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Mayor of Sarıyer Province of Istanbul Sukru Genc is at the Ramadan mail in a church garden

Presenter: Mr Genc, thank you very much for your contributions to this organization. What is the message you want to spread here? What kind of feelings motivated you to hold this sahur organization?

Şükrü Genç: Now, it has become a tradition as we are holding the third one this year. In this month of Ramadan, sharing some values together with people of different faiths is a demonstration of unity and association. In the previous one, there were mosque imams, priests and Alawi guvnor. The existence of different beliefs here is important. Now, there are about 400 people here and among those 400 people there are people who have adopted every lifestyle. It’s a mosaic of all kinds of people and this is the reality of Turkey. What’s the important point here? Living together with love and respect for one another, no matter whoever you are. Indeed, this is the basic tenet of Ramadan; everyone will love one another and I can confidently say that majority of people here, maybe 80% of them, could have made their sahur in their homes. But having it here, sharing this joy with other people, is incomparable. Therefore it is excellent to be able to hold such an organization at the church’s garden, with the head of our church, our mayor and other friends. Therefore, I would like to thank, first of all, my dear brother Murat and everyone else who contributed to this evening and worked together for it. I would like to thank you very much. It is very important for you to be here, because those who haven’t heard of it should also see and learn about it. The fact that these people are here for this charm and believed in this beauty and find peace here is what is important for us.

Presenter: Thank you very much for your contributions for such an environment of amity, for bringing people together.

Şükrü Genç: In Peace for the People of the World Day, the leaders of all religions are present. Greek, Assyrian, Armenian, Orthodox, Muslim and some sect leaders. A mosaic of all people. And this is what actually matters; I mean, it shouldn’t be forgotten that that night is for peace.

2017-09-06 21:52:44

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