The Secret Beyond Matter

A Statement to Darwinists

-          Harun Yahya espouses the scientific view, one of the fundamental values of the Republic. Pro-Darwinist publications, on the other hand, espouse the nonsense of evolution, a mass deception that has taken in the whole world.
-          Darwinism is a pagan religion, an idolatrous belief; it is not science. All the findings in the fields of biology, medicine, paleontology, microbiology and genetics have refuted and demolished evolution. It is therefore dishonest to attempt to dress this nonsense up in scientific clothing and thus mislead the public.
-          Evolution is a dogma, whereas Creation is a fact. The imposition of this dogma, the attempt to force people to accept a perversion that has survived ever since Sumerian times and official pressure using legal means in order to ensure that is a total violation of science, human rights and realistic thinking.
-          The fact that the Church of England has apologized to Darwin is not, contrary to what people might think, a measure in favor of evolution. We know that the Church of England behaved in a bigoted manner on all subjects at that time. For years the Church treated all proposition, scientific or nonsensical, in a bigoted way. For that reason, the Church also treated the nonsense of evolution in the same way in the 19th century. By apologizing, the Church is merely trying to make up for all the bigotry of the past.
-          It is in fact the Darwinist dictatorship that should apologize to the entire world. THE DARWINIST DICTATORSHIP SHOULD APOLOGIZE
o    For banning and burning anti-Darwinist books,
o    For refusing to permit any contrary opinions,
o    For removing scientists holding opposing ideas from their posts,
o    For forcing students to give answers in favor of the theory in university exams,
o    For deceiving the world with countless hoax fossils,
o    For concealing Cambrian period fossils for 70 years and for still hiding every new fossil discovery since they constitute evidence for Creation,
o    For concealing the impossibility of even a single protein coming into being by chance,
o    For portraying only hoax skulls as evidence of the so-called evolution of man,
o    For so long imposing the lie that mutations cause evolution,
o    And for deceiving all of humanity, admitting a biased lie and nonsense, and violating the human rights of all mankind by disseminating that nonsense.
-          Darwinist publications constantly talk about freedom of expression and democracy. But they support the banning by the Council of Europe of the Atlas of Creation, which is full of scientific evidence and has caused such a wide response across the world, and do all in their power to bring it about. Yet they oppose the banning by court decision of Richard Dawkins’ insult-filled book and articles. This is nothing more than dishonesty.
-          It should be remembered that all these books and articles, written as objections to Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation have all served to introduce it to a wide public. All these efforts have led to the scientific evidence in the Atlas being examined in greater detail and to open discussion of its striking aspects. In addition, the publications in question have always exposed the weakness of the Darwinist defense. This feeble defense in the face of the strong scientific evidence in the Atlas of Creation is one of the main indications of how the theory has collapsed and vanished.
-          The hollowness and illogicality of the evidence cited in Darwinist publications, and the way that Darwinists resort to utter nonsense in order to defend their positions, have led even more people to conclude that evolution is a lie. It is sufficient to read publications critical of the Atlas of Creation to see the invalidity of Darwinism. In these terms again, Harun Yahya is clearly having a global impact.
-          There is no doubt that all Darwinists are well aware of the stunning impact of the Atlas of Creation which is taking place before the eyes of the world and is being watched in amazement. THIS POWERFUL WORK HAS DEMOLISHED EVOLUTION ACROSS THE GLOBE. The whole world knows how the global impact of the Atlas of Creation has been described in the European and American press in a hysterical manner:
Atlas came just like a cold shower.(Science et Vie)
“Save Darwin” (Le Point)
Dominique Rojat, a SVT inspector of national education, says: "This is the first major Muslim-based action in this area.” (Science et Vie)
This means that creationism has influenced all religious beliefs with a considerable success. (Science et Vie)
There was literally complete panic. (La Liberation)
The French were BOWLED OVER in February by this surprise in the written form. (20 Minutes)
Experts from a large number of universities signed a declaration at the end of 2007. This declaration gave voice to the threat of the spread of creationist ideas … of a work called the Atlas of Creation, which rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution... Muslim students in particular are increasingly outspokenly opposing biology teachers with regard to the theory of the origin of species. (Le Monde)
… the highest-impact event of 2007 was the Creationist trend from the Muslim world. (La Liberation)
