The Secret Beyond Matter

Apathy, sloth and indifference are vices originating in Satan that believers must avoid

In the society of ignorance, apathy, sloth and indifference are admired and respected forms of behaviour. In such societies, people regard being able to remain calm in the face of events that should stir their consciences as a virtue. But this is not a calm originating in moderation, a rational form of behaviour intended to avoid panic. It is rather a calm stemming from people showing how indifferent they are.

In addition, apathy, indifference and cold-bloodedness of this kind numb the body and soul and lead to sickness. In the same way that vivacity and enthusiasm result in good health, so apathy and indifference lead to disease.

Vivacity dominates Muslim moral values. The distinguishing feature of Muslims is that they are highly responsive and sensitive to the behaviour shown them, the words they hear and the events that befall them. Believers know that lack of response and apathy in the face of situations requiring a reaction are not forms of behaviour compatible with good conscience and fear of God. The verse “Our Lord, we heard a caller calling us to believe: “Believe in your Lord!” and we believed.” (Surat al’Imran, 193) reveals this virtue of the believer. Immediate response, action and reaction are important attributes of the true believer. Qur’anic moral values are achieved through vivacity, enthusiasm and excitement. A lively, active state of mind can act as a role model for Muslims. Competing to perform good deeds is only possible by freeing oneself from apathy and indifference. This ethical model is one way of achieving a favourable outcome in the Hereafter.

2008-10-20 17:53:24

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