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The Turkish-Islamic Union is the Solution to the 'East Turkestan Question'

Muslims are living under difficult circumstances in various regions of the world. The people of East Turkestan in the extreme West of China, for instance, have been exposed to severe repression for the last 50 years in particular. Life in East Turkestan, the majority of whose population are Uighurs, is far more troubled than any other region of China. The number of people killed in East Turkestan together with post-1965 massacres is the unbelievable figure of 35 million.

Occupation, repression and sanctions have brought the region nothing but tension, disorder and hatred. The days of exploiting nations by such means are dead and gone. For that reason, if China permits the people of East Turkestan to govern themselves and grants the country economic independence it will gain enormous advantages. An East Turkestan able to manufacture freely within its own borders, living in freedom and freed from the influence of fear and oppression, can represent a new center of progress for China.

These rights can be given to the people of East Turkestan thanks to the Turkish-Islamic Union, which will enjoy great power and authority. If such a power acts as guarantor, China’s relations with the millions of Muslims in the country will be strengthened. China must be convinced and given guarantees that an East Turkestan that is emotionally bound to the Turkish-Islamic Union will not behave in a hostile manner toward China but will contribute to China’s becoming a super-power.

The world needs peace, love, solidarity and justice. And that is the mission that the Turkish-Islamic Union will assume when it is set up. This union will exist to bring peace to the world, not to be an instrument of hostility, vengeance or menace. This union will not be one based on oppression and repression along the lines of “everyone must be subjects to us, and anyone who does not must be enslaved.” The Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of love and understanding.

By means of this union, members of all faiths will be able to worship as they wish, to visit all the sacred sites of their faith, and their goods, lives and honor will be guaranteed by the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Contrary to the scenarios of clash of civilizations, this union will draw civilizations closer to one another. As a result, the whole world will benefit from the climate the union will bring about. The foundations of the union are love, affection, compassion, altruism and solidarity. In addition, it also aims to elevate humanity to the highest levels of respect for human beings, art, science and technology.

The Turkish-Islamic Union, which represents a population of around 1 billion spread over a very wide area and will knit all its individual components together, will constitute a large economic market. This, in turns, means a wide-ranging commercial opportunity especially for China. This must therefore be very carefully explained to it.

Terrorist activities in the Turkish-Islamic zone will be totally eradicated, and those who incite terrorism will find themselves confronted by the highly deterrent army of the Turkish-Islamic Union military pact. The unitary structures of the states comprising the union will be maintained. Secularism will be one of the fundamental principles of the union. For that reason, both Muslims and non-Muslims will be able to live in security under the same strong roof.

The Turkish-Islamic Union also represents a major opportunity to resolve the disputes regarding Israel and Palestine. Today the peoples of Israel and Palestine are forced to live uneasily behind walls in order to maintain their own security. When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established there will be no need to build walls stretching for many kilometers, nor for any other precautionary measures.

The foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union is being awaited with the greatest enthusiasm and excitement by the entire Turkish and Islamic world.


2008-10-04 23:57:47

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