses people today. Ignorance of this fact represents a major threat.

Since they are unaware of the harm that Darwinist thinking has inflicted on mankind over the last century and a half or so, these people are generally unable to grasp how vitally important the intellectual struggle against Darwinism is. But the fact remains that Darwinist ideology strives to deny the existence of Allah and the fact of creation (surely Allah is beyond that). It seeks to make people forget that they have a responsibility to our Lord. It inculcates the fraudulent idea that human beings are supposedly the work of blind chance and encourages them to live by the law of the jungle. It therefore  gives rise to societies made up of people that are unaware of their responsibilities to Allah and the reason for their presence in this world, that think solely of their own self-interest, and that live in a state of ruthlessness, disloyalty, lovelessness, ingratitude and cruelty.

Darwinism, the falsehood that the immaculate equilibrium in the universe and all life came into being by chance, also represents the backbone of materialism. This unscientific and pernicious belief regards human beings as entities with no souls or responsibility to Allah and as merely a slightly more advanced species of animal. It maintains that relationships between people should be ruthless, selfish and based on conflict, rather than loving, compassionate and affectionate. Therefore, conflict is inevitable wherever the ideological structure of Darwinism prevails because this dangerous ideology regards  such feelings as compassion, love, sympathy, loyalty and respect as elements that supposedly hold back the evolutionary process and that therefore need to be eradicated.

The Error Of Underestimating The Scientific Struggle Against

It is a grave error to imagine that Darwinism, propped up for ideological reasons even though it has collapsed scientifically, is harmless. The idea that life formed by chance, which goes back to the ancient Sumerians, consists of a failed theory that seeks to account for the origin of life in purely materialistic terms. This pagan religion, the real aim of which is to deny the existence of a Creator (surely Almighty Allah is beyond that), is a trigger that seeks to turn people away from belief in Allah, indoctrinates them with the idea that they are ruthless entities and leads to the shedding of the blood of the innocent. This bloody impact of Darwinism still persists today, and acts of terror and violence all over the world are nourished by this perverse theory. Therefore, the intellectual struggle to be waged against Darwinism is of the most vital importance if peace is to be brought to society and the moral values of the Qur’an are to reign over the world.


Conflict inevitably prevails where the ideological structure of Darwinism predominates. This dangerous ideology regards feelings such as compassion, love, sympathy, affection, altruism and respect as hindrances that slow down the supposed process of evolution, and that therefore need to be eliminated.

Darwinism Is Officially Supported By Many States

evolution books

Everyone in just about all countries is well aware that evolution is an outdated myth and an unscientific ideology, and yet all students, teachers, academics and politicians are “forced to sign up to evolution.”

Almost all the states of the world have adopted Darwinism as an official ideology and support this perverse ideology by a variety of means. In addition to encouraging atheism, this ideology has also officially banned discussion of belief in Allah. Professors who do not advocate Darwinism are suddenly removed from their posts and are unable to find positions in almost any other institution. Almost the entire world is under the dominion of the Darwinist dictatorship. It is literally impossible for someone who does not support the theory of evolution to acquire the title of scientist. A Darwinist professor will select the assistant he appoints from among Darwinist and materialist applicants and will never hire someone who is not a Darwinist. Indeed, the professor will seek to have them removed from the university entirely.

But despite all these facts, some people still fail to properly grasp the importance of anti-Darwinist activities and do not treat them sufficiently seriously. These people incorrectly regard it as impossible for a communistic, materialistic and irreligious system to develop in Muslim societies and thus ignore the danger inherent in allowing Darwinist ideologies to spread. But this is a serious error. The fate of peoples that have fallen into this error once again emphasizes the importance of anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist activities.

The Prophets Destroyed All Idols Erected Against Belief In Allah  

History shows that the prophets never turned a blind eye to the idols in their communities. For example, the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) smashed the idols to stop his people from worshipping them. Allah reveals this as follows in the Qur’an:

He broke them in pieces, except for the biggest one, so that they would have it to consult! They said, ‘Who has done this to our gods? (Qur’an, 21:58-59)

They said, ‘Did you do this to our gods, Abraham?’ He said, ‘No, this one, the biggest of them, did it. Ask them if they are able to speak!’ They consulted among themselves and said, ‘It is you yourselves who are wrongdoers.’ But then they relapsed back into their disbelief: ‘You know full well these idols cannot talk.’ He said, ‘Do you then worship, instead of Allah, what cannot help or harm you in any way?Shame on you and what you worship besides Allah! Will you not use your intellect?’ (Qur’an, 21:62-67)

As the above verses show, the prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not just shatter the idols. He chose a very clever way of doing so that would allow the people to realize that their idols had no power. By setting their consciences in motion, he allowed them to think in a direction that they had perhaps never gone down before.


