The Secret Beyond Matter

Invisible protectors

Today there are many scientists who examine the structure of materials or living beings in nature and use them as reference to their work. Solidity, lightness, flexibility and chemical characteristics of the materials found in nature have led scientists to imitate the structure of these materials. Many materials and characteristics of living beings that we come across in everyday life grab the attention of scientist and these materials are studied to be imitated.

Lubrication system that prevents suffering pain while moving

Some of our bones that are constantly in action require a different kind of support with respect to the bones in immobile zones. We can give our joints as an example. In every move, the vertebrae that make up our spine, joints in our legs and hands turn on top of one another. Since they are constantly in action, they need supportive systems.

For example, when mechanical equipment is working, there is friction and corroding at the contact points of mobile parts. In order to prevent this, lubrication is required in every mobile mechanical system let it be a simple door hinge or a high-tech automobile engine. However, lubrication does not completely prevent friction, it only delays it.
Even though they move constantly during the course of one’s life, joints of human beings and animals do not require any maintenance or lubrication. Friction surfaces of the joints are covered with a thin and spongy layer of cartilage and there is a dense liquid under. From which point the bone pressures the joint, this liquid squirts from the pores and ensures the surface becomes slippery like oil. As it is seen, there is a completely perfect Creation for a human being to be able to move.

A very effective disinfectant: Tear

Tear, which most people assume to be “salty water that runs out when you cry”, is actually a very special liquid. Its first task is to protect the eye against microbes. The “lysozyme” enzyme inside is able to break up many types of bacteria and to kill microbes. The eye is protected against infections through lysozyme. This substance is even more effective than the substances inside strong disinfectants used to clean buildings from microbes. And how does such a strong disinfectant not harm the eye and on the contrary provide perfect protection? This is the superior artistry in Allah’s Creation. The tear is created in the most appropriate way with respect to its chemical structure. This perfect coordination that exists in every point of life, is also valid for the eye and tears.

There is also a lubrication system in the eye. This system prevents the eye that turns toward four different directions for one hundred times, from getting harmed as a result of these movements.

Protective Layer

Covering surfaces is very important in terms of ensuring protection against dirt and friction. It is especially important to do this against water leakages that can leak in and rot soft timbers. Many protective materials that people use in everyday life have already been used by living beings in nature heretofore. Timber cover is only one of these. The chitin layer that covers insects is one of the materials that set an example for covering timber surfaces.  Chitin is very light and thin, but also very strong and flexible to act like a skeleton. No water can leak in thanks to the special covering material on top. It does not leak the liquids inside the body to the outside.

Monumental Cleanness in the Swamp

The Lotus plant (white lily) grows in muddy and dirty environments but their leaves are always clean. This is because when even the smallest speck of dust reaches it, the plant immediately shakes its leaves and pushes the dust specks to specific points. The rain drops that fall on the leaf are directed towards these points and thus are made to sweep the dust there.

This characteristic of the Lotus plant has opened up new horizons for researchers about the design of the surface of a new building. Researchers have begun to work on building surfaces that clean the dirt by using rain water like the Lotus plant. As a result of this research, a German company called ISPO manufactured a coating material called Lotusan. This product launched in Asia and Europe is guaranteed to “keep itself clean for 5 years without the need for any detergent.” This silicon based coating dye called Lotusan imitates the Lotus plant from which it got its name as well as its system completely. According to this system, on the surface there are small bumps 5-10 micrometers (one in a thousand millimeters) high and 10-15 micrometers far from one another. As a result, there is a bumpy surface composed of wires and 0,1 micrometers wide. When looked from the outside, this shape of the surface that looks flat but in reality is bumpy as covered with wax, prevents the water drops to touch the surface and lets them flow down with the help of their own weight.

Many living beings in nature possess a variety of features that protect their surfaces. No doubt, the surface structure of the Lotus plant, the chitin layer in bugs, tears or the liquid that makes us move easily by preventing friction in our joints have not form on their own. It is the Almighty, All-Knowing Allah Who created them with all their features and with a perfect structure.

“He is Allah – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.” (Surat al-Hashr, 24)


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