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The Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish Leadership and Supported by the Turkic Union

The time has come for the Turkish-Islamic world to unite. There is no reason why these communities, with a common religion, language, customs, heritage and tradition, should not unite and act as one. The unification of Turkic-Islamic societies, which generally speak the same language, which believe in the one God, which sincerely submit to our Prophet (saas) and love him with a profound respect, and which share the Islamic moral values of hospitality, love, loyalty, humility, sincerity, its entire essence, will come as a great blessing. The current division between these nations is exceedingly artificial and unnecessary. When the Turkish-Islamic world, which stretches over a wide expanse of land from the Caucasus to Tanzania and from Morocco to Fiji, acts as one it will, Allah willing, arise gloriously anew.
Union lies at the heart of Islamic moral values. Allah reveals in the Qur’an that in order for the corruption on Earth to end, believers must be one another’s friends and allies and act in unity and unison:
… If you do not act in this way [be the friends and protectors of one another] there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Surat al-Anfal, 73)
The establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is essential if the bloodshed in the world is to stop, for anarchy and terror to come to an end, if peace and abundance are to prevail, for the Muslim world to attain security and for world peace.
·         The secular structure of the Turkish-Islamic Union will protect both believers and unbelievers, and people of all ideologies and beliefs. Not only Muslims will be able to worship and live freely as they wish under the umbrella of this union based on the principles of secularism, democracy and the supremacy of the law, but also Jews and Christians. Not only believers, but also Buddhists, atheists, agnostics and materialists, in short everyone, will be free to express their opinions and live as they choose in the climate of freedom established under the Turkish-Islamic Union. The Turkish-Islamic Union will regard everyone, no matter what their beliefs, opinions, race or nation, as first-class citizens, and will constitute a social role model with its democratic and secular structure that attaches the proper value to human rights and fundamental liberties.
·         The Turkish-Islamic Union is a moderate union. It will be a union based on respect for human beings, based on tolerance and compassion, open-minded and free-thinking, a union of brotherhood and love, rather than one of fanaticism, repression and subjugation. It will establish security for those nations uniting under it and to the other nations of the world. It will be a most excellent thing for the Turkish-Islamic world to have such a rational, reasonable and just leadership, not just for the 1.5 billion or so Muslims who currently face so many difficulties, but also for everyone else in the world. Ever since the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saas), Muslims have led the way in such fields as reason, science, philosophy, art, culture and civilization, and have produced stupendous works for the “good of all humanity.” It is the Turkish-Islamic Union that will lead the way to the 21st century being an age of real enlightenment.
·         The enlightenment brought about by the Turkish-Islamic Union will greatly benefit the entire world. The USA, Russia, China, Israel and all the states of Europe will see that deep-rooted problems that have persisted for many years have suddenly been resolved with the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, which will be of benefit to everyone. All concerns regarding the security, economies and cultural values of the great powers lying outside the Turkish-Islamic Union will disappear once that union has been established. The war against terror will come to an end, cultural conflict will be completely eradicated, it will be possible for underground resources to be used in the best manner by everyone, there will be economic stability and the possibility of crisis will be eliminated, and funds currently diverted to military expenditure will be spent on a high-quality and more secure life for all. A powerful Turkish-Islamic Union is obviously in the interests of all.
·         The Turkish-Islamic world is going through a time of maturation. The troubles that have persisted for more than 100 years, from the late 19th century to the present day, have raised the consciousness of and strengthened the Turkish-Islamic world. The moral values of the true faith have spread gloriously across this expanse of land. There now exists a mass of people, and the younger generation in particular, who are mature and aware, and purged of all fanaticism. It is evident that we now have an ideal foundation for the unification of the Turkish-Islamic world that is so excitedly and joyfully anticipated. It is essential that proper advantage be taken of this climate and that the requisite steps be taken forthwith.
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