In the same way, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) also smashed the idols of his people who again fell under the influence of their own perverse beliefs at a time when he was away from them. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) burned the golden calf, the idol of his tribe, and then scattered its ashes into the sea. In this way, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) made sure that his people would never again be able to worship their idols. Allah reveals this as follows in the Qur’an:

He [Moses] said, ‘What do you think you were doing, Samaritan?’ He said, ‘I saw what they did not see. So I gathered up a handful from the Messenger’s footprints and threw it in. That is what my inner self urged me to do.’ He said, ‘Go! In the world  you will have to say, “Untouchable!” And you have an appointment which you will not fail to keep. Look at your god to which you devoted so much time. We will burn it up and then scatter it as dust into the sea. Your god is Allah alone, there is no god but Him. He encompasses all things in His knowledge.’ (Qur’an, 20:95-98)

jaguar skull

This jaguar skull fossil dates back to the Cretaceous Period and is 87 million years old.

Life forms that have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years are proof that living things never evolved. That is why fossils are the evidence that deals the greatest blow to the theory of evolution.

Our Prophet (saas) also warned his people against their idols and told them that these were quite powerless. Almighty Allah describes the situation thus in the Qur’an:

Have you really considered al-Lat and al-‘Uzza and Manat, the third, the other one?(Qur’an, 53:19-20)

They are nothing but names which you yourselves have given, you and your forefathers. Allah has sent down no authority for them. They are following nothing but conjecture and what their own selves desire. And that when guidance has reached them from their Lord! (Qur’an, 53:23)

As can be seen from these verses, what a believer has to do in order for the moral values of Islam to spread is first to intellectually destroy the false gods adopted by a community, definitively and irrevocably. The idol that today represents the foundation of the global threat of irreligiousness is the Darwinist, materialist ideology. It must not be forgotten that closing one’s eyes in the dark does not relieve  that darkness. Pretending the darkness does not exist does not do away with it. In order to eliminate the darkness, one has to turn on the light. The light that needs to be lit now is an intensive anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist intellectual struggle.

The Atlas Of Creation Is An Intellectual Blow To The Greatest Idols
Of Our Age

The  fourth volume of the Atlas of Creation you are holding is the continuation of a major scientific blow to Darwinist, materialist ideology, because this work reveals fossils that were carefully kept hidden away by Darwinists and shows everyone that evolution never happened. Every one of the fossils in this book declares that “living things never underwent evolution.” More than 350 million fossils, of which we can only include a very small number of specimens here, is concrete evidence that the evolutionary process is a myth, a mere fantasy. Hundreds of millions of fossils show that life forms never changed, that they never went through intermediate stages and they emerged in a single moment, with all their body parts. Hundreds of millions of fossils pointing to creation respond “not one single transitional form fossil exists.” The meaning of this is clear; evolution does not exist, but rather it is creation that is a scientific fact. Darwinists have no evidence they can point to and no response to make in the face of this reality. That is why the Atlas of Creation represents such a lethal intellectual blow to Darwinism.

All power belongs to Allah, and all hearts are in His hands. It is of course Almighty Allah Who will change people’s minds and eliminate perverse ideologies from the world and bring about the reign of Qur’anic moral values. The duty of a sincere believer is to trust in and rely on Allah and embrace the intellectual struggle by doing all in his power to further it. It is to strive against all idols, ideologies and false powers opposed to Allah, to advocate the Qur’an, proper moral values, peace and tranquility, using knowledge, science, reason and logic, and to bring about the reign of love and peace.

As Almighty Allah reveals in the verse, "Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away!..” (Qur’an, 21:18), all perverse opinions and superstitious beliefs developed against Allah will inevitably be defeated, and all such superstitious beliefs will disappear.

atlas of creation


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