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France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 2


... It seeks to show that the living world never evolved and was created by God in the form it possesses today.

The theory of evolution, imposed on the public by way of false proofs and unrealistic claims, has been shown to be a deception, and the fact that Allah has created life and the entire universe has been revealed in a manner that every rational person of good conscience can comprehend.


The beehive, the eye-shaped butterfly wing... According to anti-Darwinists, chance cannot create such "wonders" of nature..

Evolutionists are unable to explain how bees build comb cells of the same size in the form of regular hexagons, and it is clearly nonsensical for them to refer to these sublime miracles of creation as "blind coincidences." This is a historic lie spoken in the name of science. It is our Lord, Almighty Allah, Who creates living things and the perfect systems and superior abilities they possess. By Allah's will, the 21st century will be an enlightened time when science is freed from such nonsense, when everyone will be freed from Darwinist lies and sees the countless proofs of the existence of Allah.


It is January 2007. Two thousand copies of the thick-volume Atlas of Creation have been sent free of charge to French schools and universities. New dispatches have taken place in Holland, Germany and Poland. The work is luxurious, magnificently illustrated and a joy to examine...


That is because it is sufficient to open a single page to see that the whole aim is to refute the theory of evolution! One example, of which many more could be cited, taken from the first few pages reads: "Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. Examining the fossil record, we see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years ago."


... The catalogue [at the end of Atlas of Creation and referring to the works of Harun Yahya] lists many books openly intended to oppose Darwin's ideas and show that God is the sole Creator of living things.


Having been warned, the Minister of Education demanded establishments not to put this work to the use of students.

The banning of Atlas of Creation simply because it proves the existence of Allah is a historic event that confirms the truth of the Atlas and its powerful impact. Book banning is a tactic left over from the Middle Ages, a violation of democracy and freedom of thought and belief. With this attitude, France has shown that it is not democratic, as it claims to be, and fails to attach the appropriate importance to freedom of thought and belief. This mindset, which cannot tolerate the questioning or criticism of the theory of evolution is itself a manifestation of dogmatism.

Armand de Ricqles, holding a chair in "Historical biology and evolutionism" at the College de France, has issued a call to his colleagues by stressing the need to show the gaps of Atlas of Creation.

Although panicking Darwinists have been calling for a reply to Atlas of Creation for a year now, nobody has one to give. This is because the message in Atlas of Creation is the absolute truth; a truth verified by science: "Fossils show that living things on Earth were created in their present-day forms, never undergoing any change."


... this reaction is a sign of a new concern in France, which is facing the first broad attack from creationist theses in its lands.

Such fear of an idea, of a book, Atlas of Creation, solely because it proves the existence and oneness of Allah, is without doubt a major indication of the book's veracity.

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2008-08-18 01:10:29

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