Adeline Lecot, professor of life sciences and earth at one Paris high school, sets out her thoughts on the subject: “... opposition is much sharper than before. I have 5 convinced opponents of evolution in my class. Some are excellent students. They back their replies up in a much bolder manner, referring to the arguments of Harun Yahya, which they found on Internet." (Science et Vie)
According to Annie Mamecier, Ministry of Education inspector general and a senior of life sciences and earth department, “Some situations sometimes arise in which high school students write the answers to exam questions about the theory of evolution in the way they have been taught at the school, but also write that they do not agree with the theory of evolution." (Science et Vie)
It [the Atlas of Creation] has led to enormous alarm among the relevant political authorities and educationalists. (Le Soir)
European libraries were stunned by this … book [the Atlas of Creation]… A book being sent to the section for burning means that it has shocking subject-matter. (Le Soir)
The creationism is making rapid progress. … We must remember the Atlas of Creation that was sent out to French schools last year. In this brick-like 800-page-volume the author, a Turk who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, takes the Qur’an as his basis for rejecting the theory of evolution. (La Libre)
Great Britain:
The real point is that before the book arrived many had no idea there was a resurgent Muslim creationism in Europe… One thing is clear: creationism has indeed come to Europe…, therefore, we have to take it seriously. … What we have seen so far is just the beginning…. (New Humanist)
… creationism, the denial of Darwinian evolution, is on the rise in Europe … the report [of the Council of Europe] also focused its attention on a new phenomenon – THE RISE OF MUSLIM CREATIONISM. The central figure here is the Turkish Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar, who, [writes] under the pen name Harun Yahya… (New Humanist)
…confidence of European Muslim creationism was thudding on to the mat. (New Humanist)
… the shock caused by Atlas of Creation … (New Humanist)
They think it will have a damaging effect on young pupils. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
The French Education Ministry panicked and called for the book not to be taught in classes. (Die Welt)
A report discussing the scientific works of Harun Yahya was headed “DARWIN FACING A DIFFICULTY IN EUROPE.” (Nürnberger Zeitung)
A book like a clap of thunder! (Stern)
Fundamentalist Christians in America are not the only ones leading a crusade against Darwin. Creationism … becoming increasingly popular among Turkey's Muslims, too. (Der Spiegel)
Adnan Oktar is one of the proponents of anti-evolutionary Creationism who has the most destructive impact [on evolution]... (Kölner Stattanzeiger)
... Whole Switzerland is now discussing the issue [the Atlas of Creation]. Heated and emotional... (Blick)
Creationism is taught in schools in America! In Europe, such propaganda is well on the way: an extraordinary Atlas has invaded Switzerland! (Le Matin)
Harun Yahya … sweeping away Darwin’s theory…(Le Courier)
The Atlas of Creation has stirred up a “deluge” in all of Europe. (Radio Netherlands)
An Anti-Darwinist Bombardment: An international campaign against the theory of evolution has hit Denmark.
As he himself says, Harun Yahya has obtained good results from his campaign, which is now apparently about to conquer Europe.
... Darwin’s theories face a final defeat. (Politiken)
A Farewell to Darwin!” “How long will France be able to resist?” (Dragor)
Islamic Creationist Book Hits Scottish UniversitieS. (The Sunday Herald)
An anti-Darwinist education book shocked the authorities! (Interia)
In Europe, people used to scratch their heads over the furious evolution debate in the United States. Now THEY HAVE THEIR OWN ALARUMS and excursions. … It's [what alarms the Council of Europe is] also Islamic scientific creationism. The report describes how a Turkish book titled The Atlas of Creation had been sent to schools in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. The author, Islamist preacher Harun Yahya, calls Darwinism a "ruse of Satan" … Major concern? Yes. … (CBC News)
made headlines internationally in February last year when it mailed copies of … Atlas of Creation to teachers and researchers … If this trend continues, researchers fear that they will not be able to teach … evolution to the coming generations. (Current Biology)
How is it that Darwinism has come to such dire straits if it was so powerful? How has this lie, that Darwinists have persisted in maintaining for the last 150 years, been demolished in just 150 days? How did this false theory that deceived the whole world for so many years come to be obliterated by a single blow from Harun Yahya? Why have countries in Europe and America begun speaking of the total collapse and annihilation of Darwinism and, albeit reluctantly, admitting this reality?
The reason is that the Atlas of Creation has had an explosive impact on the world and has obliterated a terrible lie, using absolute and irrefutable scientific evidence. Both Turkey and the rest of the world have admitted that the theory of evolution has collapsed in the face of the Atlas of Creation. Darwinist impositions can no longer produce any results. Today and in the future, all actions taken against publications opposed to Darwinism and other pitiful actions taken will always lead people to turn even more to the Atlas of Creation and to ever wider acceptance of the fact of Creation.
2008-10-10 14:15:31

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