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France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 3


STUDENTS OPENLY ANTI-EVOLUTIONISTS That is because increasing numbers of students in French schools, particularly Muslims but also Protestants, Catholics or Jehovah's Witnesses, are refusing to study the theory of evolution.

Following the widespread reading of Atlas of Creation in France, many young people have had an opportunity to see the truth and have begun opposing the imposition of the theory of evolution. These young people, with the courage to stand up against the greatest scientific fraud in history, have begun making it clear to their teachers that they can no longer be deceived with hollow tales and nonsense.


Adeline Lecot, professor of life sciences and earth at one Paris high school, sets out her thoughts on the subject: "... opposition is much sharper than before. I have 5 convinced opponents of evolution in my class. Some are excellent students. They back their replies up in a much bolder manner, referring to the arguments of Harun Yahya, which they found on Internet."

Under the pen name Harun Yahya, Adnan Oktar has written around 270 books. Of these, 7,000 pages and 6,000 illustrations deal with the collapse of the theory of evolution. In addition, there are more than 300 web sites in some 32 languages based on the works of Harun Yahya. One million documentary films, 185,000 books and 50,000 audio texts are downloaded from these every month, as well as receiving approximately 5 million visitors. Therefore, the banning of Atlas of Creation is no obstacle to the inevitable collapse of the theory of evolution. Young people can learn the true facts at the touch of a button and download these works, free of charge.


According to Annie Mamecier, Ministry of Education inspector general and a senior of life sciences and earth department, "Some situations sometimes arise in which high school students write the answers to exam questions about the theory of evolution in the way they have been taught at the school, but also write that they do not agree with the theory of evolution."


This is a disturbing situation.

The number of people who believe in Darwinism is today declining rapidly and thus what certain circles fear, the collapse of Darwinism and materialism, is coming about in an unstoppable manner. 


In summary, this intellectual trend says that the living world was created by God in its present form and never evolved.


We thought it would be impossible for such a work to appear in France. There is no need to fear such revisionism; are the legacy of the Enlightenment and a long secular tradition not the walls of a dam that represent our strongest defense? Sadly, they are not!

Some circles with a materialist and Darwinist mindset are most uneasy at the exposure of the frauds and tactics behind which the theory of evolution hides. That is because the exposure by Atlas of Creation, in a clear style accessible to all, of the lies uttered in the name of science has stripped the scientific mask away from Darwinism. Science itself has foiled the traps of those who would have us return to the dark ideologies of two centuries ago by means of the deception of the supposed "Age of Enlightenment." Every scientific advance over the past 150 years has refuted each of the claims made in Darwin's primitive scientific environment. Many scientists now admit this and are turning to Allah after seeing the proofs of Creation.


Corinne Fortin, a professor of life sciences and author of a thesis on the teaching of the theory of evolution, comments: "In the class, students prepare presentations on the subject of evolution according to imagination, their own sociocultural environment and religious convictions, and rarely according to the contents they have been taught."

Forcing people to believe in the nonsense of evolution and chance, trying to impose this as an unquestionable dogma, is incompatible with democracy. It is outdated and incompatible with human rights to try to tell people what to believe, what to teach and what to espouse. If someone does not believe in the deception that is evolution, then stopping them from speaking or writing against it and filling the curriculum with nonsense will serve no purpose. No measure, therefore, can hinder healthy brains nor shape people's beliefs.


Increasing numbers of creationist web sites on the Internet are added to this prevailing view and individual inspirations. According to the Natural History Museum biology professor Guillaume Lecointre, "All you need write on an Internet search engine is "evolution" in order to be faced with a large number of creationist sites."


"With excellent communications with one another, creationists are far ahead of scientists in terms of deterrent force."


There is today a state of emergency.

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2008-08-18 01:37:40

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