The Secret Beyond Matter

Geometrical layout in nature

“He Who created you and formed you and proportioned you” (Surat al-Qiyama, 38)

Why “spiral” shapes that exist throughout the universe are the structures that astronomers work on the most?

What is the vital importance of this mathematical layout in the universe?

Even though there are billions of celestial objects constantly moving, the fact that there is no collision between them clearly shows us that the universe was created with a special calculation and knowledge. Because each event that occurs in the universe and the results of these events can be understood not only through observation but also through mathematical and physical calculations. Thus, there is an order shaped by mathematical knowledge and the most important indicator of this is the geometric layout of the universe. As a geometrical shape, wherever it is revealed, has to be based on specific measures and calculations, it indicates the presence of a superior knowledge and order. Planets being in the shape of “sphere”, moving in their orbits shaped like “ellipse” and galaxies that contain millions of stars shaped as “spiral” or “elliptical” are some of the striking examples of the geometrical layout in the universe.

Equiangular Spirals Found in Galaxies

The most important geometric shape seen in the universe is the “spiral” layout. The spiral layouts of galaxies are the main structures that astronomers work on and examine the most. Since two thirds of the galaxies in the universe are in the form of spiral, this shape is the most common form of galaxy. A spiral galaxy rotates around itself constantly and in the meantime gravitation and centrifugal force are in balance. Because of this balance, billions of stars in the galaxy are not dispersed into space while the galaxy spins around, and stays together in an orderly way. The galaxy does not rotate to each side simultaneously like the wheel of a car. Its center rotates faster than the edges. As a result, it forms a spiral shape that expands outward from the center. Scientists, who examine this shape, have found that sensitive mathematical balances have emerged depending on the shape of the galaxies.
Structure like the Golden Ratio Found in Nature

The investigations reveals that the spiral arms of galaxies are density waves rotating at a fixed angular speed. This shows that the spirals of galaxies have the same geometrical basis as the equiangular spirals seen in nature. For example, astronomical investigations show that the Milky Way Galaxy, in which the Solar System is found, has the geometrical features of the equiangular spiral shape.1 Swedish astronomer Carl-Gustov Danver also investigated these special shapes of the galaxies and stated that these are logarithmic spirals (equiangular).2
How does the Spiral Shape Enable Balance?

The balance between the physical forces in the spiral-shaped galaxies is very astonishing. A galaxy grows by intensifying towards the mass center by the effect of gravitation. Since the increase in mass center also increases the gravitation here, the center of the galaxy, will begin to rotate more rapidly to compensate for the centrifugal force and gravitation. Moreover, the center rotating more rapidly also prevents the condensation of the center of mass. Therefore, for the whole system in the galaxy to stay in balance, there is the need for a special mechanism that slows down the particles in the center and speeds up the ones on the edges. This mechanism is made by the “equiangular spiral shape”. Because, equiangular spiral arms have the right shape for such a function.3

Allah creates out of nothing

As it is seen, many galaxies being in the form of equiangular spirals actually has a vital importance for these galaxies to physically stay in balance. It is amazing that the equiangular spiral shape based on the golden ratio in plants and marine creatures living in the seabed are also seen in most galaxies in deep space. Also the spiral seen in galaxies, just like the spirals in plants and shells of some animals, fulfils a very important function as they provide the structure to be balanced and compatible.

There is no doubt, that the order and balance in the universe have not gone wrong since the day that the universe existed is one of the evidences of Allah’s infinite power. Our Lord Who has the power to create everything in a complete and flawless way, also created the golden ratio in such a unique and functional way that this ratio brings a perfect aesthetic and functional beauty and balance to every system in which it exists in a way that arouses one’s astonishment. In one verse of the Qur’an, our Lord reveals that:

“Your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days and then settled Himself firmly on the Throne. He covers the day with the night, each pursuing the other urgently; and the Sun and moon and stars are subservient to His command. Both Creation and command belong to Him. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.” (Surat Al-A‘raf, 54)


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