The Secret Beyond Matter

Living Fossils: Octopus

Today, we will introduce you the fossil of a 95-million-year-old octopus. The term octopus is derived from Latin and it means 'eight-footed,' as the word 'octo' corresponds to the number '8'. The Octopus is an eight-armed member of the phylum Mollusca as they are invertebrates and we can see that their bodies are completely composed of muscle and fatty tissues.


Living underwater, we are all familiar with the octopus, for they still exist in our day. When we examine our fossil, we realize that there is no difference between this 95-million-year-old octopus and the modern octopus. And this presents us the evidence that there are no transitional fossils at all, although Darwin claimed on the contrary in despair.


We have  fossils that date back  millions, even billions of years ago, taking  single cell organisms into consideration. Remains of the life forms recovered from millions-year-old rocks are the same as their modern counterparts. This leads us to only one conclusion, and that is the fact that there was never an evolutionary process and that God created life instantaneously through His commandment "Be!". Today the theory of evolution is definitely falsified by paleontology.

2017-04-11 23:21:15

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