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Miracles of the end times of our Prophet No. 7 - The destruction of the dome of the Al-Kufa mosque

In the very early 1400s, according to the Hijri calendar, the dome of the al-Kufa mosque - that had stood for 1,400 years - was brought down just as our Prophet (saas) foretold:

“I said to him, when will he [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] come out? He said: when you saw armies from the city of Anbar in Iraq at the banks of Euphrates, Shiraz and Tigris, and THE TOWER OF KUFA IS DESTROYED, AND BURNING OF SOME HOUSES IN KUFA, WHEN YOU SEE ALL THIS, VERILY GOD WILL ACT ACCORDING TO HIS WISH [MAKE THE APPEARANCE OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) COME TRUE], no one can subdue the commandment of God and no one can review His judgment.” (Falahi Ssa’il: 199; and in Al-Misbaah:51 and Al-Baladul Ameen: 35 with slit difference)

Witnessing something foretold by our Prophet (saas) coming true is to witness a miracle worked by God. We have witnessed hundreds of miracles of our Prophet (saas) over the last 35 years yet some Islamic scholars never discuss these miracles, and even cover them up. DO NOT FORGET! Failure to discuss the portents of the End Times and the systems of the Mahdi and the dajjal are themselves portents foretold by our Prophet (saas).Concealing these things can never prevent the growth of the system of the Mahdi, but the responsibility for concealing the miracles of our Prophet (saas) will be very grave indeed. 

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