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Turkey Will Be a Super-State in 10 to 20 Years

Those who are unbelievers are the friends and protectors of one another. If you do not act in this way [if you do not be the friends and protectors of one another] there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Surat al-Anfal, 73)
·   The communist deep state society that has infiltrated the Turkish state seeks to divide Turkey into a Communist East Turkey and a Communist West Turkey. But this is a hopeless ambition. Turkey will be the greatest state in the whole of the Middle East and the Balkans. Within the next 10 to 20 years, it will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union that will include such regions as Mosul, Kirkuk, Turkistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan as well as all other Islamic countries. There will never be any fragmentation, but rather unification and unison. Turkey will be the greatest super-state within the next 10 to 20 years. The signs of this have started becoming crystal clear. Turkey possesses a perspective and power, a mission inherited from the Ottoman Empire, that will put an end to such negativities in the region as anarchy, disorder, hunger, poverty, fear and oppression. A state that ran a world empire will again shape the world in the years to come. Realizing this, the communist deep state society was enraged and embarked on a ruthless campaign against Adnan Oktar and Science Research Foundation (BAV), which they regarded as an obstacle to their own vile objectives. Thousands of members of this communist deep state society initiated an intensive campaign against Mr. Oktar and the BAV with new criminal gangs they had established. They seek to achieve their loathsome aims by setting up new gangs as they used to do. This is behavior that further stirs Turkish patriotism and Mr. Oktar and the BAV, and gives them even greater determination in their struggle. They will get absolutely nowhere by these means. Adnan Oktar and the BAV are continuing and will continue their intellectual and cultural activities. This is the information age. Information and culture will annihilate this faithless grouping, by Allah’s leave.
·   The public are closely watching certain recent initiatives seeking to use the threat of terror in order to force the state to compromise with the separatist terrorist organization. First and foremost it needs to be known that it is impossible for the Republic of Turkey to negotiate with baby killers.
·   People from the East of Turkey possess excellent and exemplary moral values. They are well-mannered, good humored, determined and humane people, strongly loyal to the state. They are so hospitable as to offer guests their best food and accommodation, and are loyal and full of love. The majority of the people of Anatolia possess a most superior character. The scourge of terror must be lifted from our brothers of Kurdish origin in the eastern regions of the country, and the road to happiness must be opened up for these people, from whom great heroes and great scholars have emerged. Our Kurdish citizens now wish to be freed from the scourge of terror. That is why anyone regarding themselves as representatives of the people of the region must first strive for terror to be eradicated
·   Terror is not the way for the people of the region to attain peace and well-being. It is Muslim Turks, not communists, who will bring the region the desired standard of living. All the terrorist organization has ever brought with it is fear and blood. Tens of billions of dollars that could have been spent on the well-being of the people of the East have been wasted because of that organization. The organization militants who have striven to obstruct whatever means the state has adopted to regenerate the region will be unable to deceive the people any longer with the lie that they desire their well-being. The Turkish people have now realized that once that organization has been eliminated the East can become the greatest economic and attractive cultural center of Turkey.
The separatist terrorist organization is a communist one in its every action, every slogan and every statement. Most of the people of eastern Turkey are religious, however. For that reason, their realizing the separatist organization’s true aims and its atheistic structure will be instrumental in its eradication. We are looking at a communist and atheistic movement, and not at an ethnic one.
The Marxist-Leninist nature of the organization is crystal clear. Just the fact that for years it used the best-known symbol of communism, the hammer and sickle, on its own flags is sufficient to prove that beyond all doubt. (The reason why it subsequently changed that emblem was a strategic and tactical one. It has never abandoned its communist ideology.)
The terminology used in the organization’s founding conference and in its web site are perfectly clear:
"MARXIST-LENINIST THEORY MUST BE TAKEN TO HEART. Leading cadres must frequently refer to Marxism, they must take that teaching to heart in order to make the implementation of Marxism their starting point... WE WILL ADOPT SOCIALISM RATHER AS A GUIDE TO ACTION IN THE RESOLUTION OF THE POLITICAL PROBLEM. As the representatives of such a teaching, and the adherents of such a teaching, we shall do our duty by applying it, as the most important precondition of the teaching, to the question of the political administration of the country and as a means of and guide to bringing down the existing administration.”
The following extract comes from a message from the separatist organization’s leader to mark the 13th anniversary of its foundation:
“As the best answer to those who say, ‘Socialism has collapsed, communism has collapsed’ we are saying, ‘On the contrary. THE MOST POWERFUL, TRUEST AND GREATEST FORM OF SOCIALISM HAS TAKEN PLACE IN THE PKK.’”
From a speech by the leader of the separatist organization dated 1 May, 1982:
"But we must know that if the history of Kurdistan wishes to reach the age today, it must be totally based on the fact of the working class. No matter what unsuitable conditions it may live under, IT MUST BE BASED on the objective force of the working class, and ON MARXISM-LENINISM, its science and guide to action; AND NOTE THAT THE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE IS TOTALLY GROUNDED IN THAT FACT... If those feudal walls had not been breached, MARXISM-LENINISM, THE MODERN AND THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY WAY OF THINKING would never have entered our heads, and could therefore never have taken root.”
