The Secret Beyond Matter

The name of the new danger in the Middle East : ISIL


 Both the blood and possessions of (Muslims) will be considered lawful as (loot).

It will shake the world like the waves in the sea.

No one will find any refuge.

 (This sedition) will arise from Shaam and      spread all over Iraq...
...If they stop the problem in one region, it will appear from another place. 
(Nuaym b. Hammad) 

Both the blood and possessions of (Muslims) will be considered lawful as (loot).…

Today in Syria and Iraq, ISIS murders Muslims of various Islamic schools and seizes their posssesions. These incidents show that what our Prophet (saas) foretold 1,400 years ago come to pass exactly as  he foretold. ISIS  carries out its activities in Syria and Iraq and massacres  innocent people in the region because they are not Sunnis and ruthlessly seizes their possessions and houses.

God makes it unlawful to kill or seize people’s possessions.


It will shake the world like the waves in the sea.

No one will find any refuge.

In our day, the people of Syria and Iraq are experiencing this fear expressed in the hadith of  our Prophet (saas). Due to the terror spread by ISIS, these people are forced to leave their homes and even their homelands.


 (This sedition) will arise from Shaam and spread all over Iraq...

This sedition will arise from Shaam...

and spread all over Iraq...

(TV speech) “The threat of ISIS in Iraq grows every other day. While the militants of ISIS proceed towards  Baghdad in the south, the Iraqi army tries to resist with the new volunteers it recruits. Due to ISIS’ attacks, hundreds of thousands of people flee to safe zones. The UN is concerned about the escalation of this humanitarian crisis...”

In his hadith, our Prophet (saas) speaks of a serious sedition that would start in Syria in the End Times and spread all the way to Iraq. Today ISIS is spreading terror in Syria and Iraq with practises that  have no place in Islam. Iraq has been divided into three parts and a great part of her lands has been seized by ISIS.


...If they stop the  problem in one region, it will appear from another place.

ISIS’ bloody progression into Iraq takes place before the eyes of the world. The countries of the world can not stop this progression; the organisation takes every city it enters under its control in the political and economic sense. Today the world watches these incidents foretold by our Prophet (saas) 1,400 years ago.

However a great majority of the Islamic scholars try to put Muslims to sleep with the lie that the portents of the End Times have not come into existence yet.

They distract the attention of Muslims saying that there is allegedly hundreds of years until the appearance of Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as), that Muslims can live at ease and they can worship wherever they wish, that they have a respectful place in the society.

Now we ask the following to the Islamic scholars who come up with these allegations:

·         That all these incidents our Prophet (saas) foretold to be occuring at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are occurring right now before your eyes does not impress you?

·          In order to say, “These facts are the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as)”, how many more innocent people’s blood must be shed? 



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