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As Adnan Oktar has said, Turkey is playing the role of older brother to the whole Islamic world

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey’s duty is to lead the Turkish-Islamic world. The Turkish nation has a huge responsibility. Leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is of the greatest duties in history. This is one of the crucial tasks falling to the Turkish nation. We, the Turkish nation, have a duty not just to save Turkey, but to save the entire Turkish-Islamic world… (Konya TV-February 28, 2008)

Recent developments have once again shown that Mr. Oktar’s analyses are exceedingly accurate and that the good news he has imparted about the future of the Turkish-Islamic world has begun coming true. One of these developments is the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan coming together in Turkey under Turkish inspiration. This development, described in the press as “Turkey has done what the West could not,” shows that the whole Islamic world looks at Turkey with love and respect and regards Turkey as its natural leader. Indeed, Afghanistan Foreign Minister Rangin Spanta’s words, “Turkey is a modern, Muslim and democratic country. It definitely plays an important role as a friend of the two countries...” highlight the importance they attach to Turkey. Former Afghanistan Interior Minister Ali Jalali has described how it is essential that Turkey be involved in the peace process, stating that they “will welcome all kinds of positive participation from Turkey.”

Daily Zaman, 25 November 2008

“Turkey is again to bring the leaders
of Afghanistan and Pakistan together”

Cumhuriyet, 21 November 2008

“The Afghan administration will be delighted”

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey’s role as older brother has begun spreading ever more widely, and everyone accepts it. For example, Georgia and Armenia accept Turkey as an older brother, and that is most welcome. The region is very fond of Turkey. They love Turkish soldiers. There is an unbelievable affection for Turkish troops in the world. It is known as a very blessed army. In my view, the roads are open right to the very end, and it seems to me that the Turkish-Islamic Union will be founded comfortably within the next 10 years at most. (Hatay TV-September 7, 2008)

NTVMSNBC, 6 December 2008

“Tripartite Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan summit”

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey always behaves very honestly. … It seeks to do the most honest, most correct and most virtuous thing. Any careful observer can see that, because Turkish troops are welcomed in whichever country they go to. That means they are as honest as can be. That means they are as well intentioned as can be. Otherwise those people would be unhappy. Turkish troops are very popular in Afghanistan. They went to Bosnia and were popular there. They are popular wherever they go to. That stems from their honesty, from the honesty of Turkish troops. (Al Hurra TV-April 8, 2008)

Türkiye, 23 November 2008

“Kharzai and Zardari coming for the second time”

"Turkey succeeds in bringing together for a second time [the leaders of] Afghanistan and Pakistan, who U.S. President George Bush could not even make shake hands in the White House."

"Turkey will have put its name to another first."

Reporter: Muslims are exposed to mass slaughter. Earlier in Bosnia. And now in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Palestine. What do you think needs to be done?

ADNAN OKTAR: It is obligatory, according to the Qur’an, for Muslims to act together, as brothers, and to gather around a single leader, again as brothers. Muslims are not doing that. Not doing that opens the door to all kinds of affliction. Muslims should abide by that obligation. That is why I say there must be a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership, under the leadership of the Turkish nation. Every state can remain as a separate nation state. Every state can behave freely within its own borders, but there should be a spiritual leader. That is because the Christians have their leader, the Pope. It is essential that Muslims also have a spiritual leader. If this spiritual union has a leader, all this corruption and strife can easily come to an end. In that event, if a single hair of any Muslim anywhere in the world is hurt, the incident will come to an immediate end since all Muslims will act in concert. But if there is this fragmentation, if they act according to a policy of divide and swallow up, then it will of course be a simple matter to swallow up the small components. But it is impossible to swallow up the whole block of the Muslim world. Muslims must observe this obligation at once. (Al Baghdadi TV-June 29, 2008)
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