The following expressions in books written by the separatist organization’s leader are also clear evidence that it is a communist one:
“The PKK has experienced a development in line with the Marxist-Leninist tradition. It is clear that from then on it will take shape on the basis of that legacy, which is inseparable in the way that flesh is joined to bone.” (Kurdistan’da Halk Kahramanligi [Popular Heroism in Kurdistan], Istanbul, March 2004, p. 78)
“Lenin represented it in the 1900s, and I represent the 21st-century socialism, and I am building the new socialism by fighting real socialism and imperialism.” (Ozgur Yasamla Diyaloglar [Dialogues with Free Life], p. 201)
“THE WORTHY COMMUNIST Comrade Mazlum Dogan, a member and one of the founders of our party’s Central Committee... THIS COMRADE WHO COMBINES the profound values of the people WITH A SOUND AND ENLIGHTENED COMMUNIST IDENTITY...” (Kurdistan’da Halk Kahramanligi [Popular Heroism in Kurdistan], p. 43)
The leader of the separatist organization praises Marxism and Leninism using such terms as “a noble system of thought” and “the noble science:”
“The capitalist-imperialist system and its most despotic form of government, fascism, have led to such a noble revolution among peoples and to SUCH A NOBLE SYSTEM OF THOUGHT AS MARXISM-LENINISM, which has shown the way to that revolution.” (Kurdistan’da Halk Kahramanligi [Popular Heroism in Kurdistan], p. 22)
“These people, with few other means than to rely on THE NOBLE SCIENCE KNOWN AS MARXISM-LENINISM...” (Kurdistan’da Halk Kahramanligi [Popular Heroism in Kurdistan], p. 39)
The Organization Leader Is Full of Praise for Bloody Communist Leaders
"... THE HEROES OF THE PROLETARIAT, MARX AND ENGELS. ITS THEORETICAL AND POLITICAL GENIUS, LENIN, and ITS PRACTICAL MASTERS, STALIN, HO CHI MINH AND MAO. And many national and internationalist heroes marching under their leadership. These great heroes who stir up and organize mankind’s consciousness of freedom, and produce the armies known as people’s armies, occupy a truly great place in the history of mankind.” (Kurdistan’da Halk Kahramanligi [Popular Heroism in Kurdistan], p. 87)
Some of the Separatist Organization Leader’s Statements about Allah and Religion (Surely Almighty Allah Is Above Them All)
The extracts below are the separatist organization leader’s own words taken from his books. All these statements reveal that he is an atheist and that he interprets Islam from his shallow and materialist perspective:
* “I suffered serious philosophical angst during my high school days. I fought against God, and became a half-God after emerging victorious from that fight.” (Ozgur Yasamla Diyaloglar [Dialogues with Free Life], p. 257)
* “Monotheistic religious ideologies are political ideologies right from the outset. Religious pronouncements, concepts such as Allah, prophets and angels are the political literature of their time.” (Sumer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarliga [From the Sumerian Priest State to Democratic Civilization], Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 204)
* “Allah is a kind of medieval feudal manifesto, its fundamental law and statement.” (Sumer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarliga [From the Sumerian Priest State to Democratic Civilization], Vol. 1, p. 313)
* “The prayer itself is theater in the general sense.” (Sumer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarliga [From the Sumerian Priest State to Democratic Civilization], Vol. 1, p. 354)
The Impact of and Slanders against the BAV Community and Adnan Oktar in the Fight against Terror
The Science Research Foundation (BAV) community actively combats all forms of separatist movement in Turkey, and has for years been subjected to various forms of pressure, threats and slanders. The reason for this is the historic mission the BAV has assumed in neutralizing the tactical ruses employed in the country. Some sinister forces are trying to do away with the BAV. One communist criminal gang in particular, that has infiltrated and installed itself inside the state, has embarked upon an intense smear campaign that has made its action totally disgraceful and shameless.
One of those who issued false accusations against the BAV members and BAV Honorary President Adnan Oktar, and who sought to smear and slander them, was the leader of the separatist organization. Like all other communists, this baby-killer seeks to defame Mr. Adnan Oktar, saying the following in one of his books:
“At the top are men of religion under the command of MIT’s [The Turkish National Intelligence Organization] Turkish oligarchic structure. These are philosophical men of religion. Was it not the clergy who guided the Ottoman sultans down the course of history? And there are now men of religion guiding the attacks of the regime. For example, how were that fraud Adnan Hodja and the like brought out? They drugged rich kids in particular.” (Oligarsik Cumhuriyet Gercegi [The Truth of the Oligarchic Republic], Istanbul, February 2001, p. 25)
The leader of the separatist organization has seen the success of the ideas espoused by Adnan Oktar in the analysis and rectification of events, and of the harm they will do to his outfit, and therefore has no compunction about slandering him.
By Allah’s Leave, the Harun Yahya Collection Will Be Instrumental in Turkey Achieving the Ideal of Becoming a “Super-State.”
To date, the author has written around 250 books, for a total of 46,000 pages, and containing some 31,500 illustrations.
Some 7,000 of these pages – and 6,000 of the illustrations – deal with the collapse of the theory of evolution.
You can access the books by Adnan Oktar, writing under the pen-name of Harun Yahya, and documentaries based on those books free of charge on the following websites:, and Or else you can order them in printed form